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If Muslim Society Educated The Poor Child Instead Of Marketing Iftar Parties For Mullahs And Politicians

The biggest sham on the soul of Islam are ostentatious Iftar parties held by the rich, by crony vote seeking politicians and our sanctimonious Mullahs ,,
Collect a crowd for the politicians Iftar party and I puke the moment I see those stupid artificial white fur caps obviously they wont wear the skull caps..the chamchas ass lickers sycophants of the politician in every frame and what does it serve , there is nothing holistic about Iftar parties and a sane man would definitely not go to a Iftar party where actors come only too raise the languishing TRP of failed politicians to resurrect them after their sudden political death and decimation.
I avoid Iftar parties like the plague , I would shoot beggars at Bandra signal breaking their fast in frugality ..
Iftar its spiritual essence has been destroyed , politicized and shamed ,, the sheer wastage of that exercise , outside the door of the hotel where the Iftar party takes place Muslim beggars wait with outstretched hands ,,, Allah Ke Nam Pe De Do...This is the spirit of misplaced Ramzan as I see it..
I shot this Muslim boy at Ajmer selling boiled channa ,, gram. and I liked his attitude , his pride in doing what he could to supplement his parents meager income ,,in our society we just send kids to the Madrsa to increase the population of dwindling Maulanas ,, we need educated skilled force of Muslims who wont get brainwashed and go to join the ISIS to build a Caliphate killing innocent people in the name of Allah.
Education is the need of the hour for every poor child irrespective of caste color or creed .. Will the Ambanis open a free school and call it Dhirubhai Ambani school for the Poor ,,or Kokilaben Poor Girls High School both at BKC.. LOL

We Indians Worship Goddesses But Treat Our Women Like Piece Of Shit

on the soul of womanhood
motherhood sisterhood we
spit..brides that dont bring
dowry are lit ,,throw acid
on their faces end of the
makeup kit ,,women are
raped brutalized hit ,,we
dont spare the little girl
child monstrously evilly
destroying her body her
soul of innocence
incestuously throw her
into a snake pit  every
day a new crime against
the girl child inhumanly
she is slaughtered killed
the system has no love
or it
tilts towards the rich
politically backed
in collusion with cops
matrix of evil closely
knit ,,man has gone
cosmically dangerous
rabid.. forcing young
girls to commit suicide
well paid defense
lawyers the criminal
gets a clean chit

selfie with daughter
someone will slaughter
thats it ,,,

Welcome To Bandra Reclamation Transit Camp Gen Arun Kumar Vaidya Marg

Bandra Bazar Road...

Bandra Bazar Road...

Have Legs Will Travel

Most of my posts at Flickr , are photo blogs without text , I dont really have an urge to fill blank spaces , a title is more than enough unless I  am inspired to write a poem..all these images are from my Ajmer Urus trip 2012 ,,a pilgrimage series and documenting the Malangs Beggars and street life and Hijras .
The hijras I shot are not for public view ,, they are part of my personal blogs ,,

I shot moments I shot raw street emotions ,, as a street photographer I only shoot with my eyes and my eyes can be highly opinionated ,, I may not see what you see ,, do we always see what we really see , we see through layers of thoughts and the clouded murkiness of our minds ,,

Ajmer made me grow I was quite stunted it give me wings to fly and soar and I can see through people I use body language most of all to understand man he could be simple wise or conniving.

Shooting on the crowded streets of Ajmer Dargah lanes is very difficult and you could easily cause a stampede or be caught in a stampede , I have been caught in a stampede at many places and it suffocates you physically and drains you out emotionally too.

There are different species varieties of beggars ,,like a buffet on the streets of pain , take your pick pay the one you really feel sorry for , and mostly God forgive me , those who give are bigger beggars than those who beg, so there is a beggar currency , these are sea shells tiny ones , you buy a whole lot for 50 bucks and you distribute some to the beggars instead of real cash.. the beggar after collecting all these shells will exchange it from the money dealer after paying a small service charge ,,necessity is the grandmother of convention..

There is a strong powerful politically backed beggar mafia at religious places , protection money allegedly the cops are part of this money back scheme ,,but as I come to shoot it does not bother nor does it aggravate the latent social activist in me .. I shoot pictures I dont even ask questions later I shoot in the face ,, ready to face the consequences later and I am street smart..I dont get chickened out as a Malang shooting on the streets I still wear a press card , because fakirs are treated more shabbily than the beggars by the cops.

