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The Wordup Indiblogger Meet Blue Frog My Flickr Set


The Indibloggers Neigbors Envy Renies Pride


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Wordup Indiblogger Meet At Blue Frog..

I was very tired when I returned from the Indiblogger meet , my wife had already left for Lucknow by the 3.15 pm train,, my phone was on silent I did not say goodbye to her I was all Blogs .

I bought Roshan Sorcerer home from the Meet we chatted a bit than I got busy feeding Marziyas Flowerhorns and Blackghosts .. and than her Java Finches .

Showered had some snacks I was full of Bluefrog delicacies and the most filling lunch.

Later I uploaded the mobile phone pics ..and after a few hours  the camera phone pics that I placed for uploading and crashed , I am up now ..

I have documented most of the Mumbai Indimeets passionately ,,as I owe a lot to Renie Ranvin Father of Blogs ,, he has been a great friend inspiration , and almost family to say the least he and his Indiblogger Hit Team.

This entire set is dedicated to him his core team and all at Indiblogger but hey wait this set is also dedicated to Magic Eye my Blogger Bidu , the guy who pushed me towards Flickr from Fotothing , we ha…

Word Up Indiblogger Meet Blue Frog

word up indi meet pics

This was one of the best Indi Meets thank you Renie Ranvin instead of the BJP speaker you and Big Rock should have had a speaker on Photoblogging .. I surely missed this . why this bias for photobloggers  I fail to understand sadly at Indibloggers most bloggers copy paste articles and hardly use their own pictures .. you could have had a speaker from the Indiblogger member somebody passionate about photography and photoblogging ,

Please take this as constructive criticism feedback from the beggar poet of Mumbai ,,,only because of Renie I attended this Meet missing my wife's departure to her parents by the 3.15 Lucknow Train.. but I am sure my sweet wife will forgive me for this aberration.

This was the most enlightening Meet .

Yes I missed my buddy the one and only Magic Eye Deepak Amembal.. having a ball in Leh.. getting laid in the snow I am afraid ..the flesh was willing the spirit needs an upgrade ..