Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Masturbator in Your Cellphone

A Masturbator in Your Cellphone
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Follow the instruction manual and the diagrams as shown
As it enters the walls of the vagina
New sexually satisfying ring tones
the menstrual moans the organ grinding groans
oragasm after orgasm as it bemoans
technique savvy of your climactic zone
sliding in sliding out as the first stepping stone
a blue tooth of a masturbator
in your cell phone outreaching the boundaries
of your errogenous zone as it kisses the mysteries of the pubic bone
much better than the husbands dick of a pumice stone that most of the
time is flacid flintstone..
A Masturbator in Your Cellphone
an inbuilt camera that takes pictures on all its own
clitorally activated fleshy walls of your womanhood
a pleasure of sexuality awesomely full blown
a tsunami a storm a mind blowing cyclone
husband his away humping his secretary Miss Sloane
sins of his way wardness this phone will atone
sweet angel face wife enjoying at home all alone
gymanstic gyrations of the pelvic and a calisthenic wrist bone
no fear of of the Parish priests anti –sex tirade no fire brimstone
the phone is expensive, rob steal beg borrow this sexy trombone
buy it on a long term loan from Standard Chartered Bank as a personal loan
buy it now please don’t postpone no pregnancy no after effects
no side effects no danger zone

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No tongue in cheek

No tongue in cheek
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There is a monumental
Arrow headed penile clock
so to speak
no toilet
no tongue in cheek
the spirit was willing
the bladder was weak
with Photoshop
dry brush to tweak
poems of misery
loose cannon balled
emotions need not sound
like Sanskrit or Greek
this is Bandra's Carter Road
not Borivili s infamous
China Creek
Blessed are those
that squat take a leak

In a Black Mans World a White Santa Claus

In a Black Mans World a White Santa Claus
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The color of our skin
Betrays our remorse
The color of our blood
Unifies our loss
A rolling stone
Gathers some moss
Human courtesy
Gone for a toss
In a Black Mans World
A White Santa Claus
Each Man carrying the burden
Of another mans Cross
Muted sorrow
Masquerading as lip gloss
Travesty of Truth
From the Horses mouth
It what comes across
Faith lines of diversity
On the cosmic consciousness
Of mankind that run crisscross
Man born in slavery
To a corrupt system where
Tyranny is his only boss

Love poetry Hate racism

Poem Hunter Service Unavailable

Poem Hunter Service Unavailable
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Poem Hunter Service Unavailable

An offence bail able
On us poets as they turn table
Poets who write poetry via cable
Yes Adconion Media is what
Makes it saleable
Hard Rock undeniable
Nostalgic moments Jethro Tull
To access my web page is a misery wailable
Poemhunter Support
A tower of Babel unreachable
Conduct impeachable
A brainless phenomena
In an empty skull
Nimble footed numbskull
Dimwit deformed dumbskull
Only poems in my thickskull
A lot of poems of some poets
They should cull
Flights of fancy
Of this wingless seagull
an oyster farting
in the ears of a poetic pearl

firoze shakir photographerno1

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Waiting Waiting Waiting
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My eldest son Asif Shakir
And his wife since
November 15 2007
In a situation aggravating
Little Angel contemplating
Seeing the confusion in this
Tension escalating
A new hope a new joy
Grandparents to be on the threshold
But little joy seeing the
Agonies of the world
A poem written in flesh and blood
That needs no poem hunter rating
Top of the top unborn
Yet alive and gyrating
Write in its own human language
Needs no academic translating
Uncles Aunties talking about
New dimensions to parenting
Dr Mrs. Matthias
Of H F Hospital
The pre –natal suspense hating
Atmospheric pressure
Global warming escalating
Oppressive heat and humidity accumulating
A little Shakir in his mother’s womb
Swimming in the waters of amniotic seas
Captivatingly enjoying each delirious moment
A pearl in an oyster with gold plating
Cause and effect of love marriage and mating

Stray Thoughts Carter Road

Stray Thoughts Carter Road
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Strays never had it so good
Says this Man from Bollywood
Sleep Rest Comforts of Carter Road
Jolly Good
Pray to God
They don’t go Crazy
Bite Little Red Riding Hood

Man marries female Dog?What a Bitch?

Man marries female Dog?What a Bitch?
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photo courtesy india times

A man has married a dog to atone for his ‘sin’ of killing two dogs 15 years ago.
Man weds dog in Tamilnadu
November 14, 2007 posted by Indi time |

"There would be plenty of Indian women who believe they have married a dog, but yesterday, P. Selvakumar, a man from Tamilnadu, married a stray female dog, apparently to atone for animal cruelty in his past.
Selvakumar had stoned a couple of dogs to death several years ago and hung their bodies from a tree. His repentance didn’t come out of any self-examination, but out of the fact that he became paralyzed and lost hearing in one ear a few years afterwards. An astrologer convinced Selvakumar that the paralytic attack was part of his bad karma, and Selvakumar’s only hope for atonement was by marrying a female dog.
So, yesterday, Selvakumar took the first step towards atoning for his past sins. As is customary in India, the bride sat on the groom’s left side, wore a bright colored sari, and everyone feasted afterwards."

A man in Tamilnad
Mr P Selvakumar
With whom you may or may not agree
To atone for his past sins
Of killing 2 dogs
Married a female dog Selvi
Bow vows holy matrimony
An unusual wedding ceremony
A life with an end to
Womanly nag and misery
Only a stray bark
No bitching on his internet time
Said Mr. Selvakumar to me
Wife who is dogmatic
No human shopping spree
The only question mark
Is on the impending progeny
From the newspapers
I add them to my
Pedestrian poetry
Man from Tamilnad
Man best friend and wife
A canine bitch called Selvi

Dreams of a Bollywood Struggler

Dreams of a Bollywood Struggler
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Touted as Tarzan
Under the shade
Of the Carter Road
Mangroves sleeps Man
A Bollywood struggler
Dreaming to be the next
Sharukh Khan
If not Sharukh
He does not mind
Stepping into the shoes
Of heart throb Salman
No he is not the serial killer
Beer man
Having sex before killing
Adding news as fodder to the
Dehydrated Pressman
He himself with his mounting
Problems is worse than a dead man
He has given up hopes
Ready to work as a stuntman
Does not mind becoming a spot boy
Or a dress man
In a singlet and shorts
He will reflect his woes
As a light man
From the fire into
The saucepan.

Indias Most Wanted

Indias Most Wanted
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from one film
office to another
life as a juggler
no he is not a burglar
a dream merchant
indias most wanted
bollywood struggler

She who calls Me a Shia Thug

She who calls Me a Shia Thug
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she hates my mug
between my eyes
a slug
my grave dug
best wishes
from a multi colored
shh shh shia thug
water flowing as blood
through the heart of her broken jug

What Is Man ?

What Is Man ?
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Man died
the day he was born
baptised as a Muslim
Christian Dalit Sikh
Jain Hindu
a new bonding
to renew
colored as caste creed sect
a steamng cauldron
flesh and bones
hate as the watery stew
i saw this in the eyes of the sadhu
'I' a self inflicted terror that destroys
more than God and you

Sleepy Joes Trembling doors

Sleepy Joes Trembling doors
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Whether you open
Or you close
Your minds
I suppose
You will find
Of a poetic
Created by
My Sleepy Joes
One dream of riches
The other snores
Beyond this world
Utopian sea shores
Trembling hopes
Trembling doors
Man an animal
crawling on all fours
now a whimper
once a lion roar
life is a unfenced whore
when it rains must it pour