Monday, April 30, 2018

My First Live Video at FB My Message To The Loving People of Manipur

This is my first live video at FB I wanted to talk share my feelings with the people of Manipur that gave me love respect for helping Gambhir Singh of Khumbong Imphal Manipur ,,,


The Malang shot by ace portrait artist Laurent Salesse

Laurent Salesse 
was fascinated 
with my Sufi 
my turban 
my rings 
my pendants
that added to 
the intriguing 
nature of my 
Malang dress 
but he rebuked 
me for having 
cut of my long 
hair my flowing 
tress ..
Laurent shoots 
without stress 
every shot of his 
you will surely be
impressed we have 
been friends for 11 
long years ,,
shooting Makanpur 
shooting Khamakhya 
God Bless ..we are 
humble people 
million light years 
from photographers 
of the press ,

The truth is lived, not taught.

a quote by 

Hermann Hesse

Gandu Tuney Pahelvi Irani hotel ka Paya Kyon Khaya

Thanks to Pahelvi Irani Restaurant Paya
Maine kacchi haddi ka Paya Khaya
Dant toota Waqt Ne Mujhe Phasaya
Wah re Kismet Pahelvi ka sau rupaye
Ka Paya Doctor sahib Ne Rs 15000 ka bill
Root canal ki treatment ka mere hath main
Thamaya.. Ab Dil kehta hai Gandu toohne
Pahelvi ka paya kyon khaya..
Maine apne dono hathon se apne pichwade
Main Danda dalwaya..
Mere dost Raju Ne kaha Paye Ne Rulaya aur Hasaya
Ranaji boley bhosdike Kay Pahelvi main kyon Jakey marwaya
Meri taqdir ne mujhe phasaya ..meri samjhj main abh bhi nahi aya
maine ghatiya Pahelvi ka Paya kyon khaya
Biwi gayi thi maikay ,,maine ghar par hotel sey paya kyon mangwaya
gar 15000 hazar main garibon main bat deta ..taras mujhe aya
maine paya kyon khaya ,,,
Dear Ranaji
both side teeth have become loose so root canal cap etc , all because of you had you invited me to your house for lunch this would have not happened
sahi main bahut pachtaya ..ranaji ne apne ghar pe khane pe kyon nahi bulaya
zakhm par Lahori namak lagaya ...kun faya nahi sun paya ,,,,

Sunday, April 29, 2018

At the Frame Shops of Woodcarvers #Bandra SV Road

Unduly blamed
Shot by a hunter
Now as a trophy 
not body
The guy
Who took
This Shot.
Said I was
The heart is a lonely hunter bad aim
Gambhir Singh the Candle and the Flame
On the streets of Bandra
People call me Firoze Shakir
Gambhir Singh
Change of name
What they call me
I became
Two people in their
Minds frame
Manipuri and Manipur
Through a viral you tube
Video gave me unwanted
My humble beggar poets life will never ever be the same.

The Beggar Poet

shoots stories
on the wide 
screen of
the internet
he shoots
of people
you will
never forget
a gambhir singh
of khumbong
village Manipurs
Best Story of
Ghar Wapsi .
At Bandra
Jmate Jamooriya
jab we met ..
I am not Nepali
I am Manipuri
I am an Indian
my eyes got wet
for the love that
his people gave
me I shall always
be in their debt
Map Karo Malik
memorable words
that reverberate
nostalgically in
my ears bringing
tears of love
seeking an outlet

If i had not helped Gambhir Singh at Bandra
As a beggar poet street storyteller it would have
my greatest regret ..thank you Parsoi Police Station
Officer Amitabh Singh Officer Priyobartan Singh
You two mission accomplished are Manipur Police s
greatest asset is chant of the hearts minaret

Monday, April 23, 2018

Documenting the Naga Sadhus Ujjain Kumbh 2016

posted at FB

As a Muslim Press Photographer you can shoot the Hindu ethos of the Naga Sadhus but as a Muslim to have lived with the Naga Sadhus it was only possible because of my secular minded Naga Guru Vijay Giri Maharaj some bigoted sadhus objected to my presence some spat at me some cursed me but my Guru stood by me took up cudgels for me ,,some complained to the Maha Mandleshwar Swami Krishna Giri but he ignored them.

