Sunday, July 15, 2012

welcome to mumbai.. the city of open gutters and potholes

women of destiny

the street photographer becomes one with what he shoots

street photographers shoot the silhouette of sorrow .. unborn tomorrow

the casting couch could take it no more

the producer
the director
the assistant
the production
one took turns
from the casting couch
down on the floor
she spread her legs
she wanted a juicy
role she implored
through her flesh
her soul she whored
but she never got
the role once
she stepped
out of the
office doors
her lost
her filmy
she could
never restore
she became
a bardancer
she would
never be
an actress
she swore
but erstwhile
minister banned
bars bar dancing
so she does
domestic chores
once in a while
she doubles
up as whore
do you need
to no more

the muslim beggar is cursed by god and by muslim society

what i shoot should not be held against me in the court of god

god cursed woman before he placed her on this planet

her fate was worsened by the blows she takes from men..

the beggar

The Poetry Of The Living Dead

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the past
the future
the spirit
less alive
more dead
like a shroud
on the soul
of my poetry
a bleeding
the flesh
in shreds
my soul
my body
the garden
path of hope
i was misled
she did
not mean
what she
i believed
her instead
pillow talk
i curse
the bed

I love silence.

Jimba Was Marziya Shakirs Best Friend

Playing Hide And Seek With The Butcher

The Elephant Queen Of India Has Now Become A Goat

Indians Love To Litter..For TimePass They Use Twitter

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” ― Khalil Gibran,

Getting Ready For Breaking the Dahi Handi

This Jesus Lives On An Open Gutter Thanks To The Bandra Municipality

Culture Upbringing Makes You What You Are

but if you dont have it
than in your words
deeds actions
other lives you scar
you are what you
are blame your
parents your heritage
by far cleanse
your inner angst
your surroundings
dont mar .. promote
love dont make war
shadow boxing
little kids not
the right way to spar
khali khopdi
main yeh bat
samjh aye
toh charon
taraf bahar
kya jeet kya har
tu aur tera yar

The Heritage of a 4 Year Old Street Photographer

My Cosmic Soul Has Turned Dark From Within

a tweet
a blog post
a pinterest
pin i shoot
original sin
chaos confusion
deleted doomed
before it ends
in a recycling bin
i restore it as
an image
the inner layer
the second skin
a losing battle
on the street
of despair
man fights
cannot win
takes a spin
man a creaky
corrugated tin
you cannot
get out once
you are in

Ha Ha He Must Be Mad To Say I Shoot Silly Things.. Silly Fellow

Dont Underestimate The Power of a Some Mumbai Kids ..

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This is a message for a dickhead in Delhi.. his empty brains and his big mouth

The Handcart

if only cops were paid well.. society would be a better place to live in

The Tree of Life

waiting for a new tomorrow .without pain and sorrow

Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

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my journey
as a photographer
will be over very soon
darkness at dawn
death in the afternoon
no more sufi seance
no more malang swoons
but i will cut my head
on ashura day
my blood gushing
on the streets
all strewn
all wet like
a trembling tree
in monsoon
to pain
i am immune
the only pain
that touches rips
my soul is
ghame hussain
karbala fate
his boon
his fortitude
our fortune
his message
of peace hope
a sacrifice
on the sand dunes

The Dare Devil Bikers of JJ Bridge.. Two Wheelers Are Banned

Once photography enters your bloodstream, it's like a disease.

The Ladder to Reach God In The Church..

I am a beggar poet

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monsoonal showers
drenched soaked
inundated drowning
but gasping for breath
on the internet
my poems tattered
now paper boats
trying to stay afloat
all wet pimping
my angst on twitter
pinterest a new
feathered dove
in her nest
where as sticking
out a knife
blood flowing
from my chest
one year
when we had met
a cricket match
i lost the fucked
bet .. pakistanis
lost too india
i too lost the test

If God Was A Street Photographer .. He Would Know The Meaning of Pain

I Sweep the Pain of Humanity With My Camera

I Was Once Deleted Doomed On The Facebook Wall.. I Still Am