Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They Call Me a Heretic !!!

I cut my head
I bleed
they call me a heretic
yet when the puritan
lays a bomb in a train
or blows up a mosque
their collective conscience
does not prick
somewhere as I write this
another new bomb
begins to tick
an entire community
they cleverly trick
the power over religiosity
of a dynamite stick
a single click
a silent wall weeps
a rebellious brick
on the quick
on the soul of humanity
just for kicks

Muslims Love Killing Muslims .....

a vicious circle of sectarian hate
a matrix of evil as it takes aim
actions reactions
our religion defames ..
we believe in Allah ,
His Messenger His Holy Book
His Ahle Bayt
yet we call his believers
heretics and all kinds of names
one mullah another mullah blames
on the soul of Islamic society
a eunuch silence humanity shames
the mayhem the killings unending games
blasted doors of mosques hanging on frames
the house of god is vulnerable too
religiosity in flames
no one is safe from the masked marauder
the common man exclaims
Muslims love killing Muslims
the entire world proclaims

Aging With Grace

photo courtesy

artistic hands
painted her face
as mother india
mehboob saab
added his praise
sam millers
aging with grace
in the lines of his
brush strokes
his agony
his struggle
at worli seaface
his hardships
his hard work
in each line trace
he embedded
his being
his spirit
in his children
his children's children
he lives
precious craftsmanship
even time
cant replace

dedicated to fred , jenifer and family..

Blank Worse-In Praise of a Shia Hating Shit Head

the hunter
a shia hating shit head
from a neighbouring country
a hardcore racist bully
tries to do everything right
gifted with the brains of a dog flea
lifting his leg
on the lamp post
is the only way he can pee
breaking his dumb head
against a concrete wall
trying to write
senseless poetry
that unfortunately
no one wants to read
even when distributed free
masturbating his evil soul
satanic sentry
defecating hate comments
a curse of his family tree
bastardized version
going from bad to worse
as bad as his shit assed
control alt delete
without using the computer key