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Hijda Eunuch Blogs Has Moved To

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I took domain name through Anil Shejale of Vamampeople , and began my blogs Hijdaeunuchblogs at 2008.

I did not post directly to my Wordpress Hijdaeunuch blogs all posts crossblogged via my Fllickr photostream..

in retrospection I think I should have registered these blogs at Blogspot , but than Word Verification stopped me from taking such a step, at Blogspot after a certain number of posts you are considered positive spam , and this is the only drawback at Blogspot for a blogger like me who has posted 176,148 blogs at Flickr in 4 years it would have been a nightmare.

Luckily I dont regret losing my hijdaeunuch blogs at Wordpress but the time I spent and the time I wasted is what kills me.

I have removed most of my presence from Wordpress.. and I used to consider Matt Mullenweg of Wordpress founder of Automattic the God of Blogs after Biz Stone of Twitter.. all that has changed.

So all my hijra poems images are housed at some of them crossblogged to my other sites on Blogspot..Firoze Shakir Poet and Photographerno1 .

I only post links to my blogs at Facbook , yes I use Facebook to pimp my hijra blogs...

My Hijra Eunuch set at Flickr is now known as
Hijda Eunuch Blogs at

Obituary of My Hijda Eunuch Blogs @ Wordpress

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My Hijdaeunuchblogs died a slow painful death.. a case of euthanasia gone wrong..I had cross blogged my pictures from Flickr to Wordpress my only purpose being to show you the world of pain the hijras live in a real pain a torturous pain..

I am not into porn and my pictures are real they show you the hijra up close I cross some stuff at Blogspot but thats it...I dont think blogging is a useful tool , and I am disillusioned before the blogger kills himself or his blogs the creator of the blog site will kill them both eventually..

So this is an Obituary of My Hijda Eunuch Blogs @ Wordpress

The Hijra Was Born As Cosmic Pain

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a drop
of a tear
the hijra bound
to darkness
eternal sorrow
cosmic pain
wallowing fear
plays by the ear
a lilting music
funereal as
death draws near
standing erect
in her grave
her face
her heart soul
a bleeding
a punishment
swift severe

The Hijra And The Eunuch Child

both caught
in the cosmic throes
of everlasting pain
water fire and rain
on the soul of humanity
pain passion pathos
as it drains a seed
from which grows a grain
an angle of confusion
depth of field seen through
a broken window pane
a cry from both their soul
ushers out again and again
metamorphosed as words
on the periphery of nothingness
a silhouette crisscross remain
mouth gagged hands legs enchained
androgynous but human
neither for profit nor gain
simply lucid but plain

Why Does Society Not Allow Eunuchs To Live Like Human Beings

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because that would be a greater insult to those eunuchs who lead the nation towards a path of death and destruction...scams and corruption..a sincere but poetic assumption tears on the soul of humanity life and resurrection.

Hijda Eunuch Blog Wordpress Does Not Exist Anymore ! Sorry

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And than the Automatic Blokes Drove a Stake Up My Colored Ass.. luckily they did not have to use a colored all ..luckily sometimes I am made aware of the burnished color of my skin...

Mona The Child Eunuch

This was the first time I met Mona and these are blank posts I am adding text updating as I link them to Facebook.

I did not know about child eunuchs , but Mona is a natural born hijra or hermaphrodite, he was given away by his parents the same night he was born , to the hijras. This is what I was told.

Monas foster parents are rich and highly connected Gopal Hai and Babita Hijra.. Mona has another eunuch sibling Nandini more vulnerable and more feminine as compared to Mona who shows male tendencies of anger and revolt.

Mona is tough , and at Haji Malang he calls the shots they have two houses here one on the mountain top one below, Mona is internet savvy and his chela Is Raveena the hijra beauty and seductress.

Mona and I have been friends ever since a long time his only wish is to meet Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan.. he calls me Uncle Firoze ..

Nandini usually stayed away from me but has now become a god friend I am her favorite she calls me Bawa.

I have documented their lives with sincerity , I have seen them in their birthday suits and it is something that hurts being father and a grand father myself. but Gopal Haji has had surgery done on their genitalia I could see.

The hijra commune does not take kindly to strangers but fortunately Gopal Hajis hijra gharana accepts me as one of their own.. and it is what you call two hand clapping..

Gopal Haji invited e many a times offering to pay all expenses to come stay and shoot them at their Hijra conference in Delhi I politely refused.

I shoot for myself , I am lucky with the hijras I dont need to stalk them , and though I have a hijra guru like Laxmi Narayan Tripathi I have never used her and though we both live in different parts of Mumbai we never meet save for the Gay Parade Haji Malang or Ajmer Sharif.

There are hijras staying close to my area but I hardly meet them I have numbers of my hijra friends but I hardly call them , most of the hijras keep changing their numbers for safety.

The only hijra who has kept in touch with me on phone is Khushi from Mumbai.. she was to visit our home to meet Marziya my grand daughter , but has not happened as yet..
I am going through turmoils on the personal front so my hijra shooting activities are at its lowest ebb.

And I dont shoot pictures for money I dont share my pictures I dont even give copies of my pictures to the hijras the only exception was Heena Hijra I gave her100 copies at the hijra cages of Peela House.

This year she did not come to Haji Malang.

