Friday, April 24, 2009

Jesus at De Monte Street (Bandra)

on the way
to the bandra station
you will meet
jesus at de monte street
during bandra fair
he will greet
a cross
manacled to his feet
his destiny
his killers
could not cheat
now he is free
within the chest
of a christian heart beat
resurrected from the soul
of a winding sheet

We The People

its only during election time
with hands folded
to your houses they come
vote for me
vote for me
bursting your ear drums
after the election
they treat you like bums
those from the hutments
those from the slums
are merely treated
as unwanted scums
a national shame
living on crumbs
the end tortured to death
to the open grave or to
burning pyre to succumb
political will
living under a politicians thumb
every constituency
a politicians kingdom
the system sucks
as the collective conscience
of eunuch silence
on the soul of the people
remains mum
national songs
on Independence Day
Republic day
We hum
trampled by a boot
like an earthworm