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The Mad Woman of Haji Mlang Who Hits People With Rocks

She needs to be locked up she hit an old man with a huge rock she is totally loony..

The Climb To Haji Malang on Barefeet

If This State Wanted Haji Malang Could be as Famous as Vaishno Devi.. Both Pillars of Peace

but they were busy building adarsh and whispering woods

Ham Tere Pyar Main Sara Alam Kho Baithe

jab pyar hua ek pinjare se tum kehne lage azad karo..

I Shoot the Destiny of Man Written In Pain

The Palkiwalas of Haji Malang

Oh Holy Saint On Wings of Faith I Come To You

My Poems Are The Only Pictures I Have

I Shoot What You Wont Ever See In Your Dreams

Cast The First Stone Who Has Not Sinned At All..

Have You Tried Talking To God..

I Shoot Faces And The Pain Within

I Shoot The Darkness of Light and Death

Haji Malang Paradise on Earth

chaahe raho door door, tuze paanaa hain jarur

teree raahon mein khade hain dil thaam ke hum hain diwaane tere naam ke

aakhiyaan barase koee naa jaane
dil kee lagee ko dil hee jaane

Chicken Tanduri Chicken Lolipops .. Chicken Biryani.. Let Them Live

Lo Aaj Kinaare Par Aake Aramaano.N Kii Kashtii Duub Ga_Ii

Mere Blogs Dikhe Duniyaa Ko Magar Meraa Dard Koi Na Jaan Sakaa

Merii Kahaanii Bhuulane Vaale Teraa Jahaa.N Aabaad Rahe

Mere Giit Sune Duniyaa Ne Magar
Meraa Dard Koi Na Jaan Sakaa
Ek Teraa Sahaaraa Thaa Dil Ko
Par Tuu Bhii Na Mujhe Pahachaan Sakaa
Bachapan Ke Vo Giit Puraane Aaj Tujhe Na Yaad Rahe
Merii Kahaanii

ruk ja rat thhahar ja re chanda, bite naa milan kee bela aaj chandanee ke nagaree me armano kaa mela

The Palki Will Die Once The Funicular Comes To Haji Malang

For so many years the devotee of Haji Malang has suffered as the State machinery never paid attention to the picturesque Malangad mountains home for Hindu places of worship and the famous Haji Malang Sufi Shrine .. where the Khadims are Hindus .. and the only place known for amity among both communities .. I showcase both Ajmer harif and haji Malang as destinations of hope and humanity..

One thing I know for a fact once ministers corrupt bureaucrats buy of the poor leper colonies hutments Haji Malang will see light because corruption scam is the essence of our Way of Life..
However despite the hardships sufferings on this trail with no motorable road to Haji Malang those who believe in the Holy Saint come here come what may..and this is tthe gist of my travel blog ..

Liitle children pregnant mothers old feeble weak cripple they come along with the needy the poor the hijras eunuchs they come to offer their floral tributes chaddars and seek the blessings of the Bawa .. he gives generously , peoples lives have changed in one visit to this mountain pilgrimage ..

Two-trolley ropeway at Haji Malang gets clearance

Mumbai, April 27, 2011 HTA News

The National Forest Council (NFC) on Monday cleared state government’s proposal to build a funicular ropeway for Haji Malang shrine, a first-of-its-kind in Maharashtra. The tomb of the revered Sufi saint Haji Baba Abdur Rehman Malang at Thane district attracts devotees from all

The two-trolley ropeway with a carrying capacity of 60 persons each will make it easier to climb up the 415m hillock (approximately 2,600-odd steps) where the shrine is located. It is expected to be ready in two years.

In an hour, the ropeway will be able to ferry 390 passengers in both directions. The ropeway will function between two stations 6 km apart, one at the base and the other at the shrine.

The state’s public works department had been pursuing clearances for this project since 2007. Along with the electric ropeway, the public works department will build trolley stations, public parking spaces and emergency evacuation routes.

The ropeway project estimated to cost Rs46 crore will be implemented on a Built-Operate-Transfer (B-O-T) basis. The ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) had approved this project in 2008 but since this shrine was located in the Matheran eco-sensitive zone, it required a clearance from the Matheran monitoring committee and the NFC. The Matheran monitoring committee had also give its clearance in January this year.

Hijras of India The Neglected Citizens of India

Hijde Bhi Insaan Hai Yeh Main Sab Se Kehta Hoon Main Hijdon ki Tasvirein Leta Hoon..

Hijras Me Fate Destiny...

I Shoot Hijras With A Cosmic Eye

The Hijra Loves To Smoke Reefers

The World of Hijras ...Is Hope Beyond Silence

Gopal Hajis House of Hijras at Haji Malang Foothills

I stopped here for a short while I met Naina Priti and others , they invited me for their Niyaz in the night but I told them it would be impossible to attend as I was going to shoot the Urus of Sultan Shah Baa that begins at 111 pm..and I did not shoot their pictures as they were resting..and when I came down from the Holy Shrine the following morning they were all sleeping I was down below at 5 am..
My legs are like pieces of logs , my feet ache I can barely walk such was my back to back journey to Hji Malang 2012..

I Capture The Soul of Hijras In Glass Bottles

I Have Returned To Mumbai Both My Legs Heavy Rocks ..

Sometimes I Feel God Exists Mans Destiny He Deforms and Twists

God Granted Them a Wish He Made Them Pristine White

The Largest Albino Community Lives at Malangad

From the Foothills Begins My Journey of Haji Malang Barefeet

I am Fucked In My Dreams Too

poets die everyday buried under a pile of garbage

eh kise keh doon main ke gham se ghabrata nahi..

The Fucked Landscape of The Poetry of My Life

The World According to a Beggar Poet of Mumbai

The Bus To Malangad,..From Kalyan Bus Depot

No Emergency Exit For Barefeet Bloggers Going To Haji Malang

I Meet Hijras It is An Auspicious Sign For Me ..

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