I had met Maha Mandleshwarji and told him that all my efforts of documenting the Naga ethos was a step towards Hindu Muslim amity I wanted Hindus Muslims both eyes of Mother India to live in peace harmoniously .
He patted me and this made some of the rogue sadhus more angry,, but I am not bad mouthing them they were wary of my agenda I was a meat eating Muslim in their eyes nothing could change that though I ate Satvik meals at the Akhara .

But I met more good sadhus than bad sadhus there was a Naga Sahu who was also a devotee of Kalliar Sharif there was another Naga Sadhu who was also a Qalandari and quoted Imam Ali .

Because I was a Sufi malang both loved me and I shot the Nagas from within ,,I walked with them chanting Har Har Mahadev..the mantra of the Naga cry towards th banks of the River Sipra .

As a photographer I shot the soil of Hinduism as a Message of Universal Peace ...15 years I lived like a sadhu with the Nagas .

Than I shot the Naga Sadhus at Khamkhya Assam.

I am now documenting the Aghoris the Aghoris consider me their brother and call me respectfully Aghori Malang /

Yes I am the Soul of my Camera I have no sponsors no financial support but God has been great ,,,

In The Eyes of the Beholder I am a Hindu

posted at Facebook

Before becoming a Muslim a Hindu a Sikh or a Christian lets become Human first Sant Guru Nanak ji
The picture is of my Late Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Juna Akhara 13 Madi the red bead round his neck is coral that I gifted him..he wore them to cherish my love for him I was first Muslim disciple he was my first Naga Sadhu Guru.
Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj was from a village in Mangalore he was married had a son his parents had promised their Seer they would give Vijay Giri to the Akhara but they absolved from their promise they loved their son too dearly.
They him married he had a son but he had no peace he was tortured by his parents broken promise to their Seer .
He sought forgiveness from his wife parents family and joined the Juna Akhara .
Cut to his life in his village he was a teacher and an Islamic scholar he loved Muslims and he was a painter and artist too.
This picture above is our last meeting at Ujjain Kumbh 2016 .
It changed my life it changed his too on the day of the Shahi Snan there was a great rush to reach the Sipra but on that auspicious day as his disciple went ahead he was left behind with me he collapsed he was vomiting he sat in a corner looked me i the eye and told me to go ahead shoot the Shahi Snan I refused I am not a very strong man I lifted him on my shoulders and bought him a long distance away to the Naga Sadhu base camp he was checked given some black coffee and his disciples caught up with us .
Both my Guru and I took the holy dip in the Sipra he looked much better and I requested his permission to shoot 
Maha Mandlshwar Of Juna Akhara Swami Avdesh Anandji I shot his video and Swamiji refuses to believe I am a Muslim he says deep down in that part of your Humanity you are not just a Muslim or a Hindu you are all Faith .
This was the last Kumbh of my Guru an Islamic scholar lover of Hussain he spoke of Imam Ali would call me before I went for Moharam Ashura to cut my head with a dagger the Kama Matm ritual,, he would tell me dont hit yourself hard or you will be hurting me too,
When we left Ujjain he took an ordinary train ticket I had a reservation so I asked him to come along with me he sat near the door of the train .
When the TT came I told him about my Guru if I could adjust him on my seat I would sit and sleep on the floor he said it is fine as long as no one objects I sat at his feet pressing his legs kept awake all night as my Gurus fever returned there were two boys with Guru but they kept away as they did not have reservation so they sat near the train toilet .
When the time came for him to leave my Guru wept a lot hugging me and that was our last meeting .
I reached home he called me and said that what I had done none of his disciples had done I told him I had done nothing he was my Guru I had to take care of him he was my Father our religions were different but our blood was same our humanity was same .
My Guru died tragically in his village at Mangalore .
The other part of my Naga Guru he was a master tantric he was a shaman he would become a woman gesticulate like a woman speak like a woman and the Devi entered his body this phenomenon I never witnessed but it was described to me by his man disciple Mahesh Bhardwaj from Haridwar who had seen it he shot the maximum videos of our Guru.
I normally dont post pictures at Facebook but I will give you the link to my photo set Ujjain Kumbh at
Guru Shri Vijay Giri came home once saw my granddaughter Nerjis and prostrated before her I was puzzled I asked him.. all he said she is Shakti ..
And what shocked me 4 year old 
Nerjis  and he got along as they knew each other since a along time than she gave my camera to my Guru told him how to shoot a picture on my DSLR and Guru shot my energetic granddaughter Nerjis Asif Shakir .
I will go to the Ardh Kumbh with my Gurus ..Guru Bhai Bhagwatiji my oldest Naga Guru contact since Maha Kumbh Allahabad in 2013 .
I met my Naga Guru at Nasikh Kumbh 2003.
That is another interesting chapter of my life ,,,

