Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Sagittarius Fruitful Hand

the posterior of fruits
a kink you might understand
a Sagittarius fruitful hand
in no mans land
succulent cheeks
of every brand
erotica that
my soul has scanned
mystical moments
elusively planned
from the boundaryless
heart of her body
my bejeweled hand
is totally banned

The Jehad for a Better Life

the jehad
for a better life
she seeks
to be educated
to be respected
she tells those
the glow on her cheeks
the language of peace
is what she speaks
a better future
the inherent power
of her race
as a woman
adding to her
the peace haven
of Womanhood

dedicated to my friend Da Vinca


Ma Tumhare Kano Main

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ma tumhare kano
main kehta hoon
ek bat
desh ke neta logon
ne kiya hai vishwaghat
gharibon ke paise
se murti banakar
gharib ke pet
par mari lat
paise khub tijori main
kala dhanda khali hath
jai durga maiya
jai jagdambe
hamara accha bhag
ke tum ho hamare sath
varna kha jate hum math

Sculpting a Goddess Out of Clay

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from an artists hand
in his own magical way
sculpting a goddess out of clay
head bowed
to her spirituality
that holds sway
they ask for peace
hope and harmony
as they pray
lost in the wilderness
she guides
shows the way
when misguided
we go astray
the human
soul a streak of light
black white and gray
pedestrian verse word play
amchi mumbai
in the soaring spirit
of bombay
bullets cant kill
the soul
to jazz by the bay

A Goddess Emotes

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on the wings
of angels
she floats
her being
the fishermen s
peace hope harmony
this mother goddess
her serenity
her spirituality
her serendipity
sounds of musical notes
jai mata di
jai ambe
from parched throats
Om Dum Durgayei Namaha
Om Aing Hring Kling
Chamundayei Vichche
as footnotes
shakti annapurna kali
a goddess emotes

Om Sri Maha Kalikayai Namah ||
|| kreem hum hleem ||
|| kreem kreem kreem svaha ||
|| kreem kreem kreem fatt vaha ||
|| kreem kreem kreem kreem kreem kreem svaha

good over evil
a goddess promotes
humanity and humility
two oars of our lifesboat

Some Pictures Become Poems - Some Poems are Pictureless

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into the depth
of darkness
she flies
her home
in the ocean
her heavenly
beyond the waves
beyond the clouds
beyond the skies
once again
from the waters of hope
she will rise
wiping away tears
from swollen eyes
giving succor to man
a saint also a sinner
in mortal disguise
a monk also
a fetid lord of the flies
killing his own
for lust of power
for a handful of coins
as lies
not realizing
it takes next to nothing
to be sweet humble and nice

Miljulkar Hamko Rehna

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ma ki shradha
ek aisa
anmol gehna
miljulkar humko rehna
dukh sukh humko sehna
jai hind humko kehna
isi desh main
bankar rehna
desh bhakti
ka kavach
hamne pehna
dushman lalkare to
dan dhanadan dena

I Belong To All

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belong to all
the rich
the poor
big and small
the blind beggar
has me
in his eyeball
the cripple
against the wall
the homeless
waiting for a windfall
for the malaise
of humanity
am the cure-all
my kingdom
has no boundaries
be it India or Nepal
born without feet
man walking tall

Mother Goddess Durga

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arti on the beach
revelry fun
frolic commotion
durga enters
the heart of the ocean
following her trail
man extreme devotion
her love
his magical potion
wheel within wheel
in motion
a mother goddess
a momentous emotion

ma yeh duniya
tujh se he roshan

Yes I Have To Go

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You all love me
I know
yes I have to go
into the heart
of the ocean
as the winds blow
like a gushing stream
I flow
a cosmic
all aglow
a sunset golden
my rays
your hearts
your sufferings
your obstacles
your pain despair
your woe
on each one of you
my love my devotion
I bestow
from above
from below