Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sab Ghode Pe Sawar Hona Chahte Hain..

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aur kuch ghode pa sawar hokar
dulha banjane ke bad khud khushi
kar jate hain ...kuch landure reh jate hain
baki aurat ki sari pehnkar hijde ban jate hain
taliya baja baja kar samaj ka manoranjan
'ban jate hain...ghodesawar unpar bhi
bade maze se chad jate hain

The Hijab

The Hijab, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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a simple outer garment
of a muslim womans ethos
makes the frenchman cross
though his women dont wear it
he finds fault considers it gross
calls it a garment of oppression
criminalizes it banned by his big boss
good governance forgotten
economic chaos the hijab
on his books of account
less profit more loss
on the other hand equality
justice truth freedom
of expression gone for a toss

Bawas Add Charm To Mumbai Life

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keep their children happy
happy wife peaceful
endearing community
no domestic strife
walking their pet poodle
at marine drive
their love devotion
keeps the heritage
of parsiyana alive
at parsi gymkhana
on root beer
fox trot
rock and jive
cycling boxing
love to dive
polsons butter
brittania biscuit
tea at five

to my dear friend ray framroze

Our Education is Based On The Fucked School Bag