Monday, January 3, 2011

The Trustees Have Done a Magnificient Job at the Mahim Dargah Makdhoom Shah Baba

Crowds under control good law administration and great in house security and fabulously decorated dargah, no inconvenience to the devotees and the pilgrims.. a great land mark this year to peace hope and humanity through Sufism..the true harbinger of Brotherhood and Harmony..

Dargah of the Holy Saint Makdhoom Shah Baba Mahim

Waiting to pay tribute to Holy Saint Makdhoom Shah Baba

As these pictures were shot on the last day of the Mahim Makdhoom Shah Baba Urus , all in a few hours , a lot of people were surprised to see me at the Dargah, they thought I was out of India .

I used to visit the Dhuni at the back of the Mahim dargah every year regularly in the past , , so I was a known fixture during the Urus but this year I was not in good health so kept away, but yes the Holy Saint called me too , and I was here, with my good friend Sakib the florist.

Guys at the Dhuni were happy to see me, and much has changed most of the old faces have disappeared , my good friend Barsati Baba who was the Murshad last year had to give his Gaddi to a new Murshad Sarkar Ali Baba from Hyderabad.

I gave money to the Murshad to buy milk for tea , the tea made on the Holy fire of the Dhuni is out of this world a lot of butter is added in the tea.

Food or Niyaz too is cooked on the holy fire.

I shot a lot of pictures than moved out , I did not shoot the possessed ladies , and I came out of the Mahim dargah, shot the Food Gully and the Kashmiri beggars.From here I reached the Dargah of Fakhruddin Baba and shot a few sandals.

Last night I shot the Fakhruddin Shah Baba sandal too.

Makdhoom Shah Baba Urus Mahim 2010

Yes We Shias Do Celebrate New Year

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gham main
nahate hain
ek rah
bichate hain
ya hussain
ya hussain
hum unhe
ro roke
bulate hain
ghame hussain
hum unko
sunate hain
ham hain
ham shia
kehlate hain
a message of peace
terrorism on
the soul of man
ka nara lagate hain
1400 ki neend ko
ham dobara uthate hain
ham naya sal aise
hi manate hain

The Calisthenics of Shia Pain

The Sounds of Silence Of The Soul

he sent me a message
from across the seas
wanting to know
what i feel
when i cut
my head '
layers and layers
of a pain called
ghame hussain
i peel
poetic moments
of my ancestry i steal
on a promised land
i kneel it is karbala
which is every land
my cosmic consciousness
reveals my karmic fate seals
i am a hindu shia born
in the holy waters of
the land of the ganges
i am not an arab
or a persian
my birthright
i shall never conceal
brahma vishnu mahadev
the sound of om
living side by side
as my blood congeals
hussainiyat my
souls only ideal
i am a wheel
within a wheel
of a wheel

Shooting The Soul of Man - I Am An Opinionated Blog

The Blog Bleeds

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as it urinates
on the soul of yazeed
lust for power
only greed
common sense
he did not heed
son of a poisonous
incestuous evil seed
stalk of a withering weed
bar lanat yazeed
be shumar lanat yazeed

Hum Hussainiyat Ka Tilak Lagatey Hain

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behte hue khoon
main rang jate hain
waqt ko karbala
ki haqeeqat
dikhate hain
lahoo se lahoo
lohe ko
piglate hain
kale kapde
kala kafan
hum shia
keh late hain
apka naya sal
apko mubarak
ham apna naya sal
is tarah manate hain

every land is karbala
everyday is ashura
apko yad dilate hain

hum hindu shia hain
khoon mey nahate hain

Flying on the Wings of Angels

Hardcore Zanjir Matam of Mumbai.. Syed of Piru Lane

Hardcore Zanjir Matam of Mumbai

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Sajjad ka allah se vo karb hai vallah. wajib hai rasulo pe bhi abid ka tawalla. Ghar ghar me musalle kabhi abaad na hote. Dunia me agar sayede sajjad na hote. * ae shio matam karo sar pito khudaya. Aaj hamara imam humse juda hogaya.*

Our Happy New Year Is a Testimony of Our Pain For Hussain

Shah Ast Hussain

Shah Ast Hussain, Badshah Ast Hussain ,
Deen Ast Hussain, Deen Panah Ast Hussain ,
Sar Dad, Na Dad Dast, Dar Dast-E-Yazeed ,
Haqaa Key Binaey La Ila Ast Hussain

Taboot of Fourth Imam Sayyade Sajjad Bandra East

safr e sham likha aur qalam tor diya….
Gham e Sarkar likha aur qalam tor diya…
Aik unwan liya Piyas ka likhne k liye..
likh lya naam e SAKINA (A.S)
or qaLam tOr dya
ek unwan mila mujh ko JaWani pe likhOn,,,

naam AKBAR (A.S) ka likha
or qalAm tor dya..
Socha Unwaan e Wafa pr bhi zara ghor karun…
lafz e ABBAS(A.S) likha or
Qalam tor dya
kia karun soch me unwan bre aatay hyn..
hath sene pe rakha or
Qalm tor dya..
likhta Chadar pe magar… mujh ko jurat na hui..
bhar k jee ansu bahaya aur qalam tor diya…

Har Dil Pe Naqsh Hai Nam e Hussain

Har dil pe naqash hai naam-e-hussain
Kon bhula sakta hai shadat-e-hussain
Nasha-e-iqtedar mein bhool gaya yazeed
Nawasa-e-Rasool hai ye hussein jung iqtedar ki na the magar sachayi ki
Bari shaan se haider ke sajday ko poora karne gaya hussain
Aasman ro para zameen hil gayi
Bray itemenan jab sajday mein gaya hussain shikast to mukadar the yazeed ka
Maktal mein bhi hui fateh-e-hussain