Thursday, June 14, 2018

I am a street illusionist

with the help of my camera
i give my stories a twist
i am not a street photographer
i am sure you get the gist
i am a street poet,..who is
prone to calisthenic fits
unlike my contemporaries
i am a simple man playing
out a skit ..happy to be called
a city bumpkin dimwit
i was once a follower of a
Sufi order I  renounced
myself from all such lists
I play tennis forehand
 backhand smash volley
I can hit ,,,I pretend to be
an egg in a snake pit
I cut my head with two
Daggers on the enemies
of Hussain I curse n spit

I am a humanitarian..
a candle in the altar of
 my soul she lit....

an american  blog goddess
who gave me tips as a journaler
made me Blog It

than she dumped me
like a piece of dog shit ..