Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zinda Lash

isi hai
ki talash
kash ise
mil jata
woh shaks
ise luta
tha woh
chadar ke
andar kala

hidden away
from the face
of sorrow
for unborn
she has a
body this
poets soul
she borrows
with a promise
she will return
it day after

Corruption Lies In The Soul Of Mumbai

go to pay
stamp duty
or register
your property
hawks vultures
waiting to gobble
your wallet .-in
collusion with the
agent easy money
when illegal buildings
comes up no one
to check ,,till you
are conned than
letting the builder go
they come to demolish
your 25 year old home
throw you out on the street
blindfolded justice system
hands free luckily not
yet bound politically
slums allowed to proliferate
vote banks ready made votes
for the party.. after elections
given the boot as illegal
towers come up..immediately
yeh hai bambai meri jan
sab kuch bikta hai nothing free

Those Who Rule Uttar Pradesh.. Hardly Know The Hardships of The North Indian In Mumbai

they come
in hordes
a train from
gonda basti
to mumbai
they board
living in slums
with their relatives
friends ,..sleep
on the floor
working as
coolies slaves
or even as beggars
zindagi kamar tod
bhoj utha uthakr
toot gaye sare jod
yeh kaisa ruk
yeh kaisa mod
inki shresht neta
ne inke bare man
socha nahi ,,yeh
ghulami yeh zindagi
ki daud...banaye parks
hathi aur statues ..iske
alawa..paisa kiya hoard
politicians kare raj aur
chamche ban gaye
chairman of lucrative
money earning boards
the north indian angst
as it bleeds in the hot
blazing sun on the road

Shooting Mumbai ..

Bandra ..Timeless Poetry Of Love

Remembering The Great Cobbler Scam...

a hit team
for a governmental
siphoned of
the money
of the poor
for their
india land
of corruption
scams .. where
you get wealth
moment you
protected by
a crooked regime

it is 5 o clock

a tired mind
from its
eye of
a hawk
a thought
on a
out of
aligning as
hope poetically
unlocks ..shadows
hunt the soul
truth out of landless more
end of an epoch

What The Fuck Is The Matter With The World...Cant I Sleep Without Being Photographed

Bandra Skywalk

Bandra Where God Comes To Relax

Hey Politicians Leave Our Women Alone All In All She Is Just Another Brick In The Wall..

I Might Die Of A Mosquito Bite ,,,

This Is The Site They Have Chosen For A Cemetery At Bandra Bazar Road ...

We Grow Mosquitoes At Bandra Bazar Road ...

The Only People Who Stay Away From This Area .. People Elected By The Public ..Not For The Public Not Of The Public

What Is Going To Happen To Our Country..Politically Polarized..

The Bhaiyya ..Lost His Uttar Pradesh To Politicians In A Game Of Dice

Bandra Frame Shop

The Only News ...Fucked News

You Have Reached Bandra Via The Skywalk...Shoot Pictures Move On

Uncle We Saw You In Phata Poster Nikla Hero

that you have
become an actor
we could not believe
from a tailor master
to the celluloid screen
a very big leap
with shahid kapoor
our favorite hero
hitting all the villains
in one big sweep
this was one film
we saw till the end
normally by interval
we fall asleep

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Cobblers of Andheri East

Mumbai Ek Kachre Chi Kundi Ahey..

ऐ मालिक तेरे बन्दे हम ऐसे हों हमारे करम

बड़ा कमज़ोर है आदमी, अभी लाखों हैं इसमें कमी
पर तू जो खड़ा, है दयालू बड़ा
तेरी किरपा से धरती थमी
दिया तूने हमें जब जनम
तू ही झेलेगा हम सबके ग़म
नेकी पर...

Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sun Na Le

Bhag Baba Bhag

tere gand
ke neeche
public laga
degi ag
ma bahen
kar diya
unka dimag
ulta seeda
mantar pada
ke baba ho
gaya pharar
kya tu bhi
ke neeche
nikle ga
kilo sona
heere moti
mala mal
unnao se
sab bhag
ke ayenge
ASI wale
dil ja rag

Mumbai is Hope For All

share the
same wall
the cobbler
the sofa maker
under the same
tree facing the
road all in all
each one at
the others call
one hindu
one muslim
brothers born
of the same
soil ..har naya
din naya sal
donon main
na ladai na
apnapan ki
ek misal
nahi hai bambai
akhilesh ji pyar
aur sambhabvna
ka karo istimal

I Order A Lauki Ka Juice Andheri East

The Dabbawalas Pride Of Amchi Mumbai Jai Maharashtra

I Order A Lauki Ka Juice Andheri

The Natraj Studio Panch Pandva Mandir

Andheri East

The Cobblers Cum Shoe Makers Of Andheri East

Without Road Side Food Sellers Common Man Would Starve

I Walked From Andheri East Highway Till Andheri East Station .. Shooting Hope And Humility

I finished my work at Canon Master care Service Center Natraj Rustomjee , than walked leisurely shooting the road that leads to the station besides I had to meet Assad Dadan and see his workplace for the first time ,,

I stopped at a juice shop had a lauki ka juice ,,that refreshed me for the walk ahead ,,most of the guys call me Posterwale Bawa .. after acting a cameo in Phata Poster Nikla Bawa ..

All these pictures were shot on my serviced Canon 7D ON 26 October 2013.
This roadside bag seller tailor was putting two new handles on my cloth bag...he charhed me Rs 50 ,,, at Bandra it would be double the amount.


Chimera by firoze shakir photographerno1
Chimera, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

Within The Cosmic Eye Of Natraj Rustomjee

Canon Master Care Service Center Natraj Rustomjee Andheri East

Canon Master Care Service Center Natraj Rustomjee Andheri East

वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी, वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी

वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी, वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी
इन काली सदियों के सर से, जब रात का आँचल ढलकेगा
जब दुःख के बादल पिघलेंगे, जब सुख का सागर छलकेगा
जब अंबर झूम के नाचेगा, जब धरती नग्में गायेगी
वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी

जिस सुबह की खातिर जुग जुग से, हम सब मर मर कर जीते हैं
जिस सुबह के अमृत की धून में, हम जहर के प्याले पीते हैं
इन भूखी प्यासी रूहों पर, एक दिन तो करम फर्मायेगी
वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी

माना के अभी तेरे मेरे अरमानों की क़िमत कुछ भी नहीं
मिट्टी का भी हैं कुछ मोल मगर, इन्सानों की क़िमत कुछ भी नहीं
इन्सानों की इज़्ज़त जब झूठे सिक्कों में ना तोली जायेगी
वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी

Lyricist : Saahir Ludhiyanvi, Singer : Asha Bhosle - Mukesh, Music Director : Khayyam, Movie : Phir Subah Hogi - 1958 :

Diwali Rang Layegi

yeh bar
yeh sal
ke zariye
malang ki dua
apko safalta har
kam main miljayegi
parmatma ko sakshi
lete hue ,,ap ke
jeevan ke andhere main
ek nayi jyot jal jayegi
ek naya ruk ban jayegi
dam madar beda par
ali haq ali haq yeh sada
meri taraf se naye panne
khulwaegi shifa dilwayegi
bura waqt koso dur bhageygi
apke har umeed par nayi
disha diklayegi ..apki ruthi
mashooka bhi phir apke
gale ka har ban jayegi..
nayi naukri lag jayegi..
ek nayee munni apke
ghar ayegi..laxmi hi laxmi
mai ki dua ban jayegi
in short ap sab
rang birangi log
ko diwali suk aur chain
aman aur unnati ki
bhet ajayegi ,, sirf dua hai
ke right to reject button
ap istamal karen kachre
ki kundi kachre se bhar
jayegi..dekh tamasha
democracy ka
awareness ka ..
ek accha neta ek acchi
government hamare
rom rom dil aur dimag
par hamse hamara raj
chalayegi.. diwali roshni bankar
acche logon ko hamse milwayegi
yeh bar voting ka dab daba
facebook twitter social media
poster phadkar charisma
samne le ayegi..

