Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buried in Mud Alive

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buried in the mud
alive man in his prime
filth and slime
breaking the ferocity
of cruel time
a ritual to exorcise
the evil in his heart
his body full of grime
people laugh at him
at hussain tekri jaorah
throw loose coins and dime
a spiritual salvation
for his mortal crime
a bubble of a moment
serene and sublime
seeking divinity
a very steep climb

Agra 1984 MonkeyMan

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I was in Agra as fashion designer com model co ordinator for Kabir Bedis Vimal suiting campaign shot by Suresh Sheth..for Mudra Advertisin

Bollywoods Most Wanted

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bollywoods most wanted
pedestrian poet
shia blogger
most taunted
shooting away
the pain of unliving
most daunted
kissing the unholy
ass of the most haunted
words within words
most flaunted

Lord Hanuman

dedicated to a lover of hanuman randall der joel


Lord Hanuman or Hanumanji (हनुमान जी) is known by many names as Anjaneya, Anjani Putra, Bajarangabali, Hanuman, Mahaveer, Maruti, Pavanputra etc. Hanuman, the monkey god, is the son of Vayu or Marut, the wind god. Hanuman's mother is Anjani. Hanuman was the chief of the armies of Sri Ramachandra and took a prominent part in the war against Ravana, the king of Lanka, in the Indian epic poem Ramayana. Hanuman helped restore Sri Sitadevi back to Sri Rama.

Hanuman, worshipped for his strength, valor, agility, is a man of great learning. He is considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva. Hanuman, a great devotee of Sri Rama, is the symbol of devotion and dedication. Hanuman carried Sri Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulder when they were in search of Sugreeva, the king of Vanarav in Kishkindha and helped them to find Sita. Prior to the war between Sri Rama and Ravana, Anjaneya visited Lanka, met Ravana, created havoc and burnt down the city of Lanka (Lanka Dahan). During the war, when Lakshmana was injured seriously, Sushena, the surgeon/physician of the monkey army, despatched Maruti to bring herbal medicine, Jadi Buti, from the far-off Sanjeevini mountain in the Himalayas, before sunrise. Flying over the Himalayas and unable to identify the particular herb fast, Hanuman uprooted and carried the entire Sanjivini mountain in time to save the life of Lakshmana. Hanuman was blessed by Sri Rama with immortality (chiranjeevi).

Hanuman was a bachelor and is worshipped in all the temples of India. Every temple of Sri Rama contains an icon of Hanuman. Worship of Sri Rama is complete only with the worship of Hanuman. Sant Tulsidas composed the 40 stanzas of Hanuman Chalisa in praise of Hanuman. Hanuman Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. One cannot understand Hindu Dharma unless one knows Hanuman - the embodiment of servitude.

ॐ अईम भ्रीम हनुमते, श्री राम दूताय नम:
Aum aeem bhreem hanumate, shree ram dootaaya namaha.
We pray to the Lord Hanuman, who is the greatest server and messenger of the Lord incarnate, Shree Rama.
Chant the prayer for Lord Hanuman हनुमान मंत्र (mp3 170K)
hanuman mantra in sanskrit
hanuman mantra in sanskrit
मनोजवं मारुततुल्यवेगम् जितेन्द्रियं बुद्धिमतां वरिष्ठम् ।
वातात्मजं वानरयूथमुख्यं श्रीरामदूतं शरणं प्रपद्ये ।।
Manojavam maruta tulya vegam, jitendriyam buddhi mataam varishtham
vaataatmajam vaanara yooth mukhyam, shree raama dootam sharnam prapadye.
Let me pray to the one who is swift as thought (manojavam-), the one who is more powerful than the wind (marut.tulya.vegam-), the one who has conquered his senses (jitendriyam-), the one who is supreme among all intelligent beings, the son of the wind-god (vaataatmajam-), the commander of the army of forest creatures (vaanar.yooth.mukhyam-), Let me find refuge in Lord Rama's Messenger, the incomparable Lord Hanuman. Please accept me and my prayers at your feet.
Listen to another Invocation of Lord Hanuman (mp3 204K)
hanuman doha in sanskrit
hanuman doha in sanskrit
लाल देह लालीलसे, अरुधरिलाल लँगूर ।
बज्र देह दानव दलण, जय जय जय कपिसूर ।।
Laal deha laaleel-se, arudhari-laal langoor
vajra deha daanava dalan, jai jai jai kapi-soor
We pray to the red-colored one, whose entire body is red, and who is decorated with red colored sindoor. We pray to the one draped with a red colored loin-cloth. We pray to the one whose body is firm and strong like the vajra (Lord Indra's weapon). We pray to the destroyer of demons. We bow in praise again and again to the supreme among Gods, Lord Hanuman.

अाञ्जणेय गायत्री
Lord Hanuman Gayatri

ॐ अाञ्जणेयाय विद्महे वायुपुत्राय धीमहि ।
तन्नो हनुमत् प्रचोदयात् ।।
hanuman gayatri in sanskrit

AUM aanjaneyaaya vid-mahe vaayu-putraayaya dheemahi
tanno hanumatah prachodayaat

We pray to the son of Goddess Anjani and the son of the "Wind"...
May Lord Hanuman lead our intellect towards intelligence and "knowing".

We now present three different mantras or prayers of Lord Hanuman.

