Tuesday, January 22, 2013

mumbai dreams vertically

why should the newspapers shoot all this ...

going for a break till the demolition man comes

khada parsi blogs inspire media too

amchi sundar chan mumbai

mumbai killed the middle class

the street never ends .. another street joins it round the bend

Gloria Church Byculla

Dominating the skyline of Byculla, Gloria Church is built in an English Gothic Style Structure & shaped in the style of a Latin Cross with Lofty towers - 4 Turrets which rise to a height of 160 ft.

It dates back to 1572, January 18 - a patent grants perpetuity to the D'Souza family for "Mazagaon Manor" with a Private Chapel which became a parish dedicated to "Nossa Senhora da Gloria" which is familiarly known as "GLORIA CHURCH"
Later on, the present structure was shifted to byculla on May 1,1910.


Main Krishna Hoon

The Bhaiyya Will Have To Work In Other States .. All His Life Thanks To The Political Leaders Of His State

polio drops

camera heals children

cry baby

i only shoot pictures my camera tells me to shoot .. my camera is more human than me

the muslim world is full of glaring contrast...like fine art

Islam is itself destiny and will not suffer destiny. Muhammad Iqbal

The Patient Old Man Of Iron Will - Khada Parsi

the clothesline ...everything is fine online

Mumbai Grows .. The Rich Man Grows

mumbai tall and stately

man is a timid giant when asleep.. when awake he is a creep

tum main.. ab ghar kab kharido ge

vertically inclined mumbai

the girl child runs a marathon all her life .. sometimes she falls sometimes she gets up

bandook ya inkar

make love not puppies

Eid E Zehra Mubarak

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for two month
eight days
we bled
we cut
our backs
we cut
our heads
so whether
it is moharam
or eid e zehra
we choose
the color red
we curse
the killers
of imam hussain
and those eunuchs
of the yazidi force
who watched this
like cowards
tails between
their legs fled
long live
the martyrs
the purebred
our only peaceful

i am da best ..

live tv.. no digital box required

dadar bridge is falling down

the hawkers are being punished by the rich mans god

kiram ju leekh or dhak

bombay ducks at mahim

bombay ducks at mahim

the hijab.. earthly sawab

i have decided come what may i will never fall in love with you again

the silence
of your eyes
adds to my pain
restless i remain
to your elusive
spirit enchained
i think with my heart
i feel with my brain
the husk and the grain
your tears will overflow
the wall when it rains
into the sewer of my soul
passion pathos as poetry
drain my feelings a
burning train ..

rickshawallah has taken a day off

sapnon ka mahal

playing hide and seek on the street ..

when will we have our own house ...

the basket weavers world is made of straw

mumbai is a migraine city

the dog who is connected to me cosmically

the sleeping dog i shoot each time i pass this way

home is a heartbeat on the street

mumbai dreamland

the walls of silence


inkar by firoze shakir photographerno1
inkar, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

the show must go on

the bollywood wall of fame

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