happy diwali to all of you .. known unknown.. all clone with bb or with or without eye phone ..wassup new connecting zone ...beggar poet home in muted tones

Shetkari Mela Tar Desh Gela...

if the farmer
dies the
nation dies
the farmers
for sacrifice
the middle man
profits proliferate
humanity cries
politics of making
politicians rich is
now hope in disguise
onions beyond the
reach of the poor man
soon wheat and rice
the minister has his
milk coming to his home
every day except sunday
should suffice ..freebies
of his office his trappings
more than meets the eye
castrate the rapists
but what about scamsters
political crooks a thought
needs a reply...those
depleting the national
treasury with help
of our franchise

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Pandit And The Malang

in the temple
of goddess
at latur
my sartorial
hope hindutva
a message
of peace
pristine pure
the pain we
our nations
strength we
secure ..

The Royal Tambaku Timepass

Dont Upset The Apple Cart


To cause upset - to create a difficulty.


This allusory phrase is first recorded by Jeremy Belknap in The History of New Hampshire, 1788:

"Adams had almost overset the apple-cart by intruding an amendment of his own fabrication on the morning of the day of ratification" [of the Constitution].

dont upset the apple cart
business is bad breaks
my heart..i am the only
one waiting for customers
on my part the others
have closed shop.
on the rampart
man can live
without culture
but not without art
deleted doomed
wingless memories
shot apart sometimes
being dumb is better
than being smart
keeper of an orchard
what a bogart

Sir Please Dont Shoot My Picture - He Said

unlike my friends
i dont go to school
i work at my dads
shop i earn my bread
to make two ends
meet take care
of the family roof
overhead ..ask me
about garam masala
zeera dhunia dal chini
books i have not read
gilli danda kite flying
koyba kabaddi or
carom i dont play
with boys from
the cowshed
i am a proud
marathi manoos
he shook his head

a picture a blog
a poem a memory
held by a moment
of my latur thread

My Latest Update On Facebook

I am on Facebook as a serious blogger ,, I showcase pimp my blogs poetry , my restless angst I am not interested in your personal quirks likes dislikes , your religion your faith is your personal prerogative .. I am not interested in your groups your games your pages .. I type with one finger which hurts after some time so I have just a few friends on my Newsfeed whom I know personally , links you send me I dont see .. I dont add friends you suggest ,,,I mostly delete friend requests of people even women I dont know ,,, I am past the age of being sugar candy ,,, so after adding me you understand my madness it is fine if not remain sane unfriend me ,,,
I dont add hijras , hijra lovers and others simply because I dont share your thirst or your quest forgive me ,,,

Beggar Poet
Firoze Shakir

29 October ,, 1.39 am

Mujhe Garv Hai Ke Main Kuch Layak Banoo

mere mard ka
kam seekh kar
uski sahas banoo
main hoon uski
aurat uski izzat
abroo,, us ka
jism meri rooh
garibi ke tane
ghar baithe
main kyon sunoo
mochi ki biwi
mochin nahi
toh main aur
kya banoo
gar tum nahi
samjo toh
main ab kya

The Lady Cobbler Of Latur

polishing shoes
hard work needs
no excuse ..dignity
of labor ..marathi
manoos will her
life change better
prospects in the
coming future she
is confused ..her
vote for the politicians
mass wealth produce
palatial mansions
banks hotels hospitals
schools institutions
sugar mills news
ministerji has
everything from life
to choose for
her she and her kind
will be polishing his
drivers shoes ..

called mochi chamar
her soul at birth was
cursed untouchable
guilty as accused

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Indian Woman Seeks A Path Through The Light of Hope

stalking her
on her path
her fate
cant save
words dont
protect her
she is
she is
a glass
of human
they throw
stones .
break her
spirit her
flesh her
bones ..
not her