Monday, May 11, 2009

Dance of Poverty

as they have their Chinese food
watching the dance of poverty
an empty stomach watches
the definition of hunger
cramps pangs
heat humidity
burning bare feet
faulty steps
inhuman choreography
enforced birth
a living pain
a moment
born to charity
tears flowing
down the gutter
gratitude a rarity
an eye sore

Dance of Poverty

from one car to the next
these inhuman objects
defaced letters of a text
children of a lesser god
his vassal his subjects

The One Who Got Away

image sourced from Facebook

the greatest weapon of mass destruction
killer of millions you can say
a rotten system of politics
a war criminal
the one who got away
war crimes that he committed
in the name of Peace
genocide on display
equality liberty justice
he did betray
an evil monster
product of US of A
creator of recession and global decay
his catastrophic karma
will catch up with him
one day
for his sins
if not today
he surely
has to pay

What am I?

What am I?, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

what am i ?
she looks at me
seated in the ricksha
with a guilt
in my eye
born on the streets
on the streets they will die
as the traffic signal lights
go red green yellow
other cars zip by
a screamless cry
towards a god
who has gone deaf
wont reply
another child across the road
waits to take her place
as stand by
on the treacherous
soul of her karma
dharma turns a blind eye
a melting pot of mumbai
that underfed hungry politicians
want to make the next shanghai
throwing dust in the public eye
on the soul of this city
tears runs dry

Parsi Mothers Day

The Parsi community
the heart beat of our
vibrant city
calm composed
cultured and witty
the men robust
fun loving
the women
charming very pretty

A Day After Mothers Day !

born on the streets
beg on the streets
the punishing streets
their home here they stay
a day after mothers day
recycled sorrow
born afresh like
paper flowers
in bloom on the way
captured misery
through my camera
a fading smile
by the way
feet made of flesh
ground made of clay

Mothers Day is Over ? What Next !

Dr Glenn Losack MD at my insistence took a Flickr Pro account , but is really pissed off as Pro membership at Flickr is not consumer friendly at all..I think membership should be simple and easy,at the click of a mouse..I feel sorry for Dr Glenn Losack MD who already has a presence full of impact at his website at Better known as a celebrity in travel and human photography.
Both the good doctor and I specialize in shooting pain as it reflects as an image on the viewfinder of our soul.

Mothers Day is Over ..The Western World of hardcore materialism remembers her for one day , hordes of big bucks made on gifts, greeting cards, events ..and the usual spiel.

We Asians are born into the pain of Motherhood dont let it go at all, all else is dead the Mother lives..
A film dialogue where the antagonist asks the hero..tell me what do you have.. the hero answers defiantly proudly..Mere Pas Ma Hai..I have Mother ..Yes even a dead mother is better than no mother at all.

.Mother is an Institution, the greatest spirituality..the greatest lesson in humanity..Either you have a mother or you dont..some have mothers but dont know it..

I know fathers that have played the roles of Mothers up to the hilt ..taking care of the children as the wife predeceased him..this is also their Mothers Day..

This is for Ashdeen and Shorveer two close friends who were bought up by their Father.

So now that Mothers Day is Over -What Next
lets get over the crass commercialism
the pathetic pretext
using the Mother an institution
to make big bucks
as mere objects
truth within the lines
of my poetic text
on the soul of humanity an insult
to the leprous beggar mother
a thought reflect
Mothers Day
what more do the disfranchised
the underprivileged expect
somnolent society
unperceptive unperplexed
on the steps of the Jamma Masjid
human rejects ,,
a gateway to Gods house
where man ignores the Mother
only God respects

dedicated to all beggar mothers..and also to fathers that took the mantle of motherhood..for one reason or the other..

They Shoot Photographers Dont They ?

This is one of my favorite pictures it reads my thoughts, it reads my pain as a father as a grandfather as a poet as a photographer and as an incorrigible photo blogger..

It shoots me , no it shot me when I took this sitting in the comfort of my auto Bandra'sTurner Road Traffic Signal where many of life's stories of beggar kids, hijras unfold..

This picture is my reply to good friend Jeff and Leyla..

He posted this comment with reference to my post Curse of the Flickr Comment Box..

"thank you firoze, you have had me thinking all week about the freedom of speech, do not be bothered but those who would spew hate, it is not a part of the freedom to speak,
freedom of speech comes w/ responsibilities....

the freedom to photograph comes simply w/ the purpose to witness
so i say to keep at it!

peace and love- "

you meet them
when you are going up
or coming down
life's stairway
with the pain
of living
they shoot you
before a few coins
you pay
to redeem their sorrow
or to get a nice house in heaven
some say
these are children of a lesser man
they were never born to play
begging for hope
begging for peace
begging for love
in every way
strangely it is to god
man offers his booty
floral tributes sweets
gold silver diamonds
as a prayer
to a god made of metal
feet made of clay
but to street children
empty pockets
empty heart betray
yes it is man
that seeing a poor mans child
looks the other way
through our pictures
through our cameras
third eye
to the underprivileged
a thought we repay

74,828 photo blogs / 387,422 views
at Flickr on display
comment defecation
on a toilet seat of knowledge
by minds led astray
hate the cause of mankind's decay
motherless children on mothers day