Thursday, December 10, 2009


ne pahela ek
ki thi
wo andhi
kapde siti thi
jab botal bap
ko piti thi

phr abu ne doosri ki
wo bhi sadkpar padi huee
zindagi humsab ko
choo kar guzar gayi
woh bhi yahan
aur hum bhi yahin

I am not good with Urdu so read the picture for the angst of Muslim marriages of convenience..
dedicated to abbas raza 3 quarks daily

The Photo Blogger Bawa of Mumbai

needs no charas ganja opium
to get high have imagination
you dont need wings to fly
camerewale baba
the photo blogger
bawa of mumbai
somethings even money
cannot buy
however hard you try
semantics of smoke filled
the beggar soul
lets out a sigh
born as a drop
of a sperm
you are reborn
once you die
from the burning fire
back into the kadhai
jeene or marne main
kaisi ghai

dedicated to a dear friend Fred Miller ..

Renouncing Life Woman Bawa

Perhaps she got fed up
of playing second fiddle to man
leaving him into the arms of god she ran
a beggars bowl a much better option
than washing pots and pans
they also serve who beg and stand
part of his cosmic plan

Dil Ki Dhadkan

dil ki dhadkan
main sama jao
chand lamhon ke liye
hamare pas ajao
apna dukh
hamare dukh
ko dikha jao

Night is Black Hope is White

why am i made
to see these visuals of pain
as they get lodged
forever in the
cavity of my camera brain
digitalized remorse
in every grain
beggars are born
leashed to karma
on a chain
the wounds of living
in every rich mans lane
a lost paradise only
the rich can gain
the poor like
urine running
down the drain
a beggar shooting beggars
barefeet in puddles
of acid rain

I lost a very dear childhood friend on my birthday, he cut short his journey of life..he knew I loved him, as he loved me too , he was in a hurry to go he left a forwarding address this is my birthday greeting to him..we celebrate one birthday the day on which we are born.. and another on the day we are gone... this is for him...Carry on Anna..

Marziya Reads The Writing on the Wall

most important
she must respect
everyone big and small
with due respect
each one she must call
a growing wisdom
as it comes naturally
to this doll
a prayer in silence
that saves you
each time you fall