Just got a call from Gambhir Singh Kumbong Village Imphal Manipur.

posted at FB

I could not recognize his voice it had changed from Maf Karo Malik it was more positive and had a renewed vigor.
He thanked me for all I had done I told him as I tell everyone I have done nothing.
Whatever happened was God's Mercy and the love of the Manipuri people their love made him visible I am too small a man I cannot perform miracles he began to cry I told him to hold himself be strong.
His medical check up is going on he said I should have accompanied him to Manipur I told him it was his Victory march he deserved this glorious moment.
He and the people of Manipur had shown the world the real meaning of Hope and Humanity.
This episode of human bonding could have never happened in any other city or state.
It happened in Mumbai that became the heartbeat of love for the people of Manipur.
I reiterate the story is not about a viral video nor about Gambhir missing from Kumbong village since 40 years the story is the power of social media used positively that connected a man to his countrymen.
This story is of Manipur.. Manipur Police and Bandra Police Mumbai Police this story is of the power of a You Tube video.
I was merely an anchor and I take a back step as humility would never let me bask in another man's achievement.
He kept himself Alive for his family though the odds were against him and here I must mention Find Gambhir What's up group they relentlessly left no stone unturned to seek out Ghambhir.
I must thank all you Manipur friends and those who commented on the viral video I opened the comment box only for them.
I type with a single finger of a permanently damaged hand so I cannot reply to their comments.
This was a indeed a very Good Morning Sunday wish from Gambhir Singh to me he hopes I come and see him one day
And I told him he will very soon become a successful politician as every party will now want to endorse him as their candidate.
He Gambhir Singh made Manipur famous..through his humbleness through his humility.
I have been asked to remove the medical check up pictures.. From the person who sent the pictures to me. Sorry.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Maria the Leper Lady Bandra Boran Road

I had known Maria since the time I lived at 21 De Monte Street an extension of Bandra Bazar Road where we stayed for about 11 years .
But I was not into beggar photography at all I was caught between fine art and photojournalism.
But when an ace American photographer Dr Glenn Losack MD from Manhattan New York saw my Moharam matam bleeding pictures he befriended me and came down to shoot Ashura in Mumbai with me .
He shot leper affected people beggars lunatic asylum patients and he was also an eminent psychiatrist and photographer .
He saw Maria the leper lady and shot her extensively including her grandchildren son daughter of Mary also a beggar and Marias daughter .
So this was my tryst with shooting Maria the leper lady a photo set on my Flickr timeline ..
Dr Glenn was hoping to get Maria treated but Maria just wanted money her plaint was if she is healed who will give her money.
I took over helping Maria once Glenn left than my granddaughter Marziya and Nerjis began shooting her .both were very small..Marziy was about 3 year old and Nerjis was about a few months old.
I wanted both my granddaughter to see pain feel pain and understand the cryptic meaning of Charity .
Both Marziya and Nerjis gave her their pocket money ,,time passed and just before the onset of monsoon Maria would leve Mumbai as her soft parts of her body began to fall off ,
But an amazing part of Maria she has sockets for eyes ..she was smart as the drug addicts stole her money or ran away with her beggars tin..
She would tie this tin to the stump of her leg and hide the notes beneath another bowl within the begging tin.
Once Glenn left she would pester me when will he come yes sh had fallen in love with my American friend and almost all women fell in love with Glenn,,
Years passed and Maria who had disappeared returned back to Bandra this time sitting on a wheelbarrow like a queen..and her companion was Kadappa a leper who was connected to Sharda leper mother .
Kadappa was a shrewd man he told me he was Marias brother but I did not bother I would buy breakfast for both of them every morning while returning from tennis ..
Maria they say was a Hindu she saw light and converted to Hinduism along with her daughter Mary and there was a nun Sister Cristobal from the Order of Mother St Theresa who had a small space opposite Bhabha Hospital who bathed beggars gave them food medicine etc
I mentioned to her about Maria but than St Cristobal was inflicted by a terminal disease shifted to UK.
Maria and Kadappa have both disappeared and last few week when I met them it was Mary pushing the wheelbarrow ,
Now even Mary has disappeared but Mary was trying to become a Muslim and begged as a Muslim outside the Boran street Sunni Jamatkhana .
In all these two leper stories of Maria and Sharda I terribly miss Shardas son Arjun..
Marias video is on You Tube ,,
But sadly nobody not een media came forward to help her Media comes only when a nondescript photographers video goes viral on You Tube ,,
All my beggar stories ar on You Tube ..only the Muslim beggars are part of a playlist ..
The other part of Marias story is though she could not see she knew I was around was it my footsteps or was it sense of smell. God knows .

