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God Save You From Parched Lips of a Hungry Hijra

She Hates Men But Has Some Compassion For Poets

I Shoot Hijras Like a Poem In Mid Flight

Hijras Can Grow Tits On a Barren Tree ..Being a Hijra Is Being Fucked By Humanity

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai At The Hijra Saint And His Biological Sons Grave

This area is known as Khada Pada..I had thrown away the blue plastic slippers decided to walk back to Ajmer Dargah through a short cut but not very rocky like the earlier one .. from a slope to the right of the graves ..

Marc was going back the same way we had come..a real tough trek..but Marc is a Malang and a very brave one.

The story goes that a Hijra a devout follower of Khwahjah Garib Nawaz made a very unusual request he invoked the Holy Saint to give him a son ,

The Holy saint Garib Nawaz told him to go to the mountains eat a fruit that grows on a tree near Bib Hafiz Jamals tomb..he ate it became pregnant but as the pregnancy the hijras male body could not cope up up with the growth of the child in him , he relented , begged forgiveness of the Holy Saint for going against God and Nature.. and asked the Holy Saint to end his pain.

The Holy Saint told him throwing a ball in the air to follow it, the Hijra did and fell of a precipice below at Khada Pada splitting his stomach, the child and he both died were buried side by side..

This is the Hijra connection with Ajmer Sharif and the Khwajah Garib Nawaz..

This is a tough trek but is the most prestigious pilgrimage site for Hijras from the North Weat and East...

The first when I came here I had dreamed of this place never having seen it Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 6 interpreted it , and I came her barefeet too in a red djellaba ..

I had also dreamt of Pushkar and never heard or seen it Peersaab was the one who sent me there with a Hindu Pandit..

Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 6 Ajmer Sharif is an exorcist too he does Dua and Tawiz.

The Blog Is A Path To Peace Hope And Humanity

Kaushik Dutta June 12 at 9:55pm Report
I am watching your photo stream in flickr very religiously. I have never heard the name Taragadh. Is it in Ajmer? What is the altitude!? Do you on way to Ajmer urs or on the back? Very moving pictures. It seems that I am in Taragadh!!!! Brilliant detailing Firoz bhai. AS I AM FEELING I WAS THERE WITH YOU.

The guy standing next to me walked Taragadh barefeet , he was always behind me and helped me climb the rocks though I had a stick I fell several times , when we reached a certain distance he told me had been robbed of his slippers and his money too, but he never asked me for a dime but was hungry thirsty I could feel it I gave him 50 bucks and saw tears trailing down his cheek, he had left his mother at the Taragadh Main Shrine and once I had reached the top he took my permission to leave.. so there is a story within a story at every moment.

I Have Turned My Back On Facebook...

Marc Masoumi Madar At The Graves of The Hijra Saint And His Biological Son

My Virtual World Lies Beyond Google+ And Twitter Sweet But Bitter

My Soul Lives Outside The Grave of My Poetry

My Faith Makes Me Climb Mountains Barefeet

The Dreamer And The Graves of The Hijra Saint And His Biological Son

Two Dreamers

The Dam Madar Malang From Mumbai A Beggar Poet Too

GLOSACK's photostream

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Grand Pa You Are As Crazy As They Come

My Grand Children Give Me a Reason To Live

My Grand Children Give Me a Reason To Live by firoze shakir photographerno1
My Grand Children Give Me a Reason To Live, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

 their fathers
old man
all his errors of
they forgive
their fathers
their fathers
old man
once again
what he could
not offer
his own children
love affection
quality time
to his grand children
he gives

to my daughter samiya

Zaira Saif Shakir and Her Grand Dad

My Wife is a Good Photographer Too

So You Are My Crazy Grand Father Malang..

Fatima Zaira My Third Grand Child

When I come home for lunch from work..I spend time with my third grand child Zaira Saif Shakir also called Fatima Zaira lovingly by my wife..

Fatima Zaira has the most appealing smile , and she blushes and we are getting to know each other as we spend more time in each others company.

The Baobab Of Bandra

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Baobab is the common name of a genus (Adansonia) containing eight species of trees, native to Madagascar (having six species), mainland Africa and Australia (one species in each).This tree is the National Tree of Madagascar.

Other common names include boab, boaboa, bottle tree,the tree of life, upside-down tree, and monkey bread tree. The species reach heights of 5 to 30 metres (16 to 98 ft) and trunk diameters of 7 to 11 metres (23 to 36 ft). It's trunk can hold up to 120,000 litres of water.

The Baobab Tree is also known as the tree of life, with good reason too. It is capable of providing shelter,clothing, food, and water for the animal as well as human inhabitants of the African Savannah regions. The cork-like bark or huge stem is fire resistant and is used for making cloth and rope. The leaves are used as condiments and medicines. The fruit, called "monkey bread", is rich in vitamin C and is eaten. The tree is capable of storing hundreds of litres of water, which is tapped in dry periods.[source?] Mature trees are frequently hollow, providing living space for numerous animals and humans alike.[source?] Trees are even used as bars, barns, wine and beer shops and more.[source?] Radio-carbon dating has measured that age of some Baobab trees at over 2,000 years old. For most of the year, the tree is leafless, and looks very much like it has its roots sticking up in the air.
[change] Legends

There are numerous legends offering explanations of how the tree came to be stuffed in the ground upside down, so it could no longer complain. Some of the myths are:

The Bushmen believed that goings-on in the baobab so offended God that in his wrath he uprooted it and cast it back into the earth upside-down.

It is said that if you drink its delectable sap you will receive protection from the crafty crocodile; but do not pluck its flowers, for whosoever does so will be torn apart by lions!

It is also claimed that on the day of creation, each animal was given a tree to plant and that the hyena planted the baobab upside-down and, as a result, it should never have grown. But grow it did, and today baobabs dot the Limpopo landscape, in Africa.

the silhouette of the hijab

Beggar Poets Live Upside Down..

Joseph Jacob And The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

our paths
we share the
same big boss
two rolling stones
gathering a lot of moss
result oriented remorse
life a blank chapter
profit and loss
50 to 75 % discount
on hopes aspirations
net and gross
crispy peking duck
in dollops of plum sauce
every effect lambasting
outlasting a rebellious cause
through a picture
a poetic thought
comes across
fashion style ethos