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Shooting The Christian Ethos Peace Hope Humanity

This was shot on 31 December 2008 before the Midnight Mass at St Peter Church..Bandra .

As a child I have been close to the Church my first school was part of St John The Baptist Church Protestant ,,,teachers were all Europeans and this was early 50s the school was called Private European School I still dont know how my father a tailor master paid my fees it was a princely sum of Rs 50 I am told .
I would sit in the Church if I was early and let my mind roam,, we stayed at Wodehouse Road and the kind lady who enrolled me in this school was Ms Akthar Kashmiri daughter of Late Nawab  Kashmiri , but this school had a different grade system and I had to leave after completing 4 th Std .. It was a primary school.

So Ms Akthar Kashmiri got me admitted to Holy Name High School at Convent Street Colaba .. this was part of the Roman Catholic Church.. I was admitted to the Third standard with the promise if I came first in the class I could take a double promotion , so first term I came third …

Mother You Beg Here And Another Beggar With Child Begs Out There

standing round
the lucky hotel corner
mother and child here
mother and child there
god is this fair ,, why
as followers of your
faith as untouchables
reduced to beggars
our fate ensnared
the older child his
pain with my camera
shares i read his
body language
his inner angst
piercing my soul
into my eyes he
stares ,,he accuses
me as Muslim to a
Muslim he curses
he swears , why this
divide one born
with poetic dreams
other hand to mouth
nightmares ,,he glares
while his mother hijab
clad tells him to be
patient to bear .. things
will get better beta
acche din ayenge
mujhe yakin hai
allah khair ...sabr kar
thoda  thair ,, pani
samajh kar pee le
yeh zindagi ka zehr

As a photographer as a poet i shot several frames i  was barefeet looked like a fakir on Idd day .. in Bandra near the Lucky Signal..i spotted them...their broken karmic wheel of pain i could not repair ..neither here nor there .. much as i wanted to tweak this as a BW ..i let the magic its original form and flair ,,…

Jesus Watches

Jesus watches from
a corner in shame
much did he try to
 raise womanhood
on a pedestal
the lot of the
suffering woman
remains the same
woman in a mans
world is game
robbed of her
treasury of
a fallen woman
 she became
they her own
of her loins
disown her
adding her
 to ill fame
remember her
as  fleeting thought
on woman's day
 as a Mothers Day
all in name
throw her in the
of an old
woman's home
when she becomes
 an old dame
the mound  of
 her memories
ashes to ashes
 dust to dust
the worms
 her flesh
 her soul
will reclaim
wife sister
a beast of
to proclaim

Go Away Black Boy

I shot this picture by sheer accident and I shot several frames , I shot it as an Indian as a colored soul too like the beggar boy asking alms from the foreigners , and as a country having a long colonial past we still are awed by the fair rosy skins of our  foreign guests .Whether she gave him something or not is her prerogative but to be honest our beggars harass foreigners no end deliberately touching them pawing them.. and maybe the foreigner can be more miserly than the Indian,

There is a syndicate of beggars that gang up against the foreign tourist while one begs the others steal his belongings and they do it successfully ,, it has happened so many times at Gateway Of India .

But these beggar boys girls an entire family worked at Turner Road Traffic Signal , the mother father relatives played cards as in gambling while the kids slogged their ass chasing vehicles that stopped when the red light turned in.. they pressed their dirty mugs against the car windows dramatically with g…

The Art Of Begging On The Streets Of Mumbai

The worst criminals in this case are the parents who manufacture kids from a wobbly womb only to make them beggars .

What is wrong with the parents of these beggar kids ,I assume they came from the village as contract laborers , the job got over , but their desire to go back to their village had disappeared .. they stayed back may have tried to get work, it did not work out , they were homeless and when they worked for the government contractor he built them huts on the road ,, they  did the same they built homes close to a mound near my house facing Rang Sharda Hotel..and this was some years back, seeing their dirtiness depravity , drinking open in your eye fornicating they were thrown out from here .. but they had learnt the most important lesson survival.

Than they tried their hand at begging with their kids , they realized the public did not give them much , but gave their naked kids much more than them.. the good folks gave them clothes for the kids , imported tshirts frocks jea…

The Beggar Kids Of Bandra I Shot In 2007

My storyboard on this series of urchins beggar kids is known as Turner Road Traffic Signal kids but as I shot other kids at various traffic signal I bunched them up in this set ,,most of the Signals I shot besides Turner Road were St Michael Mahim Church signal main road end at times the Mori Road end.

Than Pamposh Linking Road Signal the same tribe like the kids in this picture and the Khar Telephone Exchange Signal here the adults , teenager from the same community , women beg as eunuchs I shot them too.

I shot the Turner Road Traffic Signals for a longer time , as my  old workplace was off Waterfield Road and than after I left this place it was Bandra Bazar and Hill road that I shot .

But in 2011 for a few months I took up a corporate strait jacket job as a GM of a Fashion House and I was back again at Waterfield Road but by then the beggars had moved away including the eunuchs ..

And as I have to pass Waterfield Road to go to Juhu I do meet these old faces grown older at other tr…

From The Day She Was Born She Has Been Held In Captivity

first it was her
mothers scarred
womb born from
a drunkards seed
the night she was
born on the street
as the midwife pulled
her out from between
her mothers dirty feet
wrapped in a newspaper
not avadhnama her
birth was her first defeat
suckled on the dry drenched
out outlets her mothers teats
she cried she cried ..hearing
her mother cursing her another
mouth to feed here i have had
nothing to eat ..a part of life
incomplete ,, the next scene
drowsy drugged it was syrupy
benadryl as she hung on a
childs shoulders she was begging
on her beat , pinched made to cry
by that fiend of a step brother ..she
had wet herself in that stinking cloth
sheet that went around her throttling
her life  moments humidity heat ..when
he cleaned her almost banging her tiny
head on concrete ..she was a battered
 doll ugly piece of meat ..children of a
lesser god they said ..offered her sweets
knowing well that her gumless mouth
had no teeth..
than as she grew older she ran after cars
rickshas motor bikes on…

My Tryst With Fate On Flickr My Flickr Story

[Official Thread] Call for stories about Flickr's history

ericsoco says:

Hi all. I'm giving a talk in the spring about the processes around the innovations that have come to define Flickr, to try to better understand how Flickr has become what it is (and has been).

While talking with people about this, I've come to realize/remember that a lot of the core features of Flickr were actually developed or fleshed out by the community, by all of you! For example: geotags and machine tags came from community use of the basic tags feature; Groups have evolved in many ways through the use of the initial, simple Groups feature.

Do you have any memories of how these things came to pass? I'm not looking for bragging or claims on invention, rather just for stories about the early days of any feature that's become a core part of how you use Flickr.


I added my story ,,

firoze shakir photographerno1 says:

I came t…