Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas

I have never seen such pain all my life shooting the streets , this guy was lying in a predominantly Muslim area of Bandra that is not a slum but a cluster of buildings close to a few shops that sell buffalo meat .. I dare not say Beef,,

I shot several frames as two Muslim youth saw me attentively but said nothing ,, I was shooting all this on my Xiaomi ,,, a phone that gets hot much faster than me and hangs ,, luckily I hang by the end of the pictures I shoot ,,

And God above directs me to such situations he  creates them for me and I hardly come to this area I used to once upon a time to pay my internet charges to MTNL .. now my son does it online , he pays for one provider and I pay for the second one that is Brian Internet .I pay Brian quarterly Rs 3600 for 4 MB unlimited .

So its my time my internet money my photography  , shot with my camera or mobile phone and my vision as fucked as it might be .. so I dont understand why trolls get unhappy with what I shoot , here at Flickr I allow comments only to those I follow or my followers ..I like it that way ..and I blog my posts from Flickr to Tumblt pimp it on Blogspot Google + Ello and a link with photo on Twitter .
I stopped posting my stuff on Indivine at Indiblogger ,, I took a permanent sabbatical.. away from competitive photography and blogging ,, and sadly bloggers still dont know that blogging is original content not duplicating stuff from the net with web images ,,I would give up blogging the day I have to use pictures  from the web instead of my own.

And there is so much to shoot and more than the camera you need that gifted cosmic eye to see it .. and a bit of Gods instructing hand pointing to the picture you must shoot and honestly I shot a lot today ,, first time my memory card on my mobile phone was full .

There is a hell of a lot of stuff eagerly dying to be shot , and be it beggars, garbage ,earcleaners , Bandra skywalk, Bandra Talao there is no shortage of Original Content ..

I saw a family sitting at the Bandra Talao passionately shooting , both father with a red body camera long telly lens and his son with a smaller camera . I added them to my video.. without they being aware that I am a photographer too..

Sometimes I Wonder If Life Is Really Worth Living

Who is he , what is his name , he is not originally from Bandra but since a long time he sits close to my house begs .. and he is in a bad state of human deterioration..

Sometimes I see him when I go for my walk. he gives a very funny smile and he knows that I know what is going on in his head ..there are times he sits close to a mound near our areas only country hooch outlet , and now there are many like him at Bandra Bazar Road and they are drinking themselves to death..and than we ban everything but we  the government  dont have the guts to ban hooch country liquor or chewing tobacco.. because everyone has a stake and so instead the ban is placed on bulls and bullocks and consumption of beef , 5 years in jail Rs 10000 fine , but hooch and chewing tobacco is here to stay including drugs ,, In Bandra where I stay there are a lot of drugaddicts and most of them are ragpickers .

So at times I am really confused ..when I am depressed I go to the Bandra Talao and shoot videos today I shot two videos of Bandra Skywalk.. I am an amateur and trying to get the hang of video shooting but my videos are a corollary  to the stills I shoot ..

The entrance to the Bandra Talao from the pigeon feed sellers end was shut by tin sheets a few days back but somebody bought it down and I shot the renovation work going on at the pond .

The ear cleaners are now sitting near the reading stand on two   stones and I ended shooting the videos of Nabi and Raju.. they are both from the same village Hindu and Muslim living in peace and harmony ,, and Nabi has his own house at Gynaeshwar Nagar Bandra East..though they all hail from Gulbarga Karnataka ,, they are actually farmers ,, in the ear cleaning service ,, and Kassim is Nabis brother today I asked them a lot of questions inspired by @yourdailybread at Ello..

The Bandra Talao

The left side of the Talao is being renovated and was accessible from the reading stand on , but on 14 April tin sheets were placed at this entrance barring entry to the ear cleaners or people that fed the pigeons ,, I shot this from the Bandra skywalk..

The pace of work like most Municipality work is  like seeing an action film in super slow motion.. I was very tired and did not get down or cross the road to check further .

But the water this reading stand end is badly polluted , and on the side leading to the Bandra Station end you can see young boys with fishing lines surreptitiously catching fish .. there never was any security person so people used to fish and ironically there were people feeding bread to the fishes at the same point on the Talao..

