Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garib Nagar Rising From The Ashes After The Fire

Rising From The Ashes The Soul of Garib Nagar Bandra East

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I shot this from the over bridge today, at Bandra while returning from town, I was seeing Garib Nagar almost 4 days after I had shot over 1215 pictures of the aftermath,shot in 5 hours on Saturday a day after the fire burnt down the entire slum colony.

I did not have the courage to walk over the other side and shoot it closely I was overdressed , and felt it was not right but the few pictures will give you an idea of the re surging spirit of the homeless and the unfortunate of Garib Nagar..

Ajab hai dastan teri yeh zindagi
kabhi hasa diya rula diya kabhi..
hasaane aayi thi rulaakar chali
ajab hai daastaan teri ai jindagi

Marziya Shoots Uncle El Gekko

El Gekko and Marziya Two World Famous Street Photographers

Two Barefeet Street Photographers of Mumbai

Jesus Is Going Through Bad Times In Mumbai

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they want him
out of this city
by and by
his soul with
on the floor
he lies
the holy
the peaceful
ethos of
lets out
a collective
on the soul of
molten tears dry
once and for all
jesus says
to jesus
they deny

The Municipal Commissioner Has Condemned Jesus To Death Again

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found guilty
not because
of corruption
or scams
the circular
of death
the soul of
jesus slams
the noose
around him
pontious pilate
of mumbai
has washed
his hands
jesus be damned
on the soul
of Christianity
an evil programme

The Pretty Hijra Celebrates International Womans Day

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she is as
much a woman
on this auspicious day
the pretty hijra
all decked up
hopeful about her
success the role
of womanhood
she essays
fair and lovely
in every way
demure darling
of the masses
the classes
the hijra goddess
of my screenplay
on the soul
of humanity
her Midas touch
my poetry
my wordplay
she portrays
angelic beauty
an exotic hybrid
on the walkway
what god could
not create with her
own hands
she sculpted
her destiny
worthy of praise
from the ashes
of her burnt out
a pretty woman
she did raise
her beauty
the toast of
all the lovers
of aesthetic
from mumbai to uk
a delicious delight
i dare say

8 March International Womans Day Through The Eyes of Maria The Leper Lady

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to womanhood
the emancipation
of their fair gender
on this auspicious day
the spirit of freedom
as they say
poets have nothing
but with words
they play digressing
as they stray
so my role model
is maria the leper lady
who sits at bandra
hill road close
to where i stay
eyes gone blind
sockets filled
with sores
stumps for hands
she begs every day
her daughter is also
a beggar by the way
but her grand children
both a girl a boy
with money
she saved
paved the way
well bought up
in every way
proud of their
grand mother
a leper
heart of gold
feet made
of clay
she can
see them
or feel them
is hard to say

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