Friday, November 2, 2007

A Eunuch God Man and Peace

A Eunuch God Man and Peace
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The white man wants peace
The black man wants peace
But multicolored politicians
Their hatred their bid for power
Wont cease
Imprisoned fates of their nation
No release
Man fighting man
Criminalization of politics
Criminalization of religiosity
Frame Freeze
Lands of Black gold is what
The Americans want to seize
Behind them the Russians
And the Chinese..
Hate is a global disease
Polluting the air the sky and the seas
Economic failures man in a squeeze
Hope and Doom both ill at ease
A Eunuch God.
Just can’t appease

Love Poetry Hate Racism

Heil Bush ! America Uber Alles

Heil Bush ! America Uber Alles
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the Iraqis will never forgive
nor forget
those who got them freedom
from oppression
were greater tyrant s
than the Butcher of Baghdad
you can bet
pictures of prison abuse
by the Americans all over the internet
barking dogs howling dogs
that made you piss
in your own sweat
the battle for freedom
is not over yet
american imperialism
american israeli hegemony
a global threat
to steal oil
to steal a countrys wealth
super powers
world organisation
backed terrorists
who wont shed
a tear of remorse or regret
paid mercenaries on hire
hiding behind
a sanctimonious silhouette
spoils of war
building contracts
after bombing infrastructure
roads hospitals
to make up for
the home economic failure
the national debt

Matrix of Evil Osama

Matrix of Evil Osama
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On one end of the trapeze
Matrix of Evil Osama
On the other hand
On balancing toes of spirituality
Fighting the Chinese winds
Of Change
The Living Saint of Peace
His Holiness The Dalai Lama
Living in the Land off Hospitality
Land of Vishnu Mahadev Brahma
The Land of Krishna and Rama
Across the Oceans
America trying to muscle in
With Israel to attack Iran
Create a Global war and Drama
The Goddess of Hate
Bringing shame to the
Omnipresent World of Kama

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