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Marriammen Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2011 Goddess Marriammen

thus ends my marriammen feast 2013 madras wadi worli shoot and series

Marriammen Feast Finale At Madras Wadi Worli 2013

Marriammen Feast Finale At Madras Wadi Worli 2013

Save The Girl Child

Goddess Marriammen Ma Shakti

Goddess Marriammen Ma Shakti, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

Māri (Tamil: மாரி), also known as Mariamman (Tamil: மாரியம்மன்) and Mariaai (Marathi: मरी आई), both meaning "Mother Mari", spelt also Maariamma (Tamil: மாரியம்மா), or simply Amman or Aatha (Tamil: அம்மன், "mother") is the South Indian Hindu goddess of rain. She is the main South Indian mother goddess, predominant in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Māri is closely associated with the Hindu goddesses Parvati and Durga as well as with her North Indian counterpart Shitaladevi. Goddess Mariamman and Goddess Kali are closely associated with each other. Mariamman is a form of Durga who took the form of Kali. She is also addressed often as "Maha Maayi", the southern rendering of the sanskrit word "Maha Maya" - the deluding illusionary power of Lord Vishnu. In the deccan region, "Mariamman" is usually referred to as the sis…

Removal Of Rods And Hooks And Finale Marriammen Feast Madras Wadi 2013

Milk To Lubricate The Mouth And The Rod Within For Easy Removal..

Goddess Marriammen Goddess Of Fertility Peace And Humanity

Goddess Marriammen Goddess Of Fertility Peace And Humanity, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

Devotion to Mariamman

India has always been a land of villages and in the context of village life the most important and powerful divine presence is the gramadevata, a deity identified with the village. A village may have several gramadevatas, each with its own function. Village deities are more numerous than Indian villages, though some are known throughout a region and one of these is the goddess Mariamman (Also called Mari, Mariamma, Maryamman. In the Puranas she is known as Marika.) who has devotees all over South India.
The village belongs to the goddess. Theologically she was there before the village and in fact she created it. Sometimes she is represented only by a head on the soil, indicating her body is the village and she is rooted in the soil of the village. The villagers live inside or upon the body of the godd…

The Human Horse Of Goddess Marriammen

North Indian Babloo And His Mother