Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost and Found

like a roller coaster ride
goes up comes down
goes round and round
a poetic pause
lost and found
dreams that are born
fall earthbound
on her hearts stone ground
ecstatic erratic aberrations
her silence surround
each time he surfaces
each time he drowns
a river crossing
where sharks
barracudas abound
convulsive repulsions
the mind and soul pound
dreams within dreams
feelings within feelings
pain within pain
in her backyard
in the background
her heart her lovers
ill found playground
clutching a straw
new found on the
Venus of her Mound
eyeless in despair
held spellbound

All My Pictures Are Figments of My Poetic Mind

shooting pain
on the streets
through a
venetian blind
all my pictures
are figments
of my poetic mind
a sense of despair
a sense of tragedy
that follows my angst
from far behind
a man shooting
memories of
no i cant shoot
flora fauna
or her sensuous
its street photography
through which
my restless soul
mortal man
by false hopes
false freedom
his soul
held captive
on earth confined
his fall
his decline
man a product
of an infected
blood line
to capture
an unknown zone
in a world online

The Street Poet's Pain

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All My Poems are Figments
of My Photographic Mind..

I shoot Pain as I see it
on the Soul of Mankind
With One Squinted Eye
I shoot the Blind
who have eyes
but their chosen path
cannot find
man the only creature
that kills man
in my poets dictionary
as man defined
man a spectrum
of emotions
cruel hateful
seldom kind
a face hidden
behind a mask
a saint
an evil monster
god the quintessential
poet as a poem divined
to keep him in chains
god a woman designed
as his mother his wife
his mistress his karma
his dharma his nemesis
his soul within her soul
man to a hell on earth
his mortal remains
within the dichotomy
of his soul
good bad ugly
equally enshrined

picture of a man undergoing penance for his soul buried alive at jaorah hussain tekri...

a poets disclaimer

A Poets World

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as a photographer
pain i love to shoot
as a poet love shoots
my pain en route
my dark soul
covered in soot
poetic pathos
all night
i compute
her love
a forbidden fruit
i see i feel
but wont loot
a soliloquy
sans duet
closed doors
i cant break open
my pain acute
she is blind deaf
her surroundings
totally mute
her serenity
her singularity
with my dark
i wont pollute
a lost angel
no dispute
poem after poem
in her pursuit
to her silence
i pay tribute
the winding
lanes of my
on paper
thin wings
i commute

Even if you wrote nothing she should be able to read it as the poem of your love and life..

Ab Kaun Sunega Mere Dil Ka Hal

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ab kaun sunega
mere dil ka hal
unke jane ke bad
ab kaun sunega
mere dil ki fariyad
unke jane ke bad
ab kaun ayega
sapnon main yad
unke jane ke bad
farishton yeh to batao
ab zindagi kaise bitayen
unke jane ke bad
hum toh ho gae barbad
unke jane je bad

I felt these words
half awake half asleep
my dreamless corpse
on a garbage heap
next to it
in the darkness
my shadow weeps
as the soul
within my corpse
jumps and leaps
dawn is breaking
from a coverlet
of the clouds
my karma peeps
on the silence of
soundless sorrow
my dharma creeps
on the soul of
my misfortune
cruel fate
all memories
what i sowed
man reaps
poetically bleeding
into the gutters
of despair it seeps

tum kya jano mere
dil ka hal
jis jhad par baithe the
kat gayi dal..


Waiting, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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tiger spotted
i wait
the poetry
of my life
to which
i relate
the dotted
my tryst with
i await
her locked
her name
on my
breast plate
the lane
she lives
i have yet
to locate
i hope
i find her
before it is
too late
the darkness
of my soul
i gyrate

Love Online

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following her
like a canine
to possess her
in the
of my desolate
i pine
every time
i come online
she belongs
to my poetry
but she is
not mine
my hopes
on a decline
only love
can make
into wine
a damsel divine
after nine
her deadline
she is coy
she is feline
to my poems

Once Upon a Time I Looked Like This

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khabo main ham
ap se roz milte hain
jaise kagaz ke phool
ap ke bagiche
main khilte hain
jab jab ap ki yad ati hai
kele ke chilke pe
hum bar bar phisalte hain

once upon a time
i looked like this
love an accident
on a banana skin
i did slip
in my dreams
half awake bliss
falling on my face
her feet i kissed
a memorable moment
gone amiss my hopes
lashed and dismissed
a cosmic poet
a poetic echo
in a death wish