Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes I Shoot The Soul of Hope And Humanity Too

Mr Bal Nandgaonkar Jai Ho

Lalbagh Chya Raja Adar Samaan

Moving Along With Lalbagh Chya Raja

Behind a Photographer There Is Always Another Greater Photographer

The White Man Awalys Gets The Front Seat

Children Caught In a Stampede Along with the Mother

I was trampled on thrown down in a stampede at several places this was one of them the children and mother wee saved in time and this is it the darshan is what they want and dont bother about the kids as they say the Lord provides.
Perhaps they are right I am no judge..But I did tell several parents to hold on to their kids hands firmly ..

I shot this picture when this family was bought out safely by sensible members of the crowds .

If You Can Shoot Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan Journey You Can Shoot Anything In The World

Dont Aske Me How I Shot This I Was Pulled Down By The Crowds

Following The Lalbagh Chya Raja Barefeet

Humility Thy Name Is Lalbagh Chya Raja

I Was Lost In The Crowds Than He Appeared From Nowhere

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I dont know whether any one of you will believe me but I am writing this with tears in my eyes my life has not been a path of roses but I have tried to be honest to myself and to others including my family hiding my inner pain and to lessen it I blog prodigiously.

I am not always on the net but yes my pictures are being uploaded at Flickr every second in a batch.I shoot alone and I have shot Lalbagh Chya Raja visarjan journey since 2007 .

Normally I ran helter skelter jumped here there to get pictures but I have aged my legs are in very bad shape I have a permanent injury on my right hand, both my shoulders have gone through the usual frozen tension of the muscles.

So this year I decided I would walk with Lalbagh Chya Raja with his people as a devotee like the rest and show my solidarity in such trying times where politics mandir masjid isue is trying to tear the soul of our motherland.

I was walking in the group right in front of the Raja every time I turned my back he was behind me I shot him in such a way without disturbing others ..

And as the volunteers knew me by face , by my Flickr blogs they gave me space supported me and were extremely courteous towards me and some knew my karmic connection with the Lord.

I ate nothing I did not drink anything just walked and finally after the shooting the felicitation at Do Tanki by the Muslims I thought I would follow Raja till Girgaum Chowpatty but I no longer had the strength and as a metal stand had fallen on my barefeet near the gate the going was tough.

I am 58 years old diabetic and I had fainting spells but I did not give up, at CP tank I cut through Charni Road and took a train back home to Bandra.It was past midnight i reached home at 2 am.

My legs are still swollen as I write this but I am sure I will overcome.. I am giving cold compresses to my feet .. the wound too has healed.

Its the bruises and the knocks on a poets soul that take a lot of time and blogs to recover.

And I shot Lalbagh Chya Raja journey with your eyes too each time my eyes began to shut or get tired and weary.

In Humility He Leaves The City He Loves ..

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time comes to a stand still
a sadness within his soul
leaving his beloved people
the city he loves every bit
towards a path of peace
hope and humanity
all lit a god who
removes obstacles
when you fall
or your soul gets hit
lalbagh chya raja
on a moving throne
as he sits
over a crest
over a wave
moved by faith
a holy writ
the muslims
will felicitate him
at do tanki
with garlands
with respect
he knows it
from afar
he watches
the barefeet
muslim blogger
who follows him
limping but swift
so in all '
humility this
larger than life
hindu god
in sheer
pictures as poems
poems as pictures
he wholeheartedly
gifts so as a pucca
i ask you all
what hindu muslim rift
if you dont have love
in your heart
as Indians
you are
moving adrift

And I Continue My Trek Barefeet With Lalbagh Chya Raja

The Visarjan Journey of Lalbagh Chya Raja

The Visarjan Journey of Lalbagh Chya Raja

The Visarjan Journey of Lalbagh Chya Raja

If Only Mr Kalmadi Had Chosen Lalbagh Chya Raja As a Brand Ambassador .......

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no bridges would fall
however high or tall
ceilings would
remain as ceilings
walls would be walls
everything in its place
including his chair of thorns
nothing evil would befall
if only mr kalmadi
son of the soil
had chosen
lalbagh chya raja
as the brand
in the history
of sports
in golden letters
his name
would have
been scrawled
by bad luck
bad karma
bad press
he would have not
been mauled
no kalmadi jokes
no power puns
no suicidal moments
all in all
all foreign delegates
taking home
a memento of
lalbagh chya raja
a nice phulkari shawl
in spite of our potholes
malaria dengue
swine flu mafia wars
lalbagh chya raja
a master of the games
best of all
if only
if only
if only
if only

the army would not have been called out at all even the Russian commercial workers on paid leave would have given a sigh of relief no bed breaking no scary moments to make your skin crawl...satirizing the poetry of life mumbai would have been the best CWG Games venue come to think of it after all

There Were Only Two Options Shoot Him As a Photographer Or Capture Him As a Poem

Shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja Is Coming Face To Face With Oneself

Lalbagh Chya Raja Bids Farewell On a Memorable Journey To The Sea

Because My Mind Is A Single Lens I Shoot This Through The Soul of Poetry

Because My Mind Is A Single Lens I Shoot This Through The Soul of Poetry

I Did Not Have a Deadline I Post My Pictures As And When

Lalbagh Chya Raja Made Sure I Would Shoot Him Wherever I Was

The Moment In The Life of Man - Lalbagh Chya Raja

I Give You a Darshan of Lalbagh Chya Raja On The Wings of My Blog

Enter The Raja of Lalbagh

The Huge Crowds at Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan Day

This Happens Only In India

The Huge Crowds at Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan Day

The Huge Crowds at Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan Day

A Bloggers Hand Google Searching For Peace

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When the time comes for youth to lead
from the slavery of sycophancy we
will finally be freed hopefully
no corruption no greed
...just good thoughts good deeds
like you my heart too bleeds

too see the poison
that prematurely kills
the seeds penny wise
pound foolish wisdom
gives birth to dying weeds
games on the soul
of a nation the poor
running the marathon
with a beggar bowl in hand
in full speed festered wounds
maggots breed humanity
has gone to the dogs
our children brainwashed
by dogmas of hate
the words on the walls
we misread
on the hallowed
grounds of the human heart
a mandir masjid
politically decreed
dividing the soul
of the nation
a necklace
of broken beads

Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jan

I Normally Shoot From Ground Level But I Took A Chance

Mumbai Cinemascopic Spirituality

Ganesha On The Move

The Ganesh Visarjan Procession Lalbagh

This was shot barefeet on a burning roof ..
This was possible because Prasad Sawant of Ganesh Color Lab bought me here and helped me shoot all this .

Senior Press Photographer Mr Loke

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai Shot By Mr Loke Senior

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai Shot By Mr Loke Senior