I have shot this kid for many years , but never talked to him his handler does not allow it ..I dont ask questions I am not at all curious about How Why When just let me shoot ,, let my pictures talk..and that is more than enough for me.

As I said I shoot impulsively I one finger type impulsively I shoot alone so there is no obligation ,no major fuck ups ,,


Scorpion Oil Massage in the Mountains

These are are the earliest pictures I shot in 2005 of the Scorpion oil seller and his son who plays with scorpions ,, than I shot him in 2012 I have not been able to connect with them since last 3 years ..neither did I buy the oil,,,

My Tryst With Dr Shashank R Joshi MD , DM, [Endo}FICN ,Clinical Fellow USA.

My friends who walk with me at Bandra MET Grounds , Milind Pitale and Santosh Singh both connected to medicine wanted  me to  go for my diabetes check up with Dr Shashank R Joshi world famous endocrinologist so Milind took me personally to Turner Road and showed me Dr Shashanks clinic at Golden Palace , though the doctor was in America at that time..

However I was at Lilavati Hospital for some work.. I decided to take an appointment with Dr Shashank R Joshi , he is available here Monday to Friday ... I was given an appointment for 19 June  2015 .. I paid Rs 1500 for this visit at Lilavati..and health care in Mumbai has no heart or compassion for senior citizens its all about big bucks ,,

Prior to meeting Dr SR Joshi I was undergoing treatment with Dr SD Jain..from Mahim..since 30 March 2015..

I was taking Glyceree three times a day
Janumet 500 morning evening..

My blood sugar at that time was  161 fasting .. and 283 post lunch

Before meeting Dr SR Joshi I took my new reading ..30 May  fasting ..232 post fasting 352 ,,

On 18 June a day before my appointment I again took my reading   186 Fasting ...281  Post fasting ...18 June 2015.

And I have been walking rigorously average 5 to 6 km in the mornings total control over my diet no rice , no meat or fish.. only one chapatti and some dry vegetable.

Dr Shashank Joshi saw my earlier reports and read my case history ,,
he suggested I take Gemer 2 in the morning and Glycomet 500 in the evening and check my sugar ,,after a week..I did
on 4 July .. fasting 241 post fasting 321

I contacted his assistant Dr Salim and told him I was disappointed with no change in my sugar level, he met me and suggested a change in medicine ,, for a few days ,,

Gemer in the morning and night

Glycomet  morning afternoon
Volivo 2.1 in the afternoon.

this was on 6 july 2015

I took my new reading  on 10 July 2015
fasting 231 and post fasting ..253

I informed Dr Salim of the same but he said if the sugar does not come down I might have to go for insulin as suggested by Dr Joshi.

I have to continue with the same medicine dosage but take Volibo 3 times instead of once .

I dont have a glucometer so I get my blood test done in a lab  I will now go for another test and contact them on Wednesday ..
I walked 5 km today .. I play 25 minutes of tennis thanks to Coach Surendra Pawar of MET Tennis Courts , strict  control on my diet ,,

This year I did not fast because of my gall bladder stones that have been continuously troubling me ,, and this new medication that I am taking .

Sometimes I feel more sorry for those beggars I shoot who have lost a leg or two due to diabetes and they are in such bad shape , leave aside medicine or healthcare they have no money to buy a single meal in the day ,, they simply believe in God and say Allah Malik he provides,,

Wa Zillo Manto Shaho
Wa Izzo Manto Shaho..

I get my strength courage from them...I help them as much as I can.. but than society and the rich Muslims take a back seat...

After Ramzan the beggar will become more beggarly than he was when his God returns back to the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina..leaving him an orphan yet again.

The Chicken Men

The Chicken Men

Muslim Beggars of India.

he is a famous
an iconic  celebrity
on ajmer streets
his popularity you
simply cant beat
he has no heart
no feelings
no feet
just a mechanism
put in by god
ticking heartbeat
he runs the race
of life his fucked
fate he could not cheat
he is victorious
in his parents defeat
they have become
richer now because
of him they have
something more to eat
fuck everything
fuck the heat
a single life

muslim beggars of india
god forgot ..a minority
among his large fleet

Somebody Told Me Today Why Dont You Shoot Beautiful Things Instead Of Beggars

I told him I shoot beggars beautifully ,,

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. Buddha

The Only Thing We Indigenously Make In India - Is Our Beggars

Scorpion Oil On Sale in The Mountains

The scorpions are boiled and the oil is extracted , it is used as for treatment for arthritis my legs are always in bad shape but I had no curiosity to buy this oil..