And as you moved towards the further end on the right side of my picture and than turned left , there is an area encroached and used by ragpickers .. this is the dirtiest unkempt part of the Bandra Talao..and here too  there is no security , the work is going on this end too.

A family with dogs pups uses this place as their home ,, and life goes by ,,

I dont know how the Bandra Talao will look once it is renovated..but that it is finally being renovated beautified is no doubt a very big achievement ,,the Congress during its 15 year tenure did nothing  and were hell bent on reclaiming it as their efforts and achievement ,,though it is now officially being   done by the BJP Party in Bandra ..and much of this is thanks to Advocate Mr Ashish Shelar and MP Ms Poonam Mahajan,

This unlike the Bandra Bandstand is the poor mans recreational space .. with adjoining slums and this serves as an eye pleasing water body,..

What Bandra youth from the poorer and middle class section of society really need in Bandra West is a good swimming pool and I am sure both our BJP leaders should try to implement it ,, It is one contribution they will  earnestly be remembered for ,,

Eat Vegetables Dont Eat Mutton,,, Dont Be A Glutton

Good Morning ,,,,Local Representatives Of Bandra , Wish You A Great Day

This morning I made a solemn promise to myself I will not shoot garbage and a few steps I floundered and decided to take one shot and break my vow of not shooting garbage , but I did not shoot garbage as I moved ahead towards the MET Cricket Grounds for my morning walk at 7 15 am.. the garbage at the Transit Camp close to the MET Gardens was tempting but I let it go.

I walked 4.58 km.. and my leg still hurts ..and will Bandra ever be Clean and Green .. the Bandra where I stay which compared to Bandstand Carter Road and Pali Hill is the other side of Midnight ,, Bandra Bazar Road .

The residents of our area are not vociferous , they have been emasculated completely sadly we have no Mr Rishi Kapoor to fight our Hill that is going downhill,,We dont have a Mr Prem Chopra or a Mr Vishal Dadlani or Manish Malhotra .. we have a bunch of shadowless residents who have their own problems that are greater than passing by this eyesore of a garbage site .. thanks to chicken shops mutton shops fish market and the rest ,, and our area has not been ear marked as a hawker zone ,, our Bandra Bazar Market is pitiable , roads have to be reclaimed from road side shops , and people selling vegetables fruits on the wayside , the traffic here is really traffucked , and the filthiest dirtiest ugliest and smelliest market of Bandra is the Bandra Bazar Fish Market .. but our Koli fisherwomen to have given up the fight ,, this is a heritage market with two marble slabs  giving the history of this Market in real bad shape .

For 15 years this place was under the stranglehold of Congress that let it go to seed , there is a lone Congress Corporator his irony to fame is putting paverblocks  and sharing the credit with the ex Congress representatives ,, and this is how he spends his funds ,, but I doubt if he has even seen the state of this Bandra Bazar Dump.. will he put paver tiles here ..I dont think so.

So I hope to stop shooting garbage once the new BJP local representatives wake up to Swach Bandra before they move to Modijis Swach Bharat call.. and get their act together .. I have no other agenda , I have no ulterior motive and I am unlearning photography shooting Garbage ,,

AndI one good thing people are now liking my You Tube videos ,, and a journalist from London sent me a message they would like to shoot Intezar Bhai Qureishi of the Bandra Bazar Beef Market ,,they liked my video on him..

And most Chinese folks have begun to subscribe my Bandra Talao ear cleaner video,and I hope to join video editing classes soon as my luck changes for the better .

Sunni Lover of Hussain

This is an old post shot in 2010 that I am bringing forward ,, in memory of this Sunni  Beggar Lover Of Imam Hussain..

I had posted this  at Facebook. .. deleted my Facebook account too

I posted the original picture at Flickr and than cross blogged it here at Facebook , my pictures are street documentary of the people I shoot .

Normally I try to to keep text minimal on my pictures, I am adding text here now.

A Muslim cross dresser posted a comment here on this picture at Facebook..I removed her from my friends list

Her comment was that the Rasul our Holy Prophet  has not said to do all this and dont show such things... scourging bloodletting etc that the Shias do, here a Sunni adherent was doing it on Moharam.

Now for me to add my response will not help or change her mindset ..I have no agenda of promoting Shiasm, but I do look forward to amity between all sects who believe in Allah His Holy Prophet and Ahle Bayt..

