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Showing posts from January 1, 2017

Happy New Year From Two Old Men

one an old monk
the other a gentleman
the mouse is more
powerful than the pen
the camera an instrument
of knowledge hope peace
with lord shiva embedded
in my cosmic lens ,,
i shoot original content
no sunsets chubby kids
or other nonsense
photography steals
the soul of man
through silence

this poem is dedicated to my oldest friend Benn
happy new year to another friend Glenn

Happy New Year To All My Friends At Flickr

I thank all of you who follow me and those whom I follow I have learnt a lot from all of you ,,you all have added your bit to my street creativity ,,I cannot be you ..but I am inspired by you all.

However if I have hurt you intentionally unintentionally accidentally through my comments or by blocking you I seek your forgiveness ..

I only blocked those that had a lot of porn on their timeline ,,porn is not my subject of photography .

I have blocked my Hijra set here at Flickr because it serves as mere titillation and my pictures were being stolen.

I use Flickr as an archive I hardly interact here like earlier I dont know why ,,Flickr maybe the best photo management site but a lot needs to be done I think..

I think humbly I have promoted Flickr more on Twitter than Flickr will ever do on Twitter with their horrid choice of pictures as curator Wake Up Flickr get Real..there is more here than just sunsets and other chirpy timelines ,,

I am not on Facebook ..I am in self exile mode I post…