Friday, July 20, 2007


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A prisoner of passion
Held in her mouth
Luscious lips that
The root of him
Tumescent toad
Of a transcendental twerp
He moving in
The crevice
Of her desire
A twisted tongue
Lashing the shores
Of her weeping womanhood
Isolating her pain‘
her pleasure
in the dungeons
through a meandering path
of a curve
hitting the head of a soaking nerve
yes the preface to the art of making love
sometimes smooth sometimes rough
mais oui c’est
la verite de soixante neuf

A Shia Back Stroke

Scriptured Silence
Reechoing on his back
In bleeding strokes of razor sharp blades
Is the pain of centuries that he unpacks!
Streams rivulets of tears
Cascading moving away
Into areas pitch black
Oceans hidden behind tear sacs
After him denigrating his
Life’s photo stream
Is the Wannabe Jehadi wolf pack
Puritanical hate for his beliefs
Demolishing the House
Of his spiritualistic
His Masjid
His Family
All under attack
Ya Hussain
A cry in the Wilderness
Engraved as Karbala
On his Soul
As a plaque
Ye he is a Shia
His Imam loving
His country loving
Not a so called
Man hating
Mankind hating
Sectarian spewing
Doctor turned
Wannabe terrorist
Off the beaten track
Petro dollar backed
Hate Hatredness
Muslim love Killing Muslim
Another asymmetrical attack

Terrorism in Islam Who Is to Blame?

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It’s a shame
The rest of the Muslim world
In silence unpardonable silence
Watch as the Rogue Mullahs
The Rogue Mujhaidas and Mujhaideens
Give us a bad name…
Terrorism in Islam who is to blame?
Peace and Brotherhood hijacked
By a disgruntled few with their
Misguided Martyrdom
Their notoriety to fame
If killing is puritanical Islam
They who preach such ideology
Should go back from where they came
Sectarian violence
Muslims killing Muslims
Politics seditious spirituality
Only a ball game
Masjids turned red bleeding
Allah ho Akbar
turned into a war cry
From Hate filled Minarets
We must reclaim
Its time collectively
We shoulder the blame
For remaining Silent
A raging fire killing
Our unborn children
Despoiling their future
As it destroys and maims
Doctors who kill
Hippocrates Oath
Will not be the same
Islam has to be cleansed from within
The termites the destroyers of the
Fabric of Peace …Pests of ill fame
Is Yazidiyat under an assumed name
Terrorism in Islam Who Is to Blame?

Poem Hunter Poets Graveyard

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Out there among misty clouds.
Darkness dripping as lights fade out
Legs arms akimbo stretched out
A moment in timelessness that won’t spell out
A poet’s final resting place you don’t need to comb out
A somber grave yard..Naughts and crosses enshrouds
168,207 poems as corner stones all fleshed out
They came they saw they wrote emotions words spelled out
Evenly unevenly all spread out
16,474 poets.. a few pompous poet louts a few on their way out
From purgatory to hell dantesque doom dealt out
This is truth poem hunter graveyard I don’t wish to bad mouth
126,006 weeds that spout some you need to stamp out
10,148 Artists silenced to shouts beyond doubt some faces worn out
Words Blackened out …some you wordlessly would love to snuff out
64,870 Quotations that won’t phase out like flickering candles in a black out
After 1000 poems from a dead poets society once they pour out, kiss my ass
Well plumped out what’s left as impediments of my mindlessness just leave out ..I am a bioscopewala poet…pictures as pathos of my poetry nothing more to write about ..I am gong to be cremated so from poem hunter cemetery I certainly will stay out…breathing in breathing out…timed out.
Forgive me for crying out loud...