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Shooting Eid Ul Adha Namaz At Bandra Station Road

I showered got dressed and left barefeet to shoot the Bakra Eid Namaz at Bandra Station at  7 am .Last time I shot the Eid Ul Zuha namaz from down below as over the years I had been shooting from the Bandra skywalk..
This time  I thought of using my 55 -250 lens from above the skywalk.

When I reached the skywalk there was just one photographer , he said Hello to me and  he was from Girish Mistrys Shari Academy .. His name was Amit , I told him that I had made Girish Mistrys wedding wardrobe and we shared a great relationship.. I told Amit if the cops hassled him to tell them he was with me as all the Bandra cops know me and I always carry my Press Card.It was Amit who took this shot of the iconoclastic Beggar Poet Of Bandra .

As soon as the Namaz was to end we both came down below , my good friend Satish Malavade was there too..After shooting the namaz the beggars I cut through the Bandra Slaughter House slums and took shots of the Eid Namaz in the slum lane.

Normally I shoot the sla…

Even After The Elections She Will Still Remain A Beggar

she will be begging
all her life from birth
to grave destinys
slave her life merely
inconsequential ,
begging at juhu beach
wave after wave ,,
she will die unsung
a nameless face
even her god
cant save ,,facing
the arduous blows
of life one by one
this lonely brave
just once only
once a chiiled
lemonades is
what she craves ,,

to my good friend
mr thomas hawk for
helping me time and
again..or i would have
caved doomed depraved