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The Muslim Woman's Plight

The Muslim Woman's Plight, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. She is a Muslim woman from Bandra Bazar Road , and she is unhappy , she votes for the Congress , but she finds that it has not helped her much , she has come to meet Rahebar Khan the local corporator, she cant take life anymore, her electric bill has trebled , prices of all essential commodities has skyrocketed and she is stuck in a groove of discontent.

Mind you she is a senior citizen, and she kept on grumbling I could not resist her harangue against a dead system , a system without a heart for the poor and the needy at the grass root level.

I shot many frames and she was really amused , frankly why would the media person shoot her , they would if she burnt herself alive, they would shoot her if she hung from a fan, or flung herself against a truck.. such is the ignominy of life ..

So God created a breed of photographers called photo bloggers, we shoot pain, and we share her pain online with no ulterior…

Our Parents Make Us What We Are

Our Parents Make Us What We Are, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 87,020 items / 527,146 views

What I could not give on Friendship day- I give today ..

Mrs and Mr Bhagwandas Mulchandani are a very vital part of my life's extended parents , who had seen me grow ..They were the erstwhile parents of my childhood friend Ramesh Mulchandani...

Ramesh came into my life after I left Jony Castle and moved to Strand Cinema the 60s .

We were in the same school Holy Name High School - Ramesh Dennis Fernandes Ramesh Alva and me , were thick as thieves from 1964 ..there were others who joined in later to be part of our group Bharat Mulchandani , Rameshs cousin, Sundar Mulchandani, Mohan Sadhwani , Ram Parsani , and we all hung out at Dhun Mahal at Garden Road where Ramesh stayed with his brothers and sisters.

Holi was the most memorable day , loads of bhang color riot and fun.. and Ramesh had already made me half a Sindhi..

Rameshs elder brother Kishu looked…

Marziya - Lesson in Humility

Marziya - Lesson in Humility, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Marziya Gives Rs 10 to the Umbrella Lady

Every time I take Marziya out near Bandra Reclamation, she will nudge me, so I hand her Rs 10 that she hands over to the poor Umbrella Lady.. who sits in one place, all the seasons are immune to her impoverished life style.
I shot her having a bath in the same position wife was with me.

Marziya knows with money you get sweets toys, but here she is aware that what she gives the Umbrella lady will not get her anything in return..but a sweet smile .. and this is the lesson I teach Marziya , giving charity without compulsion, I teach Marziya along with photography the meaning of humility...

There is a gentleman called Mr Razvi who is very fond of Marziya , he had not seen her since her arrival , so he met me yesterday , and inquired about her , I bought him home and Marziya was happy to see him, I gave her my Nikon D80 and holding it partly for her , made her shoot …

The House Where Keith Kanga Lived

The House Where Keith Kanga Lived, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Memories of a childhood gone by
Keith kanga vimal, rayomand framroze and I
jony castle where dreams were born and died
granny fufu sleeping side by side
mans destiny man takes pride
as one from the other
in different worlds they hide
memories and adulthood
a very big divide

keith kanga of atomic forest is dead, ray framroze is searching for peace , vimal of sri lanka untraceable, I am entombed as a funereal poem in a blog.

I Complete 87000 Blogs at Flickr in 24 Months

I Complete 87000 Blogs at Flickr in 24 Months, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 87,002 items / 527,128 views

I complete 87000 blogs at Flickr in 24 months..could not have happened without the blessings of friends and well wishers.
Thank You..

The Death of a Mask

The Death of a Mask, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 86,945 items / 527,008 views

the mask is dead
buried underground
instead of Rs 50 pay Rs 450
it will come around
making profits
at the expense of humanity
its what its about
have money
have clout
law puts you in jail
money bails you out
but for the poor
it is hand to mouth
a mumbaikar
living in the north
or living in the south
a vibrant city
has lost its shout
on the streets you scout
a swine flu
the missing snout

Clean Up The Corrupt Soul of Politics

Clean Up The Corrupt Soul of Politics, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. a house made of inferior bricks
human conscience as it pricks
the corrupt soul of politics
as the population again falls sick
first it was plague- now swine flu
its fangs into our bodies stick
the rich the poor with impunity
it picks - a blogger the soul
of inhumanity clicks
no more schools no more flicks
guys with masks running
after veiled chicks
silence no more DJs
no more remix
a sneeze Tamiflu
no more Vicks

Beware of Swine Flu

Beware of Swine Flu, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 86,933 items / 526,992 views

Life is incomplete without the politics of opportunity , the swine flu will be politicized , as the assembly elections are round the corner and cookie points have to be earned through sops...the right wingers will find the writing in the sky in Urdu a way of appeasing the Muslims ... such is the politics of divide and rule..even when tragedy strikes us all as humans..Swine Flu is the common denominator a partisan of Death - he has no favorites..

Playing it Safe

Playing it Safe, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The face behind the mask is Marziya my grand daughter , she loves copying the latest trends, and this one is a real bad one hitting hard in the guts of humanity..and we shall overcome god willingly.

Making a Fortune on Masks !

Making a Fortune on Masks !, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 86,919 items / 526,886 views

Yes We Are Indians , we feel pain , but there are some of us Indians who will now make money out of the sufferings of the affected people , this is a karmic mockery -a mask costing Rs 50 sells in the black market at Rs 450/

At Bandra Bazar Road it is Sold Out .. at both the chemist shops.

Children who cant afford a mask are using hankies..

The kids are really scared , the girls I shot at the Marathi Municipal School.

Arslan did not want to wear the mask at all, thought his grand mother tried her best , nothing would placate him.


SWINE FLU BASICS, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I am starting a new series at Flickr showing you the emotions of the people of Mumbai , after the outbreak of swine flu ..I have shot kids with masks all day, I visited the local Marathi Municipal School , they shall be closed for 8 days.

Though the principal Mr Surve has invited me for the Independence Day celebrations minus the school kids just teacher and staff and guests.

The provision store guy near my shop has gone to town to buy masks in order to make a fast buck..but I asked a school kid why he was not wearing a mask, his reply stunned me , he said one day we all have to die so what is the hurry?

Most of the kids I shot covered their faces with hankies

The Congress party has put Urdu banners at Bandra Bazar , the area that forms the crux of my pictorial documentary.

The article below was sent as an e mail attachment by photographers from Bangalore.

For public awareness

Swine Flu Symptoms
Swine Flu Basics

By Vincent …