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Why I Am Thankful To Omkar Shelar And Khushi Pathak

I have seen Omkar Shelar son of erstwhile Advocate Ashish Shelar , grow in front of my eyes ..from a little kid now a teenager with tremendous energy ..he would teach Marziya and Nerjis cricket and my grandkids looked up at him as their hero..

Omkar is both his mother , he has her beautiful smile that heals people and his fathers humility..dignity and decorum... And Omkars Labrador Lucky has been part of Marziya and Nerjis s childhood ,,Lucky is still in awe of them , gets up the moment he sees them and will never jump or try to lick them. like a wise old human he wags his tail and I still wonder who is his favorite Marziya or Nerjis.

Nerjis and Marziya both have been shooting Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganpati pandal ,, thus promoting the thread of my pictorial existence Hope And Hindutva as a Message of Peace Hope and Humanity .

Here I made Omkar my model , made him wear a turban and my stick in his hand ,,and he obliged obediently ,, he is a great model lol ..
However before I digres…

The Panwala Of Bandra Bazar Road