Hijras Also Bleed

a human touch compassion
understanding is what they need
they get hurt
hijras also bleed
their pain
to a dying seed
it could have been
a flower of joy
but treated as a weed
a sadness
of a withering reed
corrupted by time
tortured by inhuman
to bhauchara mata
to lord iravan
to khwajah saab
they incessantly plead
to show them
in a better light
but racially profiled
a little sympathy
from you they need
trying to be
what they want to be
seen in the guise
of a fallen woman
they will never ever breed
never have children
never know motherhood
the unwritten law
of their hijra creed
politically leaderless
pawns of politics
trample by the onslaught
of time they concede
the pain and sorrow
of hijra rashida
who was once born
as rashid
to the soul of mankind
living freely
not yet freed

dedicated to laxmi narayan tripathi my hijra guru..recovering in a Thane hospital..

The Dabbawala of Bandra Bazar Road

Parsi Facebook Takes Off


Own ‘Facebook’ to spur Parsis to marry their own…
Ashutosh Shukla / DNA
Mumbai: Worried about outside-the-community marriages, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) has come upon a proactive solution. It plans to launch its own youth club and a social networking website to promote interaction among the community’s youth. The initiative, says the Punchayet, will encourage youngsters to marry within the community.


the khada parsi
the most neglected parsi
of byculla bridge
gave me a smirk
a parsi social network
like facebook
will it ever work
dikra burjor pataoing
freny the reception clerk
or dinshaw making out
with armaity from colaba
who does social work
but bawa babes think
bawa guys
have too many quirks
motor bikes on their heads
mostly out of work
rohinton wants to marry
a transgender
his family
pulling their hair
going bersek
freddy wants
to marry a bohra girl
that gave both his family
her family
a cultural jerk
jimmy seeing
no light at the end of the tunnel
wants to be a bachelor
and become rich own a
house at Cusrow Baugh
and buy a Merck
dorabshah 70 year old
retired wants to
marry sneha
do detective work
so parsi panchayat
is in a dilemma
whether this facebook
networking for parsis
will work or not work
they have hired the services
of an American activist
called Teresa Burke

dedicated to my only Parsi friend Ray Framroze a 50 year old friendship..

Allah Be Praised

allah be praised
muslim society
for friday namaz
beggars has raised
charity generosity
totally misplaced
a peaceful moment
totally defaced
he came he saw begged
death he embraced

dedicated to the furious physician..


green is the color of freedom from tyranny, green is the color of revolution against a regime that treats its populace as slaves , Iran is a police state ..and green is the color of peace on the soul of an oppressed humanity..

that's a unsettling thought. ..

i dont think so..I added another human dimension to green fog.
.#iranelections a tag on a web log ...you showed me a picture I made it a blog..the conscience of a nation with impunity they flog..

natarsim natarsim ma hame ba ham hastim...

dead bodies lying unclaimed in prison camp of a morgue

Hafiza Bi- Work is Worship

She is blind Ismail Chachas wife , taking her hand cart , towards the Bazar , she will park this cart near Kalidas stores and sell ladies and childrens garments.
On the money she earned from this she educated her daughters and a son , her daughter is in Manhattan New York and a grandson in London.
She need not do this , and retire peacefully, but she goes crazy sitting idle she tells me..she is my kind of a Muslim woman , work is worship, and she leads from the front.

She has stayed in New York for a few months.

I told her next time she goes to New York, to connect with Dr Glenn Losack the furious physician..

Bandra Bazar Road on Independence Day

clean up
your taxes you have to pay
no there is no other way
garbage at bandra bazar
a tourist attraction
here to stay
shoot pictures
on the internet
publicly display
bandra the queen
of the suburbs
they proudly say
slowly silently
a part called
bandra bazar
dying away
on 15 th August
to raise the Trianga
through the muck
saluting the soul of apathy
the local MLA
will find his way
national songs
from old films
in the back ground
will play
Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon
on Independence Day

yeh politics hai
sab chalta hai
subha ka suraj
sham ko dhalta hai

The Koli Women of Bandra Bazar Fish Market

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This lady is a terror but a gentle one , I never ask any of the Koli women their names I know most of them since 20 years , the only one I know by name is Mangla.

I was at the fish market yesterday to buy rawas or gol as daughter in law no 2 wanted to make a fish dish called kapsa.

The stuff she wanted was far too expensive I bought a surmai, that I haggled and finally got at Rs 170- she was asking Rs 350...from another lady.

Bandra Bazar Fish Market has two sections indoors , and two sections outdoor , because of the monsoon fish is mostly refrigerated stuff, prawns , promfret , gol dara and surmai.

The fishermen dont take the boats out to sea during the rainy season.

And though the Hindu fasting period Shravan is going on fish is still very expensive.

I went again this morning ..and bought gol for Rs 200 the kapsa dish is being made for dinner tonight.

All the fisher women inquire about Marziya , as she loves the fish market as much as me.

I dont think I could ever buy fish at any other fish market , once we had a Bhaiyya who bought and sold fish from Bhau cha Dhakka , he kept a mobile , and had a neat clientele but he has not been since several months now.

The Andheri West fish market is a huge one and is great for haggling and buying fish.

Versova gaon or the ferry you get fresh fish after the rains including jumbo prawns and lobsters.

As a kid and later as an adult I would bring fish from Sasoon Dock at Colaba , but I have not gone there since ages.

And much of these fish posts are dedicated to my dearest friend Monsoon Lover aka Sudip da ..who loves hilsa the king of Indian fish.

Bengalis , Orissa people and the coastal Maharashtrians love fish and rice.

The hijras from Orissa , chelas of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my hijra guru, had served me spicy fish curry rice at their shanty in Thane.The taste still lingers in my mouth.

And Raksha the Hijra from Orissa is not just beautiful but a great cook too..

And as I write this my hijra guru Laxmi has been hospitalized with a viral infection, I spoke to her this morning..

She will be discharged tomorrow hopefully.