Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aye Insan Pani Ko Pehchan

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aye insaan pani
ko pehchan
iske katra katra
boondh boondh
main hai
nanhe bache
ki pyas
mashke sakina
ek nanhi bachi
aur alam abbas
hamare ansu
ghame hussain
jispe tika
hamara itihas
ek dor
jis se bandhi
hamare jeevan
ki sas

Hamne Zindagi Main Kaie Chote Bar Bar Khaie Hain

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har chot ke peeche
ek nayee yad
ubhar ke aie hai
hamne zindagi
main kaie chote
bar bar khaie hain
mohabaat ka
dusra name
dil ki tabahi hai
zindagi bhar ki
tanhai hai
woh aj bhi
hamari nahin
pariee hain

My Poems Flowing Into A Gutter Of Her Heart

all my poems
she reads once
before they
begin their journey
die and depart
into the boundless
gaping gutter
of her heart
wingless angel
sweet heart
my own body
lifeless in poetic
carried to the morgue
in a hand cart
the slithering soul
of a cosmic
poet upstart
she did
from the fecundity
of her raw flesh
she kept him apart
his efforts
she did thwart
sweet tart
the tastiest one
from the sweet mart

The Day After Womans Day

when the euphoria is over
political advantages taken
woman the only creature
on two legs
forgotten and forsaken
her agony for her chakra
of ill fate mistaken
Mother Theresa
is no more alive
woman's dead soul
who will awaken ?
born on the road
dies on the road
by the municipal
to be dumped
in a filthy
stinking morgue
she will be taken

I shot this in the Behrampada slums and does this little Muslim girl really know how far she is from the next Woman's Day of her life..but than as a photographer I have shot a woman's life on Womans day in the Mumbai Cages of the red light area too..Hasn't changed much though...butchered for tender meat..chopped or minced.a dark thought my soul evinced