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Dasshera /Vijay Dashami

Dasshera /Vijay Dashami
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Dasara, also called "Navaratri",[citation needed] is among the most important festivals celebrated in India. Unlike Dussera, this is celebrated for 10 days in Southern parts.
The Festival of Dasara is celebrated on the occasion of Navaratri. Celebrations are unique ranging from worshipping goddess Chamundeshwari (Durga) to exhibiting colorful toys on the day of 'bombe habba' in Kannada.
See also: Navratri
Ayudha puja
This day is to worship weapons. People in the modern days worship automobiles, their machines on this day.
'Weapons' have been replaced with 'tools of the trade'. So people worship carpentry tools, computers, vehicles, cooking utensils etc etc.
[edit] Vijaya Dashami
The last day of all the celebrations is Vijaya Dashami. In Mysore, the tradition of holding a grand procession through the streets of this historic city, with the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari riding in a golden Am…

Happy Dasshera

Happy Dasshera
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This is a couple that normally sells vegetables and they are devotees of Goddess Jari Mari, I shot them a night before doing the Kirtan at Ramesh Garuds house at Bandra.
The pictures I did not post, had I waited some more time I could have got pictures of the spirit of the Goddess entering into the body of the devotees , they gain power they go into a trance , but I was too tired, and let it pass.
Today the couple are seling marigold flowers at Bandra Bazar Road opposite Christs Grotto, and they are firm believers of this Grotto..this is Indian supremacy of respect for all Faith.
Well today is Dasshera, my house net is down thanks to You Telecom
So I came to my shop , to post a few poems, last night I wanted to shoot the Lokhandwalla Pandal but Mr Roy of the Bandra Durga Pandal told me that it would be overcrowded as Abhijeet the founder of the Pandal performs.
I gave it a skip..I shot the Bandra Pandal again at a lesser ISO..
In t…

Racism does not have a racist Australia

Racism does not have a racist Australia
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Some poets have 5 identities
To rate their own poems
At poem hunter rating facility
Some have friends who rate them 10
They return the same in kind
Reciprocation of a falsity
To be one among the Top 500 poets
At Poem hunter is very easy
You scratch my back I scratch yours
This conniving hypocritical coterie
Hogging poet lime light for free
The stats statuesque Arsewell
1000 poems deduct 929 home free
Bowels of groaning grammar
Punctuation spellings style
From the grandmaster of Wycombe
“Racism does not have a color “
426 in Top 500poems
Is the biggest Mockery
By a Racist poet of Australia
Blue blood criminal yobo
Proud of his criminal ancestry
Hate and only colored hate exists
Racism in Poetry
The Buddha sits silently
Watching the chaos
Poetic pestilence perfidy
From Bodhgaya
At Lumbini

firoze shakir photographerno1

Order Order Order

Order Order Order
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Order Order Order
At poem hunter forum
Only venomous hate and Disorder
Getting even with poetic brickbats
Food and revengeful fodder
Words of racist hate in poetry
A world with bleeding borders
Surround sound home theatre
Of grievous hate screeching
Tape recorders

firoze shakir photographerno1

929 Australian White Racist Rat

929 Australian White Racist Rat
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
929 Australian White Racist Rat

He hates black rats
Specially the Indian Bandicoot Rat
Poetic droppings on his mat
That he sees gets into a wordy spat
This pompous Australian who talks
About etiquette and chat
This and that
On bloated ratings of friends
Has gone fat
Bowen the Boswell Ian Brat
English man in a Bowler Hat
Night watchman who loves to bat
Breaking Indian heads without helmets
A tit for tat
Deserves the White Racist Dead Societies pat
His friend from down under short of a 1000 poems
I can donate him some of mine
If at the finishing post he cannot arrive at
This killjoy of a Kangaroo Rat
A room awaits for him at Peachester Cemetery
With a floral wreath and a Welcome Mat
Life’s tyre with his racist hate for Indians gone flat
Well this photographer poet blogger is ever ready for
An asymmetrical combat

firoze shakir photographerno1

Indian Tiger Brew

Indian Tiger Brew
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
'And amber nectar to be now called
Indian Tiger brew.
And on the coins and banknotes
to Bruce’s dire dismay
there now would be the image of
a photographer from Bombay'

Lines of Mr David Hazell
from his poem at the Forum

My reply

Thank You Mr David Hazell
I had decided not to post anything at the forum, as eminent poets like Mr Ian Bowen, Linda Orr her strait jacket Boss, come to this watering hole for Forum quotes and find me ejaculating my stuff on Allen James Shit Heads Ass, so they get upset, and I am unlearning poetry so to speak.
I deleted all my offensive abusive forum posts, someone who I respect sent me a message that if I leave the Forum they win, I told her they won, the day I was born, my brown ass wrapped in a newspaper by the midwife, as I was delivered at home in a hovel of a house, my father had impregnated my mom and run away to Bombay.The newspaper words remained as tatoo on my posterior..but my 15 yea…

Spiralling Shadows of Pain

Spiralling Shadows of Pain
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
out of the shadows of despair
face kissed by a stream of blood
eyes spiraling shadows of pain
sculpted sorrow
no time to spare
inner karmic kundalini bare
sadness that shrieks
solemnly swears
silhouettes speechless
dreams within dreams
that read as nightmares
truth a blasphemy that also scares
innocence hunted in poem hunter lairs
yes to be born colored in a white mans land
a feeling of remorse that takes time to outwear
a White God who mocks us
Pigmentation unfair
War on Humanity
He did declare
Lashes on our colored souls
In the Market Square
Emptiness void
In between two lines
Of Hope and Despondency
Man building castles
In the air