Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Superstar and His Tailor

I Miss You Sir ...

My Bollywood Guru Mr Rajesh Khanna


Kakaji by firoze shakir photographerno1
Kakaji, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna

Mr Rajesh Khanna

God Has Decided He Wont Make Another Rajesh Khanna

God Of Good Acting - Mr Rajesh Khanna

Mr Rajesh Khanna A Memory Monochromed

Soliloquy in Silence Mr Rajesh Khanna

Aaj jaha mai hu, Kal Koi aur tha... Ye bhi ek daur hai, woh bhi ek daur tha...Rajesh Khanna

The Last Of The Moghul of Bollywood Rajesh Khanna - Touch On Wood

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the last emperor
his pain his angst
his turbulence
his turmoils
as a silhouette
behind him
only time saw
felt understood
life was an island
of lost illusions
lost memories
bad ugly
some good
empty hopes
in celluloid
dreams delusions
he withstood
he would have
changed the course
of the river if he could
banks on either side
eroded by falsehood

The Shia Samurai in Pushkar

The Chancawalli Rafaee

The Roadside Bawas of Mahim

Death Kissed Handi Sai ...

The Pensive Rafaee

Sharukh Rafaee

The kid is sad, his father is missing, since a long time, and like his father Sharukh Rafaee is a complete body piercer, he does the body piercing acts with a finesse of an adult..

This time he is out of the Rafaee circuit...

I gave him Rs 50 / but told him to hand it over to his mother ..they sleep on the pavement of Mahim where the roadside bawas sit.

He uses the sword to pierce his eyeballs, he cuts his tongue...and he is just a kid, he loves to be photographed just like any other curious kid.

Chancawalli Rafaee

Shahenshah Bawa

The Chancawalli Rafaees - Leaking Cheek

the hole in the cheek..water streaks

The Chancawalli Rafaees

The Chancawalli Rafaees

The Chancawalli Rafaees

Water Coming Out of the Wounded Cheek

Water Coming Out of the Wounded Cheek

Rafaee and Zarb

Rafaee is the adherent of a Sufi sect that partakes in ritual body piercing called Zarb.

They are followers of Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani...

Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani r.a. (1077 - 1166) - was a noted Sunni Hanbali preacher, Sufi Shaikh and the figurehead of the Qadiri Sufi order. He is a great Scholar & Sufi of Islam. He is know as the Shaikul Mushaikh of the Awliyaa (Saints).

His contribution to thought in the Muslim world earned him the title al-Gauth al Azam (the "Supreme Helper").

H e died on Saturday night 1166 (8th Rabi' al-Awwal 561AH on the Islamic calendar) at the age of eighty-nine years, and was entombed in a shrine within his Madrassa in Baghdad, Iraq.

Chest Piercing

The Wounded Cheek of the Sword Rafaee

The Wounded Cheek of the Sword Rafaee

Chancawalli Rafaees- Hardcore Neck Piercing

The Hardcore Sword Piercing

The Hardcore Sword Piercing

A Touch Of Turquoise ...

The Hardcore Sword Piercing

The Hardcore Sword Piercing

The Hardcore Sword Piercing

we both are beggars in time and space ..we belong to a fucked human race

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

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