Most of these hijra friends of mine including the eunuch children are separate sets at my Flickr photo stream.

The Naked Truth of Survival

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This was a blank post the picture tells you the stark reality of living in urban jungle , they live in a tiny cluster outside on the streets where this housing project is coming Bandra Reclamation close to Lal Mitti.

The only connection I have at this cluster is a young girl and her old grand mother I have been shooting them for many years , the grandmother usually slept under a parked truck..she is blind..
The grand daughter is a charming child , of late they beg at the JJ Colony Bandra housing complex.

And I take this path to pay my MTNL Broadband bill's or mostly to complain when my net plays truant with me.

And I shoot my subjects aesthetically pay respect to their pain , this child was unaware I was shooting him or her I dont know.. but a human child nevertheless.

These are fodder for the evils of tomorrow , Mumbai can be as heartless and unforgiving..evil did not come by itself , it was created by man and his selfishness.

What makes me wonder sadly sometimes how come I see such things or situations and it escapes the eyes of authority including law and order.

Is it because my camera eye is sharper than my human eye..I walk my way but somehow I am drawn to such situations involuntarily..

Imagine this child could be standing outside the red light Mumbai Cages would it matter...the mother busy selling the only thing she has on her body her flesh..and there is no shortage of buyers at all .

I have not gone there since two years or more since I was robbed of my Cannon was a camera that served the purpose of shooting candid s. on the murky streets of hell.

And I hope not to go to shoot Garib Nagar slums the thought kills me their future as bleak as their today.

Money does not buy everything...

moments come
moments go
today will
a tomorrow
we dont know
the topography
of pain
of erupting
will open another
new window
broken houses
broken doors
pain is nothing
but the living dead
corpses lying
on the streets
in a row
some do not
want to see
this aberration
of unforgiving
time and space
they feel
they raise
their eyebrows
but like weeds
on the soil of
this is
the genus
called the
vote bank
it feeds
with all its
the survival
of netajis
mystical chair
is more
all the more
a damsel
in distress
into a whore
yes forgive me
what i shoot
is a fucked

Babita Hijra of Najafgarh

The Beggar Poet And The Hijra Cabaret Queen

Khudaa jab husn deta hai, Nazaakat aaa hi jati hai,

Kadam chun chun kar rakhti ho,
Kamar balkha hi jaati hai

Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismet

Ye naa thii hamaarii qismat ke visaal\-e\-yaar hotaa
agar aur jiite rahate, yahii i.ntazaar hotaa
Tere vaade par jiye ham, to ye jaan jhuuth jaanaa
ke khushii se mar na jaate, agar aitabaar hotaa
Terii naazukii se jaanaa ke ba.ndhaa thaa ahad buudaa
kabhii tuu na to.d sakataa, agar usatavaar hotaa
Koii mere dil se puuchhe, tere tiir\-e\-niim kash ko
ye khalish kahaa.n se hotii, jo jigar ke paar hotaa
Ye kahaa.n kii dostii hai ke bane hai.n dost naaseh
koii chaaraa saaz hotaa, koii gam gusaar hotaa
Rag\-e\ se tapakataa, vo lahuu ke phir na thamataa
jise gam samajh rahe ho, ye agar sharaar hotaa
Gam agar\-che jaa.n gusal hai, par kahaa.n bachai.n ke dil hai
gam\-e\-ishq gar na hotaa, gam\-e\-rozagaar hotaa
Kahuu.n kis se mai.n ke kiyaa hai, shab\-e\-gam burii balaa hai
mujhe kiyaa buraa thaa maran agar aik baar hotaa
Hue mar ke ham jo rusavaa, hue kyuu.n na gharq\-e\-darayaa
na kabhii janaazaa uthataa, na kahii.n mazaar hotaa
Use kaun dekh sakataa ke, yagaanaa he vo yakataa
jo duii kii buu bhii hotii, to kahii.n do chaar hotaa
Ye masaa\-el\-e\-tasavvuf, ye teraa bean, gaalib
tujhe ham vaalii samajhate, jo na baadah khaar hotaa

mirza ghalib

The First Time We Met...No It Was Not The Internet ..

was a
drowning man
clutching a
drowning straw
jab we met
all wet
all of me
she swept
as i slept
but inept
from the fire
into a frying pan
i leapt
when i opened
my eyes
i banged
my head
i wept

in depth

I Learnt Poetry Shooting Hijras I Learnt Photography Shooting Beggars

So Many Slums Got Burnt But Did They Ever Find Out Who Did It ?

nargis dutt slums
garib nagar
who cares
the soul of
humanity bares
dead somnolent
uncaring unfair
the poor mans pain
is less important
than the ministers chair
by hook or by crook
he gets his share
the system sucks
but who will dare

Getting Rid of The Slums By Hook Or By Crook

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light a fire
dont go by the book
get rid of the scums
tells the faceless man
to the crook
here is the supari
no one will stop you
the other way
they will look
burn all their
nothing should
remain an evil
plan precooked
gained for sure
changed his outlook
a new bank balance
a new checkbook
the soul of humanity
drugged no tears
nothing shook

Made In India...

The Future Is Reflected In The Water of Remorse

Our Government Sadly is For The Crooks By The Crooks And Of The Crooks

One Day Only The Super Rich ,Actors Scamsters and The Politicians Will Stay At Bandra