Womans Emancipation Does Not Include The Poor Indian Mother

Dam Madar Malang Baba Wahid Masoomi walks from Kolkatta to Ajmer for the Urus

The Malangs of Ajmer

The Camera Is The Greatest Instrument Of Healing

The biggest problem facing the enthusiasts who love photography is their unflinching attitude messed up by traditionalists and the so called crony camera clubs that the ultimate aim of a camera is to shoot pictures per se..

Shoot pictures get a mighty kick seeing them on the unwashed walls of camera clubs , proselytizing nothing but self conceit ,, I shot this I shot that ,,but the camera is a mystical guidance tool , it touches it heals both the shooter and the person who is being shot..

The camera is the Third Eye Of Shiva , it releases your Tantric Kundalini. the picture you shoot is not just what your eyes saw but your cosmic inner soul saw ..I know many mystics who can stop you from shooting their picture , they wont let your energy trespass on their soul.. Many threaten you bodily harm if you shoot them like the volatile Naga Sadhus .

One day after I had shot  Syed Masoomi  Baba the head of the Dam Madar Malangs for many years , he asked me to show him how to shoot a picture I did the needful . it takes merely 5 minutes to teach a wise clever man photography and yes Fuck F Stops ..Syed Masoomi Baba took my camera and deliriously began shooting my inner soul ,like a little child who has discovered the reflection f the moon in a saucer of water.

I saw what he shot , it was me in a different light , within a cosmic silhouette of my angst.. the camera healed me of my alcoholism..  and in the era of the film i found it was more heady a brew and more intoxicating than the jeera or jambul I had at a Bandra Auntys hooch joint ,, much before I got addicted to the ubiquitous Old Monk..

My granddaughters began shooting pictures at an early age , and the touched the beggars or the hijras they shot ...they invariably bought a smile on the faces of the poor people they shot ..

My wife can shoot pictures ,, though she hates the camera for usurping a part of her life and her serenity ... but she does not hold it against me ,, the camera is not as self destructive as my bottle of Old Monk. was .

I learnt too late either you ride booze or booze rides you ...

So photography more than any other talent hobby bought me close to people I would have never met in life from diverse thought bringing about a  common mutual acceptance ,,

I lost friends through the camera too.. but I am happy I did .. it was a much needed form of catharsis for my parched soul.

Now I can shoot pictures on my HTC Desire 826 with the same ease and effortlessness and today I shot a video on my Canon 60 D from the overbridge of a overcrowded Harbor Line local train , and it was crazy.. the passengers  wanted to enter but they were stopped by people at the door and yet a part of them were curious trying to understand why the fuck I was wasting my time shooting their lifes travail ..a normal travel procedure of pain thanks to Indian Railways ,,

The camera put words in my head , the camera made me a juggler of words poetizing the world of pain I shot ,, and I have not yet prostituted the soul of my camera for commercial gains .

The Municipal Conservancy Staff Garbage Bins Without Wheels

The quality of the garbage bins is horrible within a short time they are in bad shape dented and most of the garbage bins sourced by the Municipal authorities BMC are now without wheels ,,so now the conservancy staff have to push the garbage bin all of 50 kg with garbage to hook it to the garbage dumper trucks ,,

Why is our erstwhile CM Devendra Fadnavis ..not taking steps to alleviate this garbage management problem of Mumbai..

The Municipal Conservancy Staff Garbage Bins Without Wheels

Documenting The Dam Madar Malangs of Ajmer

The World of Malangs

Once you start shooting the Malangs  there is no stopping ,, but first you must gain their trust and as I am a Malang too connected to them through Syed Masoomi Baba ,,we are known as Peer Bhai we share the same Malang Guru,,

So a Malng could be 80 years old but if his Peer is Masoomi Baba he becomes my Peer Bhai.. or Guru Bhai.

Most of us end our Malang names with Masoomi so the Malang addresses me as Firoze Baba Masoomi ..

