Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Bandra Bazar Market Tourist Attraction After Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghats

The Classic Bandgala With a 12 Meter Shalwar

The Dam Madar Malang of Mumbai

Eruch Irani Eating Bhel Puri on Bandra Hill Road

La Bijou Bandra Hill Road Friends

All Muslims Are One Under The Umbrella of Allah.. Only They Dont Know It

Marias Story Through Her Eyes ... God Shoots Her On My Camera

I met Mary her daughter gave her some money for both her childrens education Mary is a part leper and sits in the back lane of Bazar Road her two children both boyand a girl are studying in a boarding school.. I dont ask much or try to get nosy or curious about their beggar lives , and I try not shooting Mary she doe not like it gets very disturbed.

So I silently on tip toe shoot Maria I pay her too she talks to me sometimes and I give her feedback on Dr Glenn Losack MD my brother who has been generous with her.

Glen loves Maria and shoots her more beautifully than me I am very fast and crude I dont compose I dont wait for spectral light i just close my eyes and shoot I close my eyes because I know God is going to hit the trigger and I dont want to embarrass god who is a amateur photographer like me .. god gets embarrassed its his garden his seeds that sprouted badly I see he shoots on my camera with his omnipresent godly vision..

Actually God got sick and tired of my bleeding Nikon D 80 so with luck my boss presented my 4 year old grand daughter the Canon EOS 7D that I use .. with the vertical grip, but for Marziya I saved money borrowed begged mind you I am a beggar too.. I got her the Canon EOS 60 D

We wont ever touch Nikon even if we got it free simply because we are highly opinionated grandfather and grand daughter duo.

So Marias empty sockets God gets to shoot through my cosmic camera .. if you can see the Light within than you have read her story already.

Cheers..I have no cats no Catsaturday like some lucky ones on Google+ I shoot stray dogs and the mean streets ...

Cats Are More Luckier Than Stray Dogs

cats get
everyone blogs
luiz grimaldi
on google+
his cats
rich diet
of goat milk
the stray dog
not a dog
in the manger
but watches
from a
beggar poets

Hope Lies In Ruins In Bandra Slums

broken teeth
bleeding gums
fate searching
among broken
homes stagnant
sorrow weeping
crumbs the soul
of innocence
a child watches
silently mute
deaf and dumb
the flesh was
willing the spirit
beggarly and numb

we have both been victims of a madness riots in india

To Jennifer Lloyd My Google + friend

At Google+ a though becomes a poem.. I am lucky to be in a circle of gifted friends .. they are far too many too name thank you Jennifer for yoyr kind words .. I shsre your poem with my friends at Flickr and Twitter.. Pinterest.

Jennifer Lloyd
6:52 AM

I adore you

Your work
your words
your images
the hand of god
your family members
the children
the pain
the strangers
the stories

All of it
It all comes to me through you

Your heart is here
It lays out on the burning street
for anyone to walk on

Who are you?
How did you come to cross my path?

These things happen for a reason
and I am thankful that they do

Thank you for sharing
Thank you for everything

Love and Light to you

Maria The Leper Lady And Me Shot By My Wife

Maria The Leper Lady And Me Shot By My Wife

My Wife Is a Better Photographer Than Me

she shot the
beggar poet
maria the
leper lady
the silhouette of
the hijab
in one shot
my wife
is a better
than me
she recomposed
the soul of
my picture
with her
own poetry
to be or
not to be
your wife
or a mother
a grand mother
a rolling pin
is better
than the camera
she told me

Think Flickr Think

232,559 items / 1,956,087 views

My wife is a photographer too , she wears the hijab and we both were walking to get some urgent work done , when I spotted Mohomed Jaffar , I never asked him his name , not even when my 4 year old street photographer grand daughter Marziya Shakir began documenting his story.. in her own innocence as poetic thought.

I asked ask his name because a Google+ friend asked me his name and I felt dumb that I shot him for many years but did not know his name.

Was I as a photoblogger heartless , or was I just interested in only shooting pictures , you know I dont sell my pictures so why this aloofness towards my subjects?

I live in Mumbai and even as soon to be 60 year old with vast experience of life , and well known among the people I shoot I am not a very good storyteller I have no time I am in a hurry and all my pictures are accidentally shot simply because I always carry a camera to work I am able to shoot impulsively what I want to shoot..but I have realized it is not me but GOD who pulls the trigger he shoots through me what he fancies as my vision or his thought.

And I end up with very rare shots of rare people rare moods situations on the streets.

My wife will only shoot what I tell her to shoot .,.. but God hits the trigger and she gets it right..

My 6 month old grand daughter Fatima aka Zaira Saif Shakir who got accidentally burnt on the face , a child dropped a hot bowl of kheer at a function when she was with her cousin , is recovering , I cant shoot her , her pain what she felt when she got burnt I was not there , gnaws my death.. I shoot live pain.. so I know her pain too.

She loves me but she loves the mouse will try to grab it from my hands , she is the pretties Shakir vulnerable very porcelain like fragile.

Last night both wife and I had to attend a wedding at Jogeshwari , so I wore my turban and when we returned Zaira Saif Shakir refused to recognize me it was once I removed my turban she was all over me.

My other Malang grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir recognizes me but loves me as a Malang she and her photo shooting sister Marziya Shakir are both on a long holiday.

And this is my first blog of the day dear friend Marc de Clercq from Belgium Ghent has reached Delhi and is walking with the Dam Madar Malangs on foot till Ajmer .

Marc and I are both Dam Madar Malangs members of a high holistic Sufi order .. in Ajmer we are both well known we both shoot the pain of the transgender their life their struggle.. we shoot to show you their one quest in life to live a human life with dignity.

I shot hijras at the Marriamman Feast Juhu Nehru Nagar , I have not posted them, they carried burning hot pots on their heads from the beach to the Temple , all my personal blogs are addressed to my friends at Flickr Google plus and Twitter .. I speak to them through my pictures poetry and my pathos.. the general cyber public wont get to see my hijra pictures ever again.. simply because they knew my hijra pictures all at Flickr and yet promted the people who stole my hijra pictures they silently became accessories thieves too.. so they lost the right the privilege to see my hijra pictures completely.

And this Sapna CD and Nirma were impersonating through my pictures soliciting commercial sex at Flickr, their friends contacts all part of a prostitution ring , encouraging innocent youth to become hijras and this time I wont report my loss of pictures to Flickr or Yahoo Copyright , it does not matter to them but I would like Flickr management to know that my stolen pictures are now being used as bait to monetarily rob other Flickr members and this is the ultimate whiplash when
the system is lax , Flickr wants to be the next Facebook or Google+ so it does not care it wants more members all kinds picture robbers thieves child molesters pedophile ..
I follow Flickr rules regulations I promote educate enthuse people with pictures of my world of every religion caste gender living in peace..
But Flickr and Yahoo Copyright gave me a raw deal.

And all this never happened at Facebook the management took quick decisions and immediate action.

Think Flickr Think...

Why create a stink
robbed pictures pain
on every link
a poison i drink
a mouse as
powrful pen
bloodless ink
more powerful than
the sword i think
under your nose
sapna cd nirma
run a hijra
prostitution ring

my hijra pictures stolen by sapna cd and nirma at

sometimes a beggar poets poetry is read through the camera