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Good Bye Flickr It Was Good Till It Lasted ,, I Feel Outcasted

rights of admission
 reserved for beggar poets
stray  dogs a shout out

for my honesty sense of
justice equality for the
poor the beggars by
Flickr support I got

indeed shocked at
my moderation
 my 7 year long
journey where i gave
my pictures
 my thoughts
my poetry free
i am dumbfounded

is it because
 of the depth
of the rotten skin
of my soul
i am typecast ed

I bleed when I am hurt

My comment to a friend on Flickr

Thank you Alex i am a member of Flickr family and I wanted to be treated humanly justly I should not be punished harshly as I dont post Porn , I dont post stuff that would hurt you as a Muslim Christian Hindu Buddhist or Jew .
I dont use Flickr to promote my business , my hobby my religion , or fetish like others do , I dont find fault or report images of peoples pictures that I may not like , I only interact here on Flickr with those who follow me and tHose I follow , I dont criticize people in my comments though I have been abuse for having a Jew Friend .. I have been abused for being more Hindu than Muslim I have been abused by some members of my Shia community for others reasons I wont broach here .

I have friends their trust that has helped me grow ,, what I shoot is pain pain of living an pain of dying painfully ,, so it hurts when I am earmarked for this punishment which is harsher than my sin of omission or commission ,

I shot protests but rem…

Message Sent To Flickr Support This Morning ,,

Good Morning

I have been on Flickr as a Pro Member Since 2007

I have come a long way and I am a member of the Flickr family  anything that hurts you would hurt me too.

My entire photostream over 300000 images is a documentary of India and Indian life culture rituals street photography and I use Flickr as a blog platform to make people aware of the sufferings and hardships of the poor and the beggars .

I have never posted porn , I have never abused a Flickr member if I have issue I block move ahead I am blocking over 1300 people because of their phonographic content ,,I am a grandfather of 3 girl children so I know what it feels to see all this .. and I understand your concern.

I am a Shia Muslim a persecuted race many a times people from the radical end have reported my Shia images but I cant stop people from having diverse views on my pictures .

I have removed my entire Hijra Transgender images from Public view because sorry to say you have failed in safeguarding our im…