I have been shooting the Dam Madar Malangs since 2005 and they are a fascinating study in portraiture ,,strong sculpted faces etched deep with their lifes struggle ,,

There are child Malangs too I shot them at Makanpur , the actual Malang grows dreadlocks these can be 18 to 20 feet in length and this is their pride and distinguishes them from the other Sufi orders .

The Malangs let loose their hair during the Urus of Makanpur ,, a glorious moment that I was lucky to shoot in 2013.

Dam Madar Malang Baba Wahid Masoomi

Baba Wahid is from W Bengal and a devoted disciple of Baba Masoomi head of the Aqsan group of the Madarriya order...commonly known as Dam Madar Malang , while Masoomi Baba Syed Rafiq Baba  stay at the Char Yar Mosque of Jalali Chowk.. Baba Wahid lives in the mountains with his band of Malangs that walk from  Kaliyar Sharif to Nizamuddin Aulia with the standards and when they reach Ajmer Sharif ,, the Urus starts , a lot of foreigners walk with the Malangs documenting this arduous trip ..I have never taken this trip..

Baba Wahid is highly respected by his malangs and is a healer , we get along very well .We meet at Urus time Ajmer and we were at Makanpur for the Urus of Zinda ShahMadar head of the Madarriya order .

About the Madariyya order

The Madariyya are members of a Sufi order (tariqa) popular in North India, especially in Uttar Pradesh, the Mewat region, Bihar and Bengal, as well as in Nepal and Bangladesh. Known for its syncretic aspects, lack of emphasis on external religious practice and focus on internal dhikr, it was initiated by the Sufi saint 'Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar' (d. 1434 CE), called "Qutb-ul-Madar", and is centered on his shrine (dargah) at Makanpur, Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh.

Originating from the Tayfuriya order, as his Pir, spiritual teacher was Bayazid Tayfur al-Bistami, Madariya reached its zenith in the late Mughal period between 15th to 17th century, and gave rise to new orders as Madar's disciples spread through the northern plains of India, into Bengal. As with most Sufi orders, its name Madariya has been created by adding a Nisba to the name of its founder Madar, leading to Madariya, sometimes spelled as Madariyya, though it is also referred as Tabaqatiya.[1][2][3][4][5]

Contents  [hide]
1 Dargah
2 Life
3 Genealogy
4 From His Father
5 From His Mother
6 Golden Chain
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The Dargah, or the tomb of Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar, is located at Makanpur, near Kanpur city, in Uttar Pradesh state, India. It is visited by thousands of visitors every month and especially during the annual Urs celebrations.[6]

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Sayyid Badiuddin Ahmad Zinda Shah Madar was a Sayyid ( direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad )from his both parents . His genealogy is as Follows :

From His Father[edit]
Hazrat Muhammad
Imam Ali al Murtaza
Imam Husayn al Sibt
Imam Zayn ul Abidin
Imam Muhammad Baqir
Imam Jafar Sadiq
Imam Ismail al Mubarik
Imam Muhammad al Shakir
Sayyid Ismail al Thani
Sayyid Ahmad Halbi
Sayyid Ali Halbi
Sayyid Badiuddin Ahmad

From His Mother[edit]
Imam Ali al Murtaza
Imam Hasan al Mujtaba
Hasan al Muthanna
Abdullah al Mahd
Suleyman al Kamil
Muhammad al Salih
Abu Muhammad al Abid
Muhammad al Zahid
Abdullah al Thani
Fatima Thani
Badiuddin Ahmad
Golden Chain[edit]
His spiritual lineage has been mentioned in the book Mirat i-Madari, written in 1654 by AbdurRahman Chisti as follows :

Imam Ali al Murtaza
Abdul Aziz al Makki
Yaminuddin Shami
Bayazid Bistami
Syed Badiuddin Shah Madar
Jahanian Jahangast
Sayyid Ajmal Bahraichi
Sayyid Budhan Bahraichi
Muhammad bin Qasim Oudhi
Abdul Quddus Gangohi
Ruknuddin Gangohi
Abdul Wahid Faruqi
Ahmad Sirhindi
Muhammad Masum
Muhammad Saifuddin
Hafiz Muhsin Dehlvi
Sayyid Nur Muhammad
Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janaan
Ghulam Ali Dihlawi
Abu Said Faruqi
Ahmad Said Faruqi
Haji Dost Muhammad Qandhari
Muhammad Usman Damani
Muhammad Sirajuddin Naqshbandi

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