Saturday, April 21, 2018

My Name Is Arjun My Mother is a Leper

posted at Facebook

I first met Arjun and his mother Sharda on a wheel barrow being driven by a leper and I was returning from my the tennis court at Bandra Bazar Road December 16 2015 ,,
I dont know why Arjun seemed to be drawn by me and these were new beggars in my area I walked a few steps ahead and came back to them I gave them money and asked them from where they had come ,, they were from Karnataka mother and son and the man pushing their cart she said was her brother he looked street smart and there was something about him that mystically told me he was not her brother but was using them for his own misadventures .
But she Sharda the leper mother was not the pioneer of my leper story my biggest story was of Maria the beggar lady which I will talk abou in my next post .
As time passed I saw Arjun and his mother Sharda begging at the next lane of the bazar and in real bad shape I gave her a cotton saree and some clothes for Arjun,,
She told me that her brother had abandoned them and so with a friend called Nur a friend on Facebook I began helping her ,,
Arjun became my friend buddy he would light up each time I saw him I gave him biscuits sweets cake .
Arjuns story is scattered on Flickr on my street photography photo it is not that I only shoot Muslim beggars .
Arjun and his mother Sharda also begged outside St Peter Church Bandra .
Months passed and quite recently I was shocked to see Arjuns mother Sharda begging alone I inquired about Arjun she told me that she had given Arjun to an ashram in Mangalore ,
But she said she would visit him.. and so very week I gave some ration to Arjuns mother till on day she disappeared forever ,,
Cut into my meeting with Maria my ongoing leper story Maria too had disappeared for many years her daughter Mary used to give me her news Mary begs at Bandra Bazar Road and both mother and daughter had converted to Christianity from Hinduism.. but their bad days did not go the Church could not perform the miracles of Jesus Christ in their lives .
Mary began wearing a head scarf outside a Sunni Jamatkhana and was hoping to become a Muslim soon but this is not the crux of my story but it has a connection with Arjuns mother ,,
The leper man Kadappa who used to draw Arjuns mother Shardas cart and had abandoned her was now taking Maria all over Bandra in a cart that has cost Rs 5000 .
I asked Kadappa what had happened to Arjuns mother Sharda ..Maria told me that a man had fallen in love with Sharda he had got her a job and was getting her treated for leprosy ..but a part of me did no believe it as Sharda was an upright women.
As I write this I shot videos of Maria a month back and now both Kadappa and Maria have disappeared too,
The will resurface and here is the catch you can run away from begging but begging won't run away from you ,
So when I am abused by people for shooting beggars and showing our country in bad light ,,I keep silent I dont hit back with the case of Asifa or Unnao or the Surat case .
I am human I shoot humanity ,,I did not give Gambhir Singh from Kumbong village a second chance I was an alcoholic for the large part of my life God pulled me out I was Prometheus bound to a devil in the booze bottle I broke the shackles ,.
It is the prayers of Gambhir Singhs family that touched God and using me as an instrument of his divine Mercy he saved Gambhir and bought cheer on the faces of all Manipuris.
He performed a miracle it took 40 years and put Manipur on a world map as a harbinger of hope love and peace.
This was the best story in such painful hard times of Kathua Unnao and Surat.
It gave hope Gambhir Singh has become a global hero every political party would want to endorse him as their winning candidate
I am not a mystic but mark my words.
I gave up drinking 20 years back I dont have the urge to drink..
But Gambhir Singh and the people of Manipur changed me with their love for an old man living in Bandra and I am shocked as I am not a Saint what I did even you would have done if you were in my place ,,
As a photographer who shoots people I put my camera to good use I dont have the money to go shoot Kashmir or nature trails I save every pnny to buy an air ticket to Khamakhya yes I am a Muslim but also a disciple of Goddess Khamakhya she calls me and I go to shoot the Ambubachi fair the Naga Sadhus Hijra Shaman and Aghoris ... I might take Diksha as an Aghori I dont know ,,,without changing my basic inner ethos .
I will do it to shoot the Aghoris I am documenting for last two years .
First year at Khamkhaya I did not enter her Shrine being a diabetic I cannot stand in the line for 36 hours ,,
But in 2017 she connected me to Niku Sarma scion of a Panda family they gave me a room to stay food and took care of me without taking a single dime from me through Niku and his brother Abhijeet she called me into the Shrine .the moment I entered in I went into a trance and fainted ..Nikus friend bodily lifted me out of the Shrine ,,, now you can interpret this they way you want for me Khamakhya is not my religion but my cultural inheritance and so I hardly add Muslims to my timeline as they would never understand this feature of my life ,,,I dont want to shock them as most Muslims dont come to terms with my head cutting during Moharam or my whirling emotions as a Sufi Malang.
Perhaps I dont know this part of my Sufism might hurt the sentiments of conservative Shias I am after all a Shia born Muslim .
But it is the love of Manipur people I opened the floodgates of my Facebook personal space ,,
If you feel shocked by my views if it antagonizes you feel free to leave ..once the Gambhir story dies down you will not find any meaning in your attachment to me.
Come 2019 I will leave to live among my Naga Sadhu friends on the banks of the Ganges Ardh Kumbh Allahabad .
Come Moharam I will be bleeding on the streets of Hyderabad to the chant of Ya Hussain Ya Hussain.
I am Nothing your love people of Imphal Manipur added something to my Nothingness ..with your holitic love I was blessed ...a Sufi man in a Lamas dress .
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. Rumi

