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Imposing Cat On A Burning Floor

"SIR: Poseyal : KNIGHT of the DESPOSYNI  Pro User  says:

glad we are friends
so how much for you to print me a 11x14 of this and ship it o me with a poem?

he is
basking in the sun
 out of door
he has finished
his domestic
imposing cat
on a burning floor
dreaming of
his cousin
in new orleans
across the shore
on wings of fancy
he loves to soar
his poetic heart
on the soul
of friendship
he loves to pour
selling spaces
of the mind
without brochure
pain of living
to endure
prevention is better
there is no cure
anthony posey
good friend
brother poet
you cant ignore
taking him
on a mumbai

30March 2010

I Sometimes Fail To Understand How God Could Create People in His Image

After I had shot him several years back at Mount Marys back steps I never saw him again .

And these are nameless beggars I shot impulsively , I shot them because their lives will never change , they will be begging from one day to the next ,, will there be a ministry of beggars homeless destitute ,, Never .

Beggars are part of our piety , we need beggars to blackmail God who created them , we give alms and hope to get an account of every coin we give ,,this is how I see it ,

I know of people rich who gave away everything and became beggars themselves .. living among beggars and watching the vagaries of the rich man from the poor mans end.

The largest number of beggars I saw at Ajmer Urus seeking alms in the name of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Garib Nawab , his very name suggest the The Holy Saint Of The Poor.

I have begged at the Kumbh with my Naga Sadhu Guru and it is a unique feeling devoid of that egoistic Self ,, eating leftovers as he took me from door to door to beg ,,that was my les…

Appu My Best Friend

I am a storyteller and all my stories are pictures of people I shot as they touched me on my journey of Life that I call poetry of Life .

I met Appu this piece of human torso without hands or legs at Chor Bazar many years back . and we became friends I shot him on my trips every Friday at Chor Bazar and he was an iconic beggar a landmark so to speak,

Than in 2008 I took my American friend Dr Glenn Losack to Mahim and he was stupefied by Appu , Appu touched him perhaps like no beggar did and Appu does not plead and beg like other beggars  he sits silently you offer him something he accepts humbly.

Than Appu met my  granddaughter Marziya Shakir she was about 15 month old and Marziya till date has never forgotten him .. I have not seen Appu for two years now ..I searched for him at his old haunts but no luck.

Appu is from Assam he is a Muslim but I never asked him how he lost his hands or legs ,, I shoot pictures  you fill in the blanks ,,Appu is a photo set at my Flickr photo stream, A…

Lord Shiva At The Chor Bazar Flea Market

At Chor Bazar a lot of old religious photos , frames posters are available on sale sourced by the Gujrati Vagri community from old houses , old shops etc.. all this is than sold to Chor Bazar dealers who buy old stuff ,

This was a poster and I liked it immensely Lord Shivas youth , his posture and Goddess Parvati watching him coyly from a distance .,,
Once upon a time I bought a lot of old classics , rare books from Chor Bazar including old cameras I had 275 old camera and as I could not manage them and times were bad I sold it to a fried for peanuts.

I still have the old books , old negatives , slides and prints that wife wants me to dispose off but I am still holding on to them..

Chor Bazar was a Nasha , a high I visited every Friiday come what may and than one day I suddenly stropped its been over 8 to 9 years now ..

Along with Chor Bazar I visited the Kamatipura Friday flea market haven't been there since ages now ..

Every picture has a tale to tell

Barbers Are Holistic Healers Too..

I have been shooting street barbers , barbers on the move who cut your hair , and move on to the next client on the street ..they lead a tough life searching for clients among the poor and the working labor class .

This was shot at Kamatipura close to the redlight area ..the brothel lanes of Mumbai city .

He has has stall close to a tea shop , so he gets good work and takes part in the gossip of  his clients and tea drinkers .

People hardly shoot these street barbers who do a great service to society and their contribution to the poor class is immense to say the least , most of these barbers also do circumcision and mundan or religious tonsure ,

Bathing On The Streets Is A Luxury When The Municipal Pipe Bursts

getting rid
of heat humidity
dust scorching
mumbai weather
bad to worse
street urchins
the poor in the
slums get to
quench their
thirst shot from
a cab in which
i traversed
at a traffic signal
my camera reached
there first,,

Who Will Save These Little Girls From Vultures of Society

These are scavenger girls , who used to pick up odds ends refuse at Chor Bazar the Market of Thieves .

Metal parts , other stuff that they sell and get money , I never saw these girls again but than I stopped going to Chor Bazar  completely or every Friday I would go to Chor Bazar to pick up old cameras old books and antique jewelry and shoot the surroundings ,

Like these girls there are also little boys who work as scavengers but soon get into drugs and sniffing polish and its a sad fall..

And who really cares about these kids not society that will soon shun them and force them with this alienation to become anti social elements , most of these young boys are pulled into drug peddling , stealing , pick pocketing..

Most of these kids are pushed into begging for the beggar mafia ,,

This one image really pulled at my guts when I shot it many years back at Chor Bazar.

Girls are more vulnerable as the flesh market of Foras Road Peela House Kamatipura and Shuklaji Street is a walking dist…

When Will Poor Muslims See Good Times

broken dreams
broken rhyme
begging on the
streets in guttered
grime children
living on mounds
of fetid slime
counting on
 hope in every
coin every dime
no education
no vocational
guidance kids
forced to commit
crimes waiting
eagerly for good
times while they
build new mosques
new madrsas bearded
men in noble robes
their thoughts sublime
shooting out fatwas
as pastime ..the poor
age fade away in their
prime a long upward
task a very steep climb

The Common Man Dreams ..On The Soul Of His Silence The Politician Schemes

Wanted Alive

when will
good times arrive
the common man
confused with
words politically
contrived who
will clean india
get rid of corruption
scams crooked leaders
if mother india has to
survive ,,or will dreams
before they are fulfilled
nosedive . another mantra
to be archived ..economy
good living a dead body
needs to be revived ..
we need to strive ..
high five ..

Maria The Leper Lady And Her Grand Daughter

Maria was a Hindu leper begging at Boran Road Bandra , her daughter Mary is a beggar too though I dont see any signs of leprosy on her , and the little girl is Mary's daughter , Mary has a son too both kids I am told are in an orphanage , I wont be surprised if Mary's daughter becomes a nun the Church needs volunteers from the poor to spread the message of Christ.

Maria and both Mary are coverts they became Christians . but has the conversion helped , I dont know they are both begging on the streets , perhaps the only saving grace is that Maria's grandchildren wont have to beg at all..

I have been documenting Marias life since many years , and ever since the monsoons set in Maria has left Mumbai , her sores her leprous condition gets worse her body parts start falling in the heavy rains .so Maria  has given her place to her daughter Mary who begs outside a Sunni Mosque dressed as a Muslim , with a head scarf and I pass her on my way to work , always inquiring about Maria.…

The Quintessential Ear Cleaners of Mumbai

The Children of a Lesser God Of Bandra