Saturday, January 19, 2013

these are rings i wear during moharam

the khada parsi is now finally getting a make over ..if only sharda dwivedi was alive to see it

ab kahan jayen ham ye bata ai jameen is jahan men to koi hamara nahi

the greatest sufferers of demolished homes school going kids

love is never having to say you are sorry .. when you throw your lover out along with the garbage

listening to radio mirchi

god lives with the homeless on the streets ..

real live tv ..

har har mahadev..a mother holds you between the cradle and the grave

this is for aditya v iyer my facebook friend..thank you mom i am saved

mere paas bangla hai, gaadi hai, paisa hai, tere paas kya hai? mera pas ye sadak aur ma hai

the dog that has a karmic connection with me ..

i shoot this dog every time i go to town...

this is mutter pulao with beetroot dahi raita

My wife and marziyas mother are Lucknow born .. zinnia fatimas mother hails from mumbai.
all three engineer the food in the kitchen,and all three are good mind you...
culinary adventurous without going overboard .

The food at home is very simple delicious-and nutritious ..I learnt cooking in Muscat living with Mallu workers , my favorite was tomato curry and fish..but I have not cooked since a long time ...I used olive oil and lot of vinegar .. wife thought I was too expensive .. I was shelved .

Taheri rice with potatoes and green chutney is another nice lunch time meal we have.

As the kids cant do without chicken it is chicken everyday as curry or biryani , meat is for kebabs we dont eat beef at all.

But on my part I hate non veg a recent development I have boiled vegetables no spice a dash of salt green chutney for dinner or pasta.

I discovered a bakery at Hindmata lane Persian Bakery, they make fabulous soft brown bruns , you got to try this Rs 4 a piece we have this with dal.

Wife makes chappatis and parathas , she taught Marziya to make chappatis ad parathas perfect round ones Marziya makes her own parathas..

Both my grand kids are away for Athvi so the house has Zinnia Fatima and the chirping of Marziyas Zebra and Bengal finches .. the gold fishes got drowned ... dont ask me how I was in Lucknow.

I have booked my tickets for the Kumbh I willleave on 8 Feb return on Feb 17 hopefully and than try going back for Maha Shivratri.

I will miss Glenn Losack he is shooting the Kumbh but will come to Mumbai on Feb 10 for two days I wont be there.

I might meet Marc De Clercq my Dam Madar brother .. my Guru Shri Viay Giri Maharaj Juna Akhada is anxiously waiting for me.

So this is food for thought..both my Naga Guru And my Malang brothers want me to grow dreads , but I am sticking to the shot cropped civilized look ... I dont wear bizarre clothes anymore I shall wear my malang gowns at Allahabad with turbans ..

And life is placid quiet without goose burns .

the cow lady of 17 road khar

takes care
of her cows
like her own
so far
well fed
looked after
every second
every hour
each morning
she gives
them a warm
water shower
her cows
are celebrities
of 17 road khar

bloggers beware .. your pictures are being stolen in the name of share