Friday, April 20, 2018

God Found Gambhir Singh And The Manipuris Found Me Coincidentally

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I have been approached by BBC CNN all Indian media friends well-wishers from all over the world but not a single media person from Manipur called me to find our my end of the story.. Gambhir Singh story is the story of Bandra Bazar Road.
Gambhir Singh s story is the story of Mumbai the commercial hub of India.
Mumbai kept Gambhir Singh alive.. I wish much before I met Gambhir Singh some NGO could have found him saved him from falling into the depths of depravity.
I regret I came into the picture to late.

I wish my video could have been found much earlier but they saw it a week back.

I shot the video last October.

And fame is a bad attribute it has made me famous for the wrong reasons.

This morning I got a call from a international photo agency they wanted the viral video of my tryst with Gambhir Singh I said yes than they said I had to agree and give consent on a message they would send me.

I got the message it was for distributing my video of Gambhir Singh to their clients.
I refused I told them to give me money and I would give the entire amount to Gambhir Singhs poor family.
They did not expect this line they thanked me and ended the dialogue.

I must mention I am not a rich man but when Manipuri police led by Officer Amitabh Singh came to felicitate me at my house in Bandra I handed him an envelope with money for Gambhir Singh..
He told me to hand it over to him at the hotel where he was staying with the police.
I did this it was not charity but my sincere love for a man who has now become the other side of the coin my of life. like Ying and Yang.

As I watch the visuals of his homecoming his songs his pain is all gone I am proud of the Manipuri public and I say once for the last time it was not my video it was not my video it was not my video it was the love of the Manipuri for another Manipuri that found him.

Manipur humanity Manipur culture Manipur humility should be applauded not me..

I was just another brick in the wall.

Thank you all my new Manipuri friends Atom Bimol. Samrendra Singh and Amitabh Singh all of you that have added me here at Facebook..

Without love nothing exists
In the story of Man once in
His life comes a twist..
He changes the world
Teaches us how to connect
Co exist give generously open
Your fist like this..
Peace hope harmony bliss

Live like a Man die like a Saint
my own personal wish.


I Died The Day I Was Born..

posted at Facebook

I too wanted to Raise my Hands to God 
But Alas Both my hands were gone ..
No I will never play gully cricket kabaddi 
all my hopes had gone ..
I was the fading light of a receding dawn 
I was a rose I was a thorn..
On the soul of Humanity 
I was merely a pawn..

I cursed this photographer for shooting me 
Stealing my fragile soul...on the sol of his 
street photography for my dreams I mourn.

I am a Muslim so one good thing I wont be reborn

I killed the Man within him I shamed his camera 
With just one look piercing the poetry of his life 

He stepped back withdrawn ..

He will never forget me I will never forget him..
As life a piece of paper floating in murky waters 
as it goes on
Happy Morning From Bandra Lets Bygones Br Bygone .