The person in the picture is a Sunni beggar who one would see at Makhdoom Shah Babas Shrine at Mahim.

I saw him, got to know him and he is a kindly person , than I began seeing him outside Kaiser Bagh scourging his burnt body with blades.

People gave him alms generously , and I never question a persons faith , I am a street photographer , I shoot and share a cosmic reality of pain.

I have till date never seen this Sunni beggar since the time I last saw him perhaps 5 years back or more.

Some say he died a tragic death ..but nobody knows the truth and I wish him a long life wherever he is.

Now to the Muslim cross dressers remarks on my picture that I give a public response , she finds fault with what I have shot and according to her goes against the Holy Prophets beliefs.

Had I written Lover of Hussain perhaps it would have not provoked her I wrote Sunni and I shot a Sunni doing a ritual that is predominantly done by Shias during Moharam..

Although I have shot Sunni boys cutting up themselves during Ashura in Hyderabad Bibi Ka Alam procession .

What made me remove her from my friends list at Facebook is her short sightedness , she gets upset seeing a guy cut himself up for Hussain and she or her kind dont get upset when Muslims kill Muslims lustfully in the name of Allah and Jihad .

And they maintain a eunuch silence like the rest of the Muslim world it is this blasphemous silence that promoted this war on Humanity.. it is this silence that has destroyed the ethos of Brotherhood and Peace loving Islam.

Here I am happy to be an Indian born Muslim I have no issue with any Muslim sect save the one that promotes sectarian strife under the guise of petro powered apostasy of Hate for all religions save their own kind of Islam..Islam that they have hijacked in the name of Allah Ho Akbar as a war cry instead of a call for prayers

I reiterate I will remove any person from my friends list if he or she ridicules the person I have shot or shows disrespect to the ritual or custom of a person I have shot .I am not forcing you to like what I shoot , I dont shoot porn , I dont ridicule your religion custom or belief so why target me or my picture because you dont like it..

I did not shoot my picture to flatter your bigotry in the first place I shoot what I am destined to shoot it is part of my karma.

I shoot Hinduism Sufism Christianitry you hardly find fault only my Shias pictures of blood letting get on your goat .It hurts me humanly, I follow Facebook Flickr Twitter terms and guidelines and you are not a moderator or web master see my pictures as pictures only and move along.

And knowing the kind of pictures I shoot and public on Facebook you should not add me at all.

Yes I will Remove and Block friends if they attack my integrity as a human being.

I cannot become a Wahabbi or adhere to your beliefs , I am a born Shia I shall die one too .

Stop proselytizing your hate for me through adverse comments.

A simple request and a disclaimer too.

God Creates A Situation- We Merely Shoot It

This was shot on a rainy day ,,a beggar lady begging at Pydhonie ,, none are bothered about her , they are more bothered about not getting wet , catching a cold ,,pneumonia ,,

And as a photographer it was my own prerogative to shoot her or move away like the rest ,, I did giver give her some money..when I met her again after finishing my work..

Behind every beggar there is a back story of pain but none are interested , throw a few coins and the beggar forgotten..

Its all about misplaced compassion misplaced charity ,,and our government that is going to build several thousand homes for aged abandoned bulls cows bullocks has no time to build hope for beggars and the homeless .

The beggars homes that they built I believe are worse than prisons so the beggars run away , I mean if there was a facility to train young beggars to work, join the armed forces rehabilitate them make them useful as cogs of a human machinery to make our country proud ,, but our leaders are not interested in such noble acts of humanity .

So shooting beggars is to show you that the beggars 100% Indian are treated as outsiders aliens and marginalized .

There is a beggar lady like her at Bandra Station , you give her money she returns some back to you ,, mystically ..and blesses you too.. there are beggars that read your thoughts your mind and there are gifted beggars  but whatever their gift the are still beggars .

I knew a Sunni beggar his body hands were burnt , and his hands were like stumps , but during Moharam he would cut himself with blades attached to a rope chanting Ya Hussain Ya Hussain..and I was really touched by his act beyond our sectarian differences during the Urus of Makhdhoom Shah Baba of Mahim I would see him begging near the Dargah .. but now several years he just disappeared .. he is alive through my pictures .