Monday, October 5, 2009

Keep Bandra Clean and Green

keep bandra clean
grow more plants
make it green
mumbai's most
suburban queen
peace hope harmony
mutual coexistence
among all communities
can be seen
linking one heart
to another heart
through your
computer screen
turn vegetarian
eat more soyabeen
do yoga take care
of your health and hygiene
against religious hate
love the only powerful vaccine


INTERVIEW, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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this was an interview
for a TV channel
that fell through
bollywoods most wanted
was willing
fate withdrew
so as a memory
lost in the wilderness
I bring it to you
vintage wine
in a bottle new
its in Hindi
cryptic on cue
shot at my house
by a friendly
camera crew
giving a devil
his bejeweled
sartorial due

Photoshopping The Soul of a Father In Law

the drowning man
seeks a straw
held in
the throes
of a jigsaw
a bleeding
shock and awe
duplicate layers
filtered flaw
corel draw
the soul of
a father in law
a leopards attire
a tigers claw
a stubborn head
that cuts a hacksaw

Walking the Path of Peace

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the path of peace
at bandra east
om mani padme hoon
to say the least
man a sinner
more terrorizing
than a beast
man on the blood of man
loves to feast
walking a tightrope
in the garb of a politician
or a priest
a world of hate
on a short term lease
creating mischief
will he cease
natures resources
he has unnecessarily
polluted the earth
with more disease
a war on the soul
of humanity

to benn bell and john williamson

Child Labor

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the child is the father of man they say
bring him from the native place
on false promises make
him work all day
meagerly wages
no time to play
his soul
they sodomize
his body they flay
hand in glove
the bosses
paying hafta
a future
a childs hope
treating him
worse than a
road side stray
this scenario
in India
you will find
it will never go
however hard
you may swear

to adrienne gonsalves
who reads my poems..likes my pictures

Will the Gaothans Change After Elections?

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once the heritage of
east indian pride
cottage bungalows
by crooked builders
hand in glove
taken for a ride
the silence
of the church
as the poor man cried
shunted to
uttan naigaum
distant suburbs
leaving bandra
a split open wide
justice delayed
justice denied
towers of babel
over the corpse
of the gaothan
even god
left their side

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.”
said the white cassock man his spiritual guide ...betrayed by a belief
the east indian died..

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