Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Hide Behind The Cosmic Mirror Of Illusions

i shoot what you
wont ever see
on your soporific
i try to awaken
you before the
image begins
to run..imagery
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god natures

For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee. ..John Donne

like succulent
grapes clusters
 of chiming bells
hanging like over
laden fruits
a temple of
fruitful wishes
on a garden route
every bell to lord
hanuman as a
humble tribute
bowed head
for all wishes
granted he
raises his head
upwards the
lord he
the bells
with human
eyes watch
him silently
mute restless
man helpless
man caught
in an endless
pursuit wealth
health prosperity
success a nice
camera with
which he
can shoot
the magnanimity
munificence of
the lord even
the lord wont
refute or in
the cradle
of the womb
a pretty daughter
comely cute
whatever we are
we all have the
same roots
held to a
mother planet
lyrical hope
of krishnas
flute ,,

dedicated to my american friend sarah angel like ,,spiritual astute ..

Wind Chimes

Every Bell Has A Tale To Tel

for every wish fulfilled
he thanked the lord
placed a bell ..yes
he has recovered
he was terminally
ill..his disease lord
has killed.another
placed a bell as
his dying relative
has left him
everything in
his will , a girl
placed a bell
she came first
in her exams
now she can
 rest and chill
a temple of
hope a greater
faith instilled
shree ghanteshwar
hanuman mandir
heals without
the bitter pill
no doctors
bill a bell
sings god
gave him
extra skill
all you need
is let him
enter your
His blessings
His goodwill

dedicated to my American friend Serene
from Florida Jacksonville

Gods Chosen Ones Sit As Untouchables Outside His Doors

this ramzan or the one that came
vanished or the one that  has yet
to come these are beggars banished
sitting waiting for alms hope battered
whatever remains of life tarnished
hardships struggle and anguish
a vicious  vortex a cry as they languish
does the mullah hear their pleas
a thought god has yet to establish