Friday, December 21, 2007

Invitation to a Racist Wedding

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a new world of poetry is possible

The racist kilt
Standing head above shoulders
On a stilt manic self guilt
Destroying the house of a poetic God
That took years and years to built
Flowers different colors ravaged
Hate filled
Blood splattered spilt
As they die and wilt
Collective white racism
With a sword in the rectum
Of a colored man
Up to the hilt
Brown posterior a patched parched quilt
A new world of poetry is possible
If with all colored hands of artisans it is rebuilt
With love harmony peace humanity as bricks
Inbuilt towards anarchy of the races no tilt

Luckless Dreams

Luckless Dreams
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he sleeps and dreams of grandeur and fame
a house in posh locality a car and a womans heart to proclaim
big business big time big game
he was born poor his karma to blame
his father and mother baptized him Lucky
yes that is his name
miles and miles to go
before his destiny he can tame
and get away from the cursive lines of his shame
no parking a board that shuns his dreamy claim
man his hopes his survival his tribulations all aflame
a human spider caught in the web of a frame

Perfect 10

Perfect 10
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Stats obsessed
Ratings obsessed
racist women poet
Of an amateur poetry web site
Will do anything to reach the top
With the support of friends and with
A different set of personas and props
Pump their own ratings
With a perfect 10 to harvest
a good crop
As to sell their hackneyed
Poetically pedestrian ware
They cannot find another shop
With the help of their fictitious persona
Commenting on their own poems
Among the Top 500 mega flops
The only thing good about the poems
Is the omnipresent full stops..
Hate filled unmarried
Menopausal slithering snakiest slops
On the top of the tops
Making salubrious love to uneatable pork chops

Happy Bakra Idd

Tomorrow is Bakra Idd
For once let’s forget
We are Sunnis and Shias
Bow our head to the Glory of Allah
For Universal Peace and Brotherhood plead
The stopping of Muslims killing Muslims
A wanton Allah hurting deed
Let’s clear our hearts of sectarian difference
Share each others sorrow pain happiness
Without unnecessary bloodshed and worldly greed
Lets be bound to Allah his fragrance in the Koran
His Holy Messenger and his Hadith
Round the neck of Hate and Ignorance
Lets collectively put a wreath
The Jehad to end Ignorance
End mayhem that is destroying the planet
Our unborn children our mothers sisters fathers and brothers
Lets protect our human breed
Not only Muslims but all caste color and creed
The Voice of Sanity and Reason heed
Its better to live a single day as Hussain than to live a lifetime as Yazeed


Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

This poem was sent to me by my trusted and finest friend Ray Lucero...Poem Hunter..

There are many forms of "ism"
(Defined as method, outlook, principle or doctrine)

Here's a few of the more notorious ism's:

Control of people by a few through fear & violence (Used by both sides in conflict)

Violence versus Violence

Violence against the environment (Bush's environmental policy)

Separates gender, social classes, religious groups and race (A favorite tool of fascism)

The few controlling the many (Where U.S.A. is headed)

More isms:

Highest form of denial

Denial of self through suffering

Pledge of self to worldly churches & icons

Savage acts against others

Adherence to an extreme

Humans consuming humans on all levels

Economic system based on private ownership of capital

Belief in the superiority of men over women

Abolishment of private ownership

Sacrifice of autonomy

Serious judgment of something or someone

Morose distrust

Acceptance of the inevitability of defeat

Worship of demons, Satan or false gods

Modus operandi of George Bush & Dick Cheney

Intolerance and prejudice of a bigot through arrogance or stubborn positive-ness

Two opposing elements

An exaggerated opinion of one's own importance (any guesses on this one?)

The attitude that society should be governed by an elite group

An inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy (promoted by corporate media, video games and cinema)

The reckless acts of George Bush & Dick Cheney

Fanatical patriotism (25% of Americans)

The philosophical theory that matter is the only reality (American corporatism)

Political orientation to use a strong military force to promote national interests
(American policy to control arms, global policy & resources)

George Bush's advocacy that monarchy is a political system

Judgments about another person's morality (A favorite tool of bigotry)

George Bush's exceptional interest and admiration of himself

Irresistible sexual attraction to dead bodies (Bush's love of war)

The White House policy of favoritism to relatives and close friends by giving them jobs and important positions

A revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of social system for its own sake
(A little used tool for change)

Dick Cheney

What Bush administration has done to take advantage of high offices and privilege with little regard to ultimate consequences

Blind love of country and willingness to sacrifice to anyone in power

The actions of a vigilance committee (Blackwater) to enforce laws

I leave you with this one:
Somebody (use your imagination on this one) who is regarded as unruly, crude, or brutish…

Oh, I almost forgot this one;

Peaceism (my word and definition):
Global stability & harmony through awareness, compassion and love

Ray Lucero

Unite Against Racism in Poetry land

Unite Against Racism in Poetry land
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

photo courtesy

There is racism in poetry land
Perfectly laid out preplanned
If you bring it to the web site managements notice
They clip your wings and have you banned
And they accuse you as the aggressor
From the cooking pan of bigotry into
The fires of hate you land
Cornered from all sides
Into the mouth of a quicksand
White racism is a hard enemy to beat
If you are black and brown and belong
To a no mans land
Love for poetry and racism in poetry
Go hand in hand
Even those who love music
On your posterior with or without a kilt
Will play the band
Yes it’s a black face of intelligence
They can’t stand
Your rise on the wings of poesy
They harbor envy
With the witches of Armageddon
They will finish you off
With their racist magical wand
Go refresh read the Fountainhead
By Ayn Rand
Concerned write in your own language
Not reprimanding you for your inadequacy
But a simple racist command
Banished from poem hunter the Promised Land
No trial guilty till you are proven innocent
No justice no witness stand
Lopsided law of poetry land
Handcuffs of shame cutting into your brown skin
You are a criminal a tag
Attached to your bleeding wrist band
Your enemies poets with lose bowels
And anemic prostate gland
Some with bleeding rectums piles
Deteriorating endocrine gland
Arthritis carcinoma and pigeon chests
That pretentiously ape mammary glands
A Louisiana lynching lass egotist fires
Of furious racist hate that she fanned
a yeti strangled
Without a single line of poetry she crashed land
Working as farmers tilling poetry
in uncultivated wordless arid lands
Racist coterie that searchlight
and other anti-racist websites must help disband
collectively take a very firm stand
On the passing away of the Racist poets call the Highland Military band
Racism is a cancerous disease eating the soul of humanity
Must be controlled curtailled not allowed to expand

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