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Eye Ball Piercing

Eye Ball Piercing
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Kiliweb says:
What a characters!! Can spend the whole day looking at your pictures, but unlike you, am not a poet and have to make a living!

Thank you Killiweb, I sit at my shop when there is no Activity I post these pictures, photo blogging is a passsion, to keep my mind occupied even when I am hit under the belt with forces from above..the poetry just happened .
If wife could ever have her wishes fulfilled there would be no internet ..
I have a connection at home so when I return from work I hit the Keys.These are all old pictures I have shot nothing new.
My Nikon D70 is at the repairers sinc last two months or more.Shooting negs on my F100 drives me bonkers.
I envy you Africa.. the feel of earth God and Godliness.

Sufism Peace and Terrorism

This is Faiyaz Ali Baba an exponent in the art of Sufi tongue cutting.
The Sufis are looked down upon by the Shias and also by the radicals, the puritans and Wahhabis.But living with them I realised what ever their beliefs , or their love for a composite religios thought , they dont cause the nation to bleed , through acts of misguided terrorism, they promote peace , unlike petro dollar supported Big Brother of Islam that promotes sectarian Hate , in the name of Allah ho Akbar .
Silence as Muslims go on a war path killing Muslims a rage that ends up with killing their own..the unborn child in his mothers foetus dies before he hears the Azan of Life.
But all this the somnolent Muslim world does not want to be reminded of, I think no God inculcates this kind of venomous bigotry, no God tells you to kill, but than Man has already killed God.. so what really remains to be killed beats me.
Sanctimoniously tring to change the world order, with absolutely no healers , just pawn brokers , out to make a killing through deals with kidnappers and kidnapped victims governments..It is sickening and makes the human mind retch..
All this zipped up lips and scriptured silence..
Yes I am happy shooting these heretics , being a photographer heretic myself..
I can proudly say Sufism promotes Nationalism whether they cut their tongues or mutilate their bodies unlike the radicals that mutilate the pristine - Soul of Islam

Tantric Photography ..Uncoiling the Serpent

The Dhuni is the Holy Fire.Very similar to the one that you see in my Naga Sadhu pictures.The Dhuni of the Nagas is paying homage to Lord Shiva.Where as the Sufis pay homage to Ahle Bait aand Hazrat Ali.
Like the Nagas the Sufis are also martial artists and do not discriminate when the Nagas come to partake of their spirtuality and hospitality as Fire irrespective of whom you pay homage to is a universal life source.
I have got into a trouble when a dissident Bawa who did not like my picture taking delberately tripped me into the fire , I was wounded on my leg but I mannaged to save myself , accidentaly my feet touched the Holy Flour , it was hell to pay for this desecration..I was excommunicated for a year from this troupe by their Peer Sikandar Wali Shah Baba.It was after his death quite untimely last year that Handi the Bawa standing in black invited me to their Sandal at Makhdoum Shah Baba Mahim..
So this is the flip side of shooting such ritualistic pictures.
The Bawas can cause you much harm penetrating your defensive energy system, cause you to fall sick, stop your camera , this has happened to mr twice with the Nikon D 70.
I paid Rs 10000, in repairs and the next time Rs 3500.I have the receipt and I got it repaired at an authorised Nikon technicians in Mumbai Interfoto.
So perhaps all this to you skeptics might sound overexaggerated or bullshit as you call it , but it has happened to me.I try only posting pictures and talking less .
Shooting Nagas Sufis Hijdas is not as easy as it seems nor the Shias , it is because I cut myself up and am profusely bleeding too that I get away shooting pictures as I do..
Getting hurt with a stray blade losing your eye is another problm , I shoot with a Nikon 20 mm absolutely close orNikon 35-70.
I have a 80/200 Nikon but I hardly use it ..more for long crowd shots in processions.
I believe photography is stealing the soul of a human being making it more real in your picture than as it is in real life.
I believe every picture is destined to be shot..either by you or by someone else .
Pictures never die they live and breathe like microcosms on the soul of the viewers consciousness.
Picture taking is a Tantra form you guys have abbreviated it to a science , for guys like me uneducated and dumb it is a creative holistic force , for me it is a gift that has been nurtured , blessed by my 3 photo gurus and an American photo guru Tom, Do you like it.
For me taking a shot is releasing uncoiling the Serpent hidden in the mechanism of my Camera.. he sees as Shivas third eye is nothing but the omniscient eye perched on the lens like a picture hunter.This is Yogic Kundalini.
All this rant is redundant if as a photographer you do not possess the soul of a Poet..a poet and you dont need to write or read poetry.. buddy you got to feel poetry thats how you read it in picture taking... inbuilt light meter of your poetically pictorial soul.
This is free for Flickr readers ..

Eye Ball Piercing

Eye Ball Piercing
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Thank you Nonah .. this is part of their spiritualistic ritualism,, it appears creepy but it is a part of their ascetic tradtion very similar to the tantric naga sadhus.. mind over matter..I wish people can have your attitude appreciating pictorial qualities instead of abusing my parentage, for pictures they dont like, sending me hate mail, defecating their hatred on my pictures.. it saddens me at flickrs , this from people who have not even posted a single picture, who conceal their identity , to heckle bully and cause pain I think Flickr top dudes should see to this unending complain.. you dont like something move away..I have already blocked 3 persons here.I came to Flickr to show you a world different from your own..I dont evangelise but yes I hate terrorism , I hate women being treated badly, that s all.. I am not into pre teens or porn that is the currency with a rapid exchange rate at flickrs...I am not surprised why people are moving towards pastures like Ipernity or other sites..
But cybernetic hate wont go away with a right click..Think Flickr Think

Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Naga Guru and Me

This was shot by my shop help when I went to pay my tribute to my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj at his Shanti Ashram at Film City .
This was my first visit after our predestined meeting at the Nasik Kumbh Trimbakeshwar.
All the Babas devotees touched my feet to my sheer embarassment,but this is ritual for someone who is close to their Master.
This is Guru Parampara.
The Master is God... the light of God guiding you towards your destination.Without a Guru there is no Gyan.. no Knowledge.
The Guru is the door that leads you to your Nirvana.
I am indeed greatful to Maharaj for his patronage and this feeling does not hamper my Muslim upbringing .
This is the collective magic of our Indianness.
Verily Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai.

The Hijda Imposters.

These are Hijda imposters that the Hijdas dread, and keep them at arms length from their social activities..many of these imposters are unemployed youth dressed as hidas seeking relief and quick bucks from the hijdas. turf...
The Hijda imposters drink and are male prostitutes..beg at traffic signals.

Jony Castle Wode House Road

My humble beginnings ..our second home in Bombay.. my father had kept my mom at a humble hut in Kurla on a crematorium I was an year old.. than we moved here as tenants of late actor Nawab Kashmiri..
Keith Kanga stayrd next dooor to me.
Vimal Patachrige whose father worked for Gazdat Taj Mahal Hotel stayed on the second floor ..he was from Sri Lanka .. they went back.
I hope they connect to me one day.

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

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