I move away from the world of Gambhir Singh I am happy for him Love in the hearts of his brother sisters in Manipur found him..He deserved another chance and God used me as medium of his divine intervention .

Ever since I came back to Facebook I have a love and intense hate with this is recently that I made my posts public otherwise all my posts were marked friends I did it as to reach out to help a man find his way home ,, I did it for Gambhir Singh of Kumbong Village Imphal Manipur ,

I dont add friends on Facebook when I started off I had 2500 plus friends but there were many that reported my head bleeding photos of my kama matam I am a Shia Muslim so I pruned my friends list and was happy with 1500 friends .

Than Gambhir Singh happened I was shocked by the wave after wave of friend requests from Manipur and of Manipuris from other parts of India and the world I surrendered my soul opened the doors of my private space on Facebook... let everyone in I deleted just two requests from Manipur one of a person whose spirituality was totally against my own Shiasm Sufism and another that was using Asifa as a tool to hurt all HIndus of India .

I am not into politics I have friends cutting across party lines ,,my best friends are In BJP Shivsena MNS Swabhiman ..yes I have very few friends in the Congress and here I will be damned if I keep my shut I voted for a Congress Free Bandra as the laid back leaders did nothing for the poor or the common man in their white Armani attire Gucci shoes they came to hoist our national flag disappeared 

God made sure they disappeared to completely from Bandra ,,,though I have reservations against the silence of the ruling party I have decided to use NOTA in the next elections sadly in this political graveyard full of zombies I see no alternative to individually take on Modiji.

I voted for Advocate Ashish Shelar President of BJP ge is a good man and lives in our building,,,if I need help when I am helping people anywhere in India he takes my call does the needful,,he is a Hindu I am a Muslim but he has always been there for me ,, 

I dont talk politics this post is for those who added me recently I am not a product of the Madrsa I will never wear a skull cap ..I am not the typical Miya I am educated my schooling was Christian based ..Covent education..

I believe in Interfaith my core religiosity is Humanity made in India .

I simply shoot India .. India is my Perfumed garden.

If you feel differently about my views please unfriend block me .

I dont add Pakistani Muslims even if they are Sufis or Shias because my Islam is traditional Indian in its views and my ancestry I do not want to hurt their sentiments as perhaps I am a Hindu too through my cultural inheritance .

My Guru was a human loving Muslim loving Naga Sadhu had the most beautiful relationship with him perhaps I was the only Muslim in his fold he gave me an opportunity to smoothen my rough edges .

I have a Jesuit priest as my spiritual mentor ,,,I have an Aghori Guru he will be waiting for me at the crematorium at Khamakya .

This is me ,,with malice to none I am a beggar poet ,,

And some pictures like this boy I shot at Ajmer 8 years back make me talkative ,, I never saw him again I searched for him..but I wish those rich pompous Muslims that buy huge expensive Goats Camels Dumba could have bought him prosthetics .

I celebrate Bakra Eid but since 10 years I donate our Goat blood mony to pay the fees of children in the slums .

How good or bad Muslim I am ...God is surely aware of that I am ready rto be caned burnt in Hell for my shortcomings ..

I am changing evolving falling getting up and one reason why I felt for Gambhir Singh I was a hardcore alcoholic I robbed destroyed my children's childhood I drank like a fish in a half empty aquarium..I lost love but my Lucknow based hardcore Shia wife held to me though I was a broken brick of the edifice that was my home .

I changed I stopped drinking on the day of Gauri Visarjan years back so a Hindu goddess was also part of my reformation I have neer touched a drop of booze since 20 years or more .

Lsst I about 25 years back I began documenting Sufism tried to spread its sweetness through my pictorial narrative ,

I became a Malang I was appointed as Khalifa of the oldest Sufi order Madarriya Silsila and my Mentor is Syed Masoom Ali Baba Asqan Mafari.

I will be given the Khilaftnama of Qadri Rafaee Silsila by another mentor Nasir Bhai Rafaee.

Years back in Ladakh I helped some Tibetan refugees His Holiness Dalai Lama Sab gifted me his Autobiograpy those days in Ladakh I wore the Lama dress I still wear it today my latest one was presented by Mr Danny Denzongpas family on my birthday .

It is people who made me what I am..I have many flaws I still have sharp edges wild temper but I am trying to control it ..

