Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Muslim Beggar on Idd Ul Fitr

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her inner pain
her soul
her hopes
miserably failed
her children s
on her life
a jihad
to change her life
a dream
that has paled
born free
forever jailed
her train of life
from the tracks
a poetic

Muslim Beggar on Idd Ul Fitr

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a child
on her waist
she begs
a broken spirit
on broken legs
allah ho akbar
the unliving dregs

Muslim Beggar's Dreamless Sigh

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wings of hope
cannot fly
i ask for death
i do not die
god above
my voiceless cry
my dreamless sigh
watched by despair
on the sly
burnt and shriveled
a scorching
mumbai sky
pain a commodity
no one buys

The Hijra Vardan

This was shot by a bystander as I was heading home, the hijra was very kind and courteous , she wished me a Happy Idd Mubarak..keeping my faith intact in what I call my Hijra Vardan.. I am blessed with Hijra encounters on the cross roads of life and its important religious occasions.

My destiny is interlinked with hijras ..every time I set out for a photo shoot.

The Poor Muslim Woman on Idd Ul Fitr

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her destiny
her fate
she cannot escape
her accursed life
as a beggar
on a wretched
male dominated landscape
her life the mullah
or the community leaders
have no time to reshape
for the sake of her children
she has to beg and scrape
as cold sweat
flows down her nape
her pain hidden
in the soul of her hijab
this poet undrapes
as she looks
into the eyes
of life's camera

Blogger Shoots Idd Mubarak


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this is the picture
to signify idd
a hackneyed
moment of photo op
you cant get rid
wake up sid
idd hugging kids
photo journalist special
nothing else left
to outbid
when we read
the No 1 newspaper
with closed eyelids
photo blogging
the dead soul
of photo journalism
god forbid
in a grid

Photo Journalism in a Rut

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Al the photo journos were standing alert , ready to get the best shot of these cute poster boys at the Bandra Station Idd Namaz..

This was the ultimate goal, and later the Idd Hugging picture , without the Idd Hugging picture Idd Mubarak is totally incomplete.

This may be an editorial demand so I really dont blame the journos directing the kids to hug themselves.

On Parsi New Year day its a kiddy picture at Watcha Agiary at Fountain..

I mean cant these guys for once in their lives come up with something new and path breaking..

photo journalism
in amchi mumbai
on feast days
in a rut
kicks your gonads
hits you in the guts
shot by celebrity mutts
editorial demand
no ifs and buts
tattered school books
at demolished illegal huts
left behind slippers
at a fire site or an accident
shot by crazy nuts
with sleek high end cameras
with phallic lenses that jut
no 1 newspapers
a poor picture it cuts
adding to glitz and glut

Through the Wheel of Faith

The Muslim Boy on Idd

Idd Namaz Bandra Station 2009

Khuda Ki Rah Mein Sar Jhukaya Hai

khuda ki rah mein
sar jhujaya hai
jo kuch bhi hai
sab unhi se paya hai
idd mubarak
aman ka paigham
unke ghar se aaya hai

to mr vikas mohan my friend and patron of many years..

Hijras on Idd Ul Fitr

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I saw them moving towards Nandi Gully from the Station road , where the Namaz was about to begin..I shot a few frames and my life is interlinked with the destiny of the Hijra , I meet them every time I am about to go for a photo shoot..

Hijras on Idd Ul Fitr get good money as charity and so this is the best day to supplement their earnings.
At Pydhonie and Bhendi Bazar you find hordes of Hijras begging on Chand Rat.

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai