Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Am What I Am..Uncle Sam

Date: 03/28/2006 Time: 11:59 PM

Uncle Sam
In a jam
War veterans
Who cares a damn
Political scam
Spit and spam
One night stand
A free fuck
God bless you Maam
On the sands of Karbala
Another sacrificial lamb
A fire in the bush
And what a sham
That proclaims
of Mass Construction
I am what I am
American political spam

American Educated Thugs

She once in anger called them Shia Thugs , the Iraqis who are fighting to get back their self respect , their honor and dignity.The Shia have been persecuted systemarically by the Bathist government , much the Western world never knew nor ever bothered to know about it, close to twenty five years.My poem

She the american Lady Bug
was upset called them Shia Thugs

God and Country
Liberty Fraternity Equality
And cloaked as Much Bigger Thugs
Hit and shoot the
Heart of Country
for Weapons of Mass Destruction
find Saddam and Baathist slugs.
And depravity,stolen fuel , anarchy
And a Bush like mug..
And a soul debug.
Spilled waters of Karbala
And a Broken Jug..
American atrocity Abu Gharaib
not at all humbug
human rights trampled
shoulders now they shrug
Impeach Bush as a War Criminal
Digg It Bury it Or Be Dug
A wounded Bleeding Heart
of a country that with more
Wounds as you plug
Miscplaced Martyrdom
Saddam Hussain
whose Body the Jehadis
on their shoulders
as a crucifix lug..
Shias Sunnis sectarian hate
black spy v/s white spy
keeps the Papacy , the Israelis
very smug..

looking at the picture American Lady wont say UGH

photo courtesy

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