Saturday, August 22, 2015

Muslim Society Needs Beggars To Appease The Soul Of Charity

Mostly cosmetic charity , give a few coins the only good work..having shot beggars and even begged with beggars it is a confusing world ..beggars and here I talk of Muslim beggars will always be there till the end of this world ,, their redemption , emancipation , rehabilitation is never going to happen ..its a vital question of demand and supply , Muslims need beggars outside their Mosques outside their Holy Shrines to show God exists , Muslim beggars will always be there outside marriage halls , outside the gates of those human insulting Iftar parties .. the greatest mockery in the name of the holiest moment in a Muslim calendar.. Beggars will always be there during festivals outside cemeteries ...Society created beggars and beggars thrive on society marginalized polarized..will somebody marry a beggars daughter  Fuck you must be crazy,,

I shoot Muslim beggars and this is my socio documentary , at Flickr I shot them at the various Urus , maybe some are part of a beggar mafia , but the kids begging in the hot sun at Taragadh,.. is a sad sight , new born babies made to beg drugged and there is nobody that  can stop this child abuse .

Beggars get their young daughters married to old men , than comes the dreadful triple talaq , his wife and child are now begging on their own.. and it is a vicious cycle once a beggar always a beggar.

I am not an activist I have no dreams of changing this world or the social order that has been thee much before I was born , but I shoot beggars and to those dumbfucked people who think every photographer shoots beggar pictures to make money,, well I dont ,, but I would sell all my beggar pictures if that money could bring happiness to the beggars ,,irrespective of their caste or creed I mean Indian beggars ..and I have been abused for shooting beggars but than it is my camera and my beggarly vision that shoots beggars .

Most of the beggars dont forget me nor do I forget them . I do as much as I can from them , a few friends help me help them ,and during the Maha Kumbh it was my friends who gave me money to buy shawls that I distributed to the poorest of the poor lying on the banks of the Ganges ,,I placed the shawls on them while they were asleep.. letting them live out their winter dreams .

Most of the beggars in Bandra are from Maldah and Murshidabad W Bengal and despite Mamtajis green revolution they are begging away in Mumbai..a lot of beggars from Uttar Pradesh too.

Beggars have no religion for them begging itself is a religion favoring all Gods ,,and the beggar story on the streets of Mumbai continues unabated ,,new beggars come take the place of those who die ,, beggars are simply beggars just numerical statistics without heart or souls ,,

Bandra Skywalk

Bandra Skywalk

Bandra Skywalk

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2018