I will oneday visit Manipur to bless my friend soulmate Gambhir Singh of Kumbomg Village Imphal.

Now in some time I go to play tennis and meet a horse that waits for me ..I dont know if its the carrot or me that he likes but does not matter 

I would die before I sent anyone of you a Fucked Whats Up Good Morning Post ,, my good mornings are pictures words all sacred I only shoot Original Content ,,
God gave me agift I use it to save pople and save myself from my ego the most demonic part of a mans being .

Nobody destroys Man more than his Ego his sanctimonious self esteem..

See You All later 

Old Monk

Thursday, April 19, 2018

No greater love than the soil of the motherland

Through Gambhir Singhs long journey
40 years from Mumbai to Kumbong Manipur
The message of love peace hope humanity 
The whole world understands ,,
But what about Gambhir Singhs Tomorrow
After the media band baja barat his fans are
gone what happens to his life it needs to be carefully
planned ..The Government of Manipur
Erstwhile Hon CM Shri Nongthombam Biren Singh.
Must take a holistic stand he needs immediate medical
Attention Mind evaluation I need not expand
Manipur thanks to Gambhir Singh has become our
Nations love sharing brand clap in unison it takes
two hands ...a You Tube video...made Manipur Wonderland

Going Going Gone

posted at FB

With Love From Mumbai to Manipur Imphal..
Home Sweet Home.. The family calls
Find Gambhir Singh thank you all
A miracle you performed reuniting
A ex Army Manipur Rifle officer
Missing for 40 years now climbing
The plane ladder standing stately tall

We have to always help someone before he falls..
A message conveyed to you from my Facebook wall..

There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope and endurance. says Apostle St Paul


Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna ,,, Dont Say Goodbye

posted at Facebook

This evening I had a visit from the Manipur police Patois Station headed by officer Amitabh ..they came home to felicitate me with traditional Manipuri shawl and their states art and craft.

They thanked me for all I had done I told them to thank God he did everything and I simply cant take credit for Gods work.

Than they took me to the hotel for my last meeting with my friend the indomitable braveheart messenger of love Gambhir Singh..

When I entered the hotel room I first asked Gambhir Singh if he knew me he said in front of the police officers you are the man who used to give me money and food.

And so for the last time I handed him an envelope with money for his family .

I hugged him and told him never to come back to Mumbai...never to run away from Kumbong. take care of his grandchildren of the family and be thankful to God who gave him another chance .. A Second Chance ..

Going Back Finally FindGambhir

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Love in Manipur
Love on every
Manipuri s
Facebook Wall
Ab Gambhir Singh
Ke Gharwale Manayenge
Zindagi ka

Pehla Naya Sal
Sar Par Topi Aur Hath Main
Resham Ka Rumal.

40 sal Khumbong  ki
Galiyon Main
Wakai Shor Aur
Agaya hamara
Bhichda hua yar
Bambai Ne 40
Sal Sambhala
Dil se Istakbal

Chidyon ki
Har Dal

Nanhe Munne
Bacchon ki
Pyari Pyari
Gore Gore Gal

Bataiye kya yeh duniya
Such much hai Maya Jal

God lives in humility
In the hearts of Imphal


The connecting power
of a single You Tube Video
From a Sufi monk bejeweled
in a colorful turban and shawl

Some good moments in life
No one needs to troll..

Hope is a Feelling
cutting through barriers
boundaries touching peoples
hearts beyond the muezzin's call

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Find Gambhir ,,Music to the Ears

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Social media the power of a single video
bridged a gap of 40 years from the cheeks
of his family washed away every drop of tear
it was not me but God who heard Gambhirs
family's prayers he drew them near ..
please dont sent me accolades I was just
an instrument it was one Manipuris love for
another a love that God added
cheer ....instead of Mumbais fetid country hooch
he can now have Kubongs home made beer
essence of humanity help the poor be sincere
an ex army man of Manipur Rifles old memories
glorious career gives him a second chance
back home a ghar wapsi.. from a void he appears

hugging him they tell him uncle we are here ..

dedicated to all Manipuris ,,,my humble tribute
miracles can happen any time of the year ,,


Sunday, April 15, 2018

We Glorify Our Manhood By Raping Children ..

we politicize rape ,,,for the dead girl child there is no escape ..

Beti Bachao Beti Padao

empty slogans
hollow jargons
slyly abetting 
the rape murder
of children ..
silence from his
end even now
giving more power
to motormouths
who dont have
the same respect
for a girl child woman
like they have for cow
even god above has gone
silent as Asifa was brutalized
traumatized gang raped
in the presence of his deity
at the Devastan somehow
trembles the unborn girl child
held captive in her mothers womb
to enter mans world to take a bow
Cry my Beloved Country
Tears on the Soul of Unnao

Gambhir Singh Lost at Manipur Found In Bandra On My Tube Channel after 40 years

I began shooting Gambhir Singh more as a case study than anything else ..children tease him on the streets calling him Nepali and he would abuse them and shout out that he was a Manipuri an  Indian not a Nepali ,,
I got to know him as each morning he would come to Bandra Bazar where I stay he would visit the hooch joint there he would regal the people on the streets with old Hindi songs ,, I would buy him snacks or give him money he took a liking to me as I shot his pictures ..
He was never sober always incoherent he once told me he was in the Army he left the army when his father died he came to his hometown to till his farms than there was some misunderstanding with his brothers he left Manipur and was working in Mumbai ..something happened he said without giving me details that he began drinking gradually became a hardcore alcoholic,

This is his story and I am adding this narrration as I got messages from his relaives on Facebook Messenger that he was missing for last 40 years and they discovered him through my video,

I told them to file a missing persons complaint online with Bandra Police I am sure they will trace him out he is in bad company of drunkards ..
When I meet him he is sozzled and he misses me he says as I always have a good word form him.. as I too was addicted to booze in my early years and gave up the bottle since last 20 years .
So I understand Gambhir Singh Manipuris broken dreams loneliness and delusions ,,
And only a sensitive understanding family can cure a loved one of this evil called Alcohol.

I wish his family gets reunited with him..
He begs late evenings at Bandra Hill Road .


Monday, April 9, 2018

The Last Temptation of a 65 plus You Tuber

I began posting videos at You Tube very recently though I joined You Tube in 2008 :

I was not very crazy about video's at all my genre was still photography. 

But today within a few years I have 3860 videos shot as is where is mostly on my mobile phone with snazzy editing or glitz.

My videos are my textbooks of education divided into many categories Shiasm Sufism Hinduism subdivided into other categories.

I have crossed over15. Million views.

As the oldest You Tuber attended a few You Tuber meets met young passionate You Tubers chose one aim is to have a million subscribers.. I am not into such subscribers I hardly add subscribers.

I am confused about You Tube though I abide by You Tube rules regulations.

I don't shoot porn at all nor do I shoot videos to hurt other communities but than I can in no way stop people from reporting my videos as they consider Shiasm and Sufism as heresy.. The Ratib rituals Moharam Shia bloodletting that are part of my documentation.

People report my Naga Sadhu rituals that I shoot Ling Kriya penile yoga my account was penalized twice for a Naga Sadhu ritual and a slide show on Hijras that had no nudity or sexual explicit stuff .

My account was marked and I was banned from uploading for 2 weeks.

So now I moderate what I shoot.. And it is tough .
All my videos are of educational creating awareness of people's faith beliefs culture ritual plus I shoot photo journalism events that touch or mold my city bomb blasts Farmers March Protest Dalit March Maratha Morcha other such events.

I don't shoot prank videos I don't encourage hate animosity I preach promote Peace and Brotherhood.
I shoot the Eid Namaz I shoot the Latin Mass I shoot Arti of Shri Shridi Saibaba.

I shoot every faith and yet I have to tread the fine line..

The Siddis of Gujarat and Baba Gor is the continuation of my Siddi documentation that I started 20 years back in the backlanrs of Mahim Dargah.

My videos are shot from the heart I am not video editing savvy.. But I hope to lean one day.

I promote Tennis through my videos the first and perhaps the last sport of my life I have been playing tennis for 5 years under Coach Surendra Pawar Bandra.

I shoot Hijras I shoot barbers street performers..
And I shoot the pain agony of the much neglected Municipal Conservancy staff foot soldiers of Modijis much touted Swacch Bharat..

Last year I shot the walk of the Malangs Rafaee Qalandaris from Ma Sahiba Mehrauli till Ajmer Sharif a walk in 13 days I shot over 100 videos ,

Makanpur The Spiritual Seat of the Dam Madar Malangs I shoot every year but I look forward to shooting Khamakhya Assam to my documentation of Tantrics Hijra Shamans Naga Sadhus and Ahoris.

This post is an after thought..