Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rayomand Framroze My Childhood Friend

To make my journey
memorable on earth
the river of life flows
some say it as a poem
some say it as prose
Keith Kanga
Vimal Patacharige
Rayomand Framroze
as my best friends
God chose
all of Wodehouse road
jony castle cuffe parade
fu fu granny
with her raised eyebrows
jeovhahs witness
bible sessions
that made us all doze
remnants of memories
beautifully transposed
doors that open and shut
seldom ever close
the upside down world
of a blogger firoze
sartorial soliloquy
jewelry and clothes
a loaf of bread
a glass of wine
a facebook wall
loneliness enclosed

*glass of wine is metaphor for black suliemani chilya tea

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Every Land Karbala - Everyday Ashura

fighting against
imperialistic hegemony
corruption depravity
with all its flaw
our beloved imam
gave his head
fighting valiantly
did not withdraw
saving Islam
and the Holy Mecca
keeping Allahs bayt
Allahs law
safe from a yazidi outlaw
every land karbala
every day ashura
ghame hussain
a pain since 1400 years
a wound that is raw
moharram a protest
against spiritual terrorism
through eyes of shiasm
as the world saw
a drowning man needs
ahle bayt
not just a straw
trampling yazidiyat
sher e nayastane
hyders claw

Hand Made In India ..

A Beauty Called Heena .. Human Too

i see them
as women
i shoot them
as women
they being hijras
does not distort
the truth
that they are
human too
like me and you
their fragmented
a virtue too

Hum naya saal manatey hen teray matam se.”

“Apni taqdeer jagatay hen tere matam se

Khüd ki raah pe jatey hen terey matam se

Apne izhär-e-aqeedat ka saleeqa ye hai

Hum naya saal manatey hen teray matam se.”

“Naye baras! Teri khushyan mana nahin saktay,

Rasool (S.A.W.W.A) roye jahan, muskura nahin saktay.

Hamara saal nahin,zindagi Hussain (A.S) se hai,

Ham apni zeest k ma’ani bhula nahin saktay.”

By The Way You Are Not A Shia

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I got this message on Facebook , because I told the person I was not a majlis hopper , she wanted to know about majlis in Mumbai .

I gave her a guys number who is deep in Shia events and updates me too.. even the Bahrain pro March he told me about it or I would have never known..

So I sent a message to this Facebook friend

why just because a man goes to a mosque he becomes a muslim

i am not a fan of mullahs i keep away from them .. my shiasm runs in my blood stream

my karbala is embedded in my heart soul..

perhaps i am not the kind of shia you think a shia to be

a shia is also a product of his surroundings ..

if i was not a shia you would have not approached me in the first place

any way take care .. sometimes the depth of an ocean lies in the poetry of his soul..

"Hussian-o-Minni wa Ana Minul Hussain". (Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain)

my poem

i am a hindu shia
born bred in india
my karbala
is bordered
by the himalayas
my euphrates
is ganga jamna
this is the land
of my forefathers
my cosmic path
i hold dear
my shiasm
is not a facade
or a fake veneer
from the call of
the muezzin
to fight one
muslim against
I stay clear
I would rather
be a kafir
than be a Wahabbi
or a Salafi
or a Ahle Hadees
my soul
with dead ashes
i would smear
i am nothing
believe me
on the soul
of humanity
a mothers tear
now you can call
me a sunni
or call me a shia

I left Facebook I am now on Google+

Yes I Bleed

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call me a rafidi
heretic but
not a serpent seed
yes i bleed
i glorify
the ultimate sacrifice
not bakra idd
now dont ask
me why the fuck
i curse yazid
doing the tandav
on the soul of shimr
all bloodied
some poems
grow on you
before you read
beshumar lanat
on the accursed
of yazid
the name
of my creed
with an act
of dishonor
he sullied
lust power
only greed
father of terrorism
fuck yazid

The Shia Slave

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for a thirst
of liberty
he craved
a imam
who bought
him out of
the wilderness
of stupor
his soul saved
a cosmic chaos
hitting the shores
of his soul
wave after
to save
from terrorism
the tyranny
of yazid
his noble
he gave
a path
he paved
for 1400
we with our
blood sweat tears
hussain ya hussain
on the heads of our
unborn child engraved
a heinous crime
of shimr yazid
we never
in memory
of 72 brave
beshumar lanat
yazidiyat caved

the shia waiting for the Apocalypse now in his grave..

Aye Shahre Ajmer Tuh Hai Jannat Ke Nazara

He is Malang I have known since a very long time , he stays in a cave at Haji Malang..and begs on the path that leads to Haji Malang.

We meet mostly during both the Urus of Haji Malang and Makhdoom Shah Baba .

He does dua tawiz and is a exorcist too.

This was a chance meeting at Ajmer.

I Am a Shia Muslim ..And a Shia Hindu Too

I am an Indian
who loves his
mother country
as you
love yours too
my Islam
is not Wahabbi
I must clear that
or it might hurt you
with your
i have no issue
whether you
are a pagan
or a jew
my karbala
is hindustan
my blood
soul sinew
i curse
yazid shimr
3 others
on the menu
i am opinionated
a thought
i cant undo
is humanity
humility his
greatest virtue
he saved islam
he overthrew