Sunday, January 22, 2012

My kama wound shot by marziya shakir 4 year old

Once Upon a Time I Was Bollywoods Most Wanted

Once Upon a Time I Was Bollywoods Most Wanted

Once Upon a Time I Was Bollywoods Most Wanted

My Kama Wound 4 Day Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

The Death of a High Fashion Whore Who Sold Dreams To Rich Men In a Fish Aquarium

The Street Photographers of Bandra

The Street Photographers of Bandra

The Shias of Mumbai

Nerjis Asif Shakir Did the Zanjir Matam on Ashura

The Shakirs of Bandra

The Shakirs of Bandra

The Shakirs of Bandra

The Shakirs of Bandra

I Am Don With Corporate Malang

Mehroo Holmes and The Shakirs of Bandra

Grand Pa You Are Frickin Mad ...

The Shia Head Cutter Poet of Mumbai

My Kama Wound Day After Chehlum 2012

I bled all night , my pillow was soaked in blood but I did not use any ointment not even rose water just pure self healing and this is night after Chehlum but last night I accidentally hit my head against a brass table edge at the Oberois at the Brioni showroom , so this time the healing is a very slow process .. but heal it will.. and I cut my head viciously this Chehlum , during Ashura I did not get a good dagger so it was a very tame affair shot by Kim and Viola posted at You Tube with a tag Firoze Shakir beggar poet..

Soon I will again become a beggar poet I am quitting my highly paid fashion whore job selling dreams to the rich men in a glass aquarium of life .. in a five star hotel...

The Bleeding Blogger And The Malang Child

This was shot by my wife when I returned from Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery after shooting the Chehlum, my grand daughter who normally shoots my bleeding head was fast asleep..and Nerjis Asif Shakir my 5 month old grandchild watches me , her heritage of Hussain and her Shia ancestry and we are both Malangs too..

As a Street Photographer I Piss on the Soul of Media Photography

God Gave Me a Gift of Humility to Shoot The Hijras as Humanbeings

The Shia Pandit and Gopal The Naga Sadhu

peace in a pod
yogic ling kriya
using a rod
gopal naga sadhu
at home with
shiva his lord

the shia pandit
cuts open his head
with a sword
a protest
a spiritual terrorism
on the sands of karbala
the ensuing yazidi fraud
he gave his head
but not his hand
as the eunuchs
led by shmr
open jawed

i want to go to
said the shah
where hope
is not outlawed
where mankind
is equivalent
to children of god
ridding evil
the only
rightful jihad

The Shia Dreams of Ala Ajjal..Yeh Imame Zamana Ala Jal

Habib and Baqar Nasser

Sword Matam of Mumbai

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2018