Friday, February 27, 2015

The Ragpickers Of Bandra Bazar Road

More than just a ragpicker , she is the garbage woman, she collects garbage from houses , she dumps it at the  garbage dump site .
But saleable items she sorts , like plastic bags , cardboard , metal wire , iron pipes etc and she collects all this in huge bags that she places on her head and sells to the second hand bhangar shop.

She is extremely polite to me as I have shot her many times ..her  work of sorting is done close to my house ,, and she is a migrant .
They all come from one community called Mehtars,lowest of the low cleaning toilets bathrooms etc and more than men it is the the women in the community that do this job of garbage removal.

She is a real brave woman and she has empowered herself without help from Rahulji or Modiji.