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The Jain Sadhvi

The Jain Sadhvi, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,573 items / 855,025 views

the path
of peace
the jain
a path
she chose
to be one
with the
of the lord
help humanity
let all creatures be equal
let all creatures be free
bound to the soul
of godly humility
the doors of life's poetry

Carrying the Burden of Life

Carrying the Burden of Life, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,569 items / 854,752 views

the quintessential
girl child
all facets
of womanhood
a mother
a sister a wife
walking barefeet
on the sharp
of a double
edged knife

Photography is a subject you could read and write about, discuss argue about, but if you dont shoot pictures from your heart and soul the blank canvas on which you will add an impression of life falls flat.

I avoid Facebook chat, but sometimes give in because the person at the other end is an enthusiast of photography , I am happy a lot of kids are taking their cameras and taking the path of street photography, the street has to be selective some place close to home so people know you and than you move ahead , this is for beginners , sometimes talking to the person and than shooting his picture works as well, Muslims generally avoid pictures some take offense.Shooting Muslim women in hijab is a taboo.. I get away because I was destined to sh…

Playing Hide and Seek With The Butcher

Playing Hide and Seek With The Butcher, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,568 items / 854,731 views

he knows
he will lose
in the end
he hides
from the butcher
who loves
to pretend
that he
is the sacrificial
goats only best friend
with a sharp chopper
on the river bend
so the goats
life and death
mind you
this goat
is a poet
in a convent
from a long line
of distinguished
poets of
poetic descent
death where
is thy sting
is his only
live and let
live is his
only lament
you commit
the original sin
make me repent

to my loving friend gail orenstein
one of the best photographers of
human form and real life

Marziya Shakir

Marziya Shakir, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,566 items / 854,489 views

her smile
lights up
the darkness
around us
hope on a
digital canvas
on the lotus feet
of our longings
was thrust
in god we trust
live let live adjust
marziya shakir
to us
he did entrust
as a grand daughter
she is our first
our parched
souls thirst


Hajaamat, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,563 items / 854,433 views

kabhi na kabhi
kahi na kahi
koie na koie
kisi na kisi ki
karta hai
chahe wo
naiee ho
neta ho
ki dhar par
ek naya
roop savarta hai
chor ka bhai
karya karta hai
jeb katra bhi
karta hai

The Lone Survivor

The Lone Survivor, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,562 items / 854,404 views

searching for
his heritage
his parentage
on the sand dune
the only
lone survivor
the planet
was hit by an
from the
other side
of the moon
but the
of silence
gone out
of tune
he woke
up from his
dream came
out of a swoon
the child
the father of man
born in captivity
in a cocoon

A Photographer is Born

A Photographer is Born, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,561 items / 854,355 views

This is the shot I took of Marziya shooting her doll, it was her own endeavor and effort and she did not know I would hurriedly rush remove my camera from the cupboard and take the shots..

And this is Marziya and her tryst with Unlearning Photography.

Shooting pictures is only part of the story of the camera, the camera does not make pictures by itself, I talk of a still camera, it needs a person behind it to motivate it to charge it , the camera is only a means not an end.

A camera brand does not make you a good photographer..before you shoot with a camera you should be able to shoot with your if you have a mouth and dont have taste than it is as bad having eyes and not being able to see a picture before you shoot it.
And I am going to make sure that my grand daughter when she comes of age even after I am gone may not need to join a camera club culture and be polluted fo…

Unlearning The Heart of Photography

Unlearning The Heart of Photography, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,560 items / 854,320 views

marziya shakir
2 year old shoots
unlearning the
heart of photography
every rule in the book
she refutes
is not just a vision
but pure poetry
the hard core truth
the prehistoric world
of pedantic
pompous club
salon photographers
their path
is not her route
the streets of pain
one day
might be her
poetic pursuit
your hearts
your souls
she will loot
she may
not be as colorful
as me
nor barefoot
a hijab
her work suit
a branch
of a tree
a fruit
to humanity
she will
pay tribute
a tricolor
of our
self respect
our dignity
our honor

The Death of Photography at Camera Club Level

The Death of Photography at Camera Club Level, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,559 items / 854,216 views

I am a street photographer , I sweep the streets with a camera, I show you what you have seen a million times , I show you what you saw on a big screen as hyped up money generating medium , I show it online what was on the streets I bring it to the hallowed sanctuary of your house almost breaching the walls of your poetic privacy.

I am not a born writer , nor a born poet nor a born photographer I inherited it as default from my surroundings and it is too long a story to take you back into my past.

All I know is my two year old grand daughter is a born photographer , and she is inheriting my perspective of pain as seen on the soul of the viewfinder of our respective consciousness .

Photography is definitely not about vision , my grand daughter has no vision.,.but for a toy she has an antique camera , a collectible , when she is restless , like I am she does we…