Thursday, April 5, 2012

the dabbawalas ..distribute food tiffins i am a dabbawala of blogs

the muslims are a persecuted race

of their beliefs
the beards
on their face
or is it
their ancestry
from biblical
times history trace
peace brotherhood
divine grace
for being what
they are oppression
from their own face
muslims love
killing muslims
if ideology
of hate as
propagated by
one you dont
suicide bombers
the unborn child
blows up on your face
it depends how
you interpret
my thoughts
my poetic phrase
a sentiment
of live let live
in one place

Sometimes beggar poets shoot landscapes too

partially true
azure skies
shade and hue
a cosmic wheel
a touch of blue
poets give birth
to emotions
to view
a thought
poets are
the few
they swallow
what you
wont chew
who he is
what he is
he has no clue
for brevity's sake
a shia hindu
a bit christian
aquiline jew

texting has destroyed the soul of poetry and prose

a candid
i shot
time froze
a moment
shot by
a poet
she hardly
the destiny of a
thorn protruding
from the body
of a rose
as it blooms
as it grows
at the feet
of god
it goes

There are Muslim Hating Bigots on Google+ Too

i fail to understand
you circle me for my religion
or for my pictures to view
why do you or your hate
on my multicolored ass sew
i have faced so many
racist attacks on the
cybernet it is nothing new
i dont denigrate
your religion
your gender
your ethnicity
so why hate
on my posts
as review
dont add me

i sincerely thank you

the quintessential muslim beggar finds mention.. at google+

thank you for adding me to your circle ..

the poor muslim man does not believe in the jihad of the suicide bomber

the west mocks our mothers who beg on the streets by celebrating mothers day..

bal bal bache...

Mehdi Bhai Lucky Hotel Was Called Home By God..

Mehdi Bhai Lucky Hotel Was Called Home By God..

Mehdi Bhai Lucky Hotel Was Called Home By God..

Mutual Coexistence Photo Journalists And a Barefeet Blogger

You Must Decide Now Who You Love The Most

and so i get hammered bullied
a grand father whose love
is part of their inheritance
their creed how do i
tell them who i love most
your help advise i need
in confusion i bleed
my poems my pathos
you see as a picture
that you read my best friends
on google+indeed

My Two Grand Daughters Fight For My Love

one the fighter
nerjis asif shakir
mast malang
vehemently says
he is mine the other
zaira the prettiest shakir
the grand daughter divine
clings to me says to nerjis
your grandfather is on
google+online this one
flesh and bones my
only grand pa
my love and sunshine
i try to make peace
i love them both dearly
a third one at school
all part of my heritage
in my soul enshrined
how could i one from
the other sideline
all three branches
of my family tree
cosmically entwined
upcoming street
on a cybernetic
light shade
all three
my lifeline

the street photographer

the street photographer

The Finishing Touches To My Sleeveless Jacket or Bundi

Ever since I gave up my beggar monks clothes and began wearing shoes at my new job, it has been a drastic sartorial change, I thought I would wear my malang clothes on Sunday, but I am cooped up at home.. with my grand kids.

I only wear linens my body cant take wool or any other fabrics , I wear cotton breeches ,linen sleeveless jackets , and most of my sleeveless jackets need a lot of care and these were shot at the workshop , steam pressing and the finishing touch.

I will of course wear my Malang clothes and walk barefeet on Good Friday along with Jesus Christ, I will share the pain of the Christian community as they enact the 14 Stations of the Cross and it is a long trek that begins at 9 am at Sacred Heart Church Santa Cruz and ends at St Charles Church Vakola at about 4 pm and than shower change and report back to work..

I will be bound by time now that I work for another man but I shall document the travails of Jesus Christ his Agony His Passion His Resurrection and Ascension on the streets bought out as a passion Joe Dias of Cross and his volunteers.

The Common Muslim Man Wants Peace and Goodwill

only a few vested
one that want
to kill blood spill
coffers fill
a misplaced
jihad the
body and soil ill
bombing the
soul of humanity
at will by killing
innocent people
peace you dont fulfill
only hate instill
eunuch silence
all around
the soul gone still
the unborn child
gives birth
on rubble

Lucky Hotel Bandra Great Cup of Tea ..

Silk Quilted Sleeveless Jacket or Classic Bundi With Poche

Silk Quilted Sleeveless